Monday, 17 April 2017

SS Britannia: Soldiers on the Battlefield

Radio Aryan
April 17, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal co-host a new episode of SS Britannia, this week discussing a range of issues surrounding traditional gender roles. First off though is some commentary on the recent Alt-Right clash with antifa terrorists in Berkeley and the capitulation to these same terrorists by the university in which Richard Spencer was due to speak. The Oath Keepers did a good job at Berkeley helping to defend the patriots and by all accounts the antifa got a good pasting, despite turning up to the protest armed with knives and M80 flash grenades. There is one particularly good shot of Nathan Damigo punching a highly paid prostitute (porn star) who had boasted of going to the protest in order to claim 100 nazi scalps. This degenerate slut was once a promising young student, but a few years at university was all it took to persuade her that having sex for money on film was the best way to fight the evil patriarchy.

Women nowadays are entirely shielded from being held accountable for their actions, instead of facing the shame of being a single mother they can now just murder the babe in the womb or claim a free house and welfare reward for being so careless. They may like to say that it is their body and their right to do what they like with it, but they do not think they should then be held responsible for what they have done with it. A woman is an adult and capable of giving consent, speaking for herself and making her own decisions, whereas a babe in the womb is not and relies upon us to do the speaking for it. Hitler made certain that all babies would be born into a healthy mind and a healthy body by doing what was right by the unborn child, unlike today’s governments who would rather murder healthy children and encourage the birth of defective ones.

Everything that is degenerate is promoted, as we are told to celebrate weakness and ugliness under the guise of diversity. We hold up cripples as examples of athletic prowess and boast of how many women we have in the army and the police. If we want to be the very best, then we should be holding up examples of true excellence to emulate, rather than exceptions to the rules of nature. Why put women in roles that men will always be better at? What is the point of having women’s football, rugby and chess teams, when they have no chance of ever being the best at it? Why do women not try to be the best at what only they can do, such as be the best wife, sister or mother?

There are some wonderful examples of Alt-Right women who are doing what they are best at, but there are also those who wish to join the soldiers at the front, instead of encouraging their own men to do the fighting for them. Men and women were created to work together as a team, competing with one another just ensures standards are lowered to allow the women a fair chance. Competing like this does not then lead to greatness like it should do, it just makes us celebrate mediocrity and failure.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Soldiers on the Battlefield – SS 041717

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