Saturday, 6 May 2017

Diane Abbott: Equality Is A Cruel Mistress

The name 'Diane Abbott' has long been synonymous with ''train wreck interview'' or ''Car Crash interview'' ''Agonising interview' and even 'multi-car pile up interview'. Spreading the latest Diane Abbott howler around social media has become a national pass time, but this week topped them all, it was non stop.

 The fun started when Abbott went on LBC radio and had no idea at all what the cost of employing thousands of new policemen would be and then simply spouted off numbers at random, at one point policemen would be paid £30 a year, a few minutes later £8,000. Abbott then went onto the BBC to try and clear up the gaff, only to repeat it again!.

 Later on that day she went on the Piers Morgan show where she failed to answer a simple question on whether Labour would use nuclear weapons to defend the country, and after Labour were thrashed in local elections Abbott gave an interview in which she revealed that she had no idea how many seats Labour had lost, and once again simply plucked random numbers out of the air, which she rearranged in the vain hope that one of the numbers would be correct.

If Labour won the upcoming election Diane Abbott would be our Home Secretary:

The Home Secretary is responsible for the internal affairs of England and Wales, and for immigration and citizenship for the United Kingdom. The remit of the Home Office also includes policing in England and Wales and matters of national security, as the Security Service, MI5, is directly accountable to the Home Secretary.
Diane Abbott's family moved to Britain from Jamaica, the average IQ of Jamaica is 71! and on the IQ and Nations chart inhabits the lowly zone which is almost exclusively African, sub Saharan African. Jamaica is 92% black and therefore the blacks of Jamaica have not had the same European or Jewish admixture that other former slave colonies have had, Jamaica is pretty much an African outpost in the Caribbean. 

Diane Abbott, then, is likely to have an IQ of 71, but in the name of charity and fairness we can even concede that Diane is around the top of the Jamaican bell curve.

Let us then assume that Diane Abbott has an IQ of 81, we can then investigate what her 'career opportunities' would be without Labour catapulting her through their ranks:

Even having allowed for Diane Abbott being among the most intelligent people within her ethnic group by bumping her IQ up by 10 points, we can see that her ideal profession is as a janitor or a cleaner or a warehouse packer (freight and materials packer).

 Instead, she'd be overseeing our nuclear weapons arsenal, the security of the nation and the safety of the general population in the (unlikely) event of a Labour victory.

This is absolutely insane!.

Naturally, a passing liberal who read this would stamp their feet and hiss their usually shut-down words, but I question their ethical code too. The fact is in the name of equality Diane Abbott has been handed a position which she shouldn't have, which she cannot cope with and does not understand.

 The rival politicians, journalists and TV presenters Diane Abbott is expected to compete with are mainly white people and Jews operating at the high end of their own IQ Bell Curve, they have at least a 50-60 IQ point lead over Diane Abbott and it shows, it's obvious.

 The race blind general public do not see the discrepancy in racial intelligence, they see, and mock, a woman who is simply 'a moron'. The liberal left don't care either, they put Diane Abbott where she is because it 'feels good' because we're all 'equal'.

 Does it really feel good though? 

 When the liberal left see this confused and lost African woman mangle her speech and statistics, to be pilloried and howled at by the general public, to become a running joke, does that make them 'feel good'?.

Diane Abbott herself is probably totally unaware of how she's perceived by the British public, but the champagne socialist whites and Jews who put her where she is will be aware of it. Everybody except Abbott herself is in on the joke. Like Edward Woodward in The Wickerman,  Abbott gets to play out the role of the clown, bumbling from meeting to meeting, interview to interview, with everybody either roaring in her face with laughter or nodding and giggling in private.

 It's truly repulsive. Equality, it would seem, is a cruel mistress.

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