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South West Forum: Max Musson, Peter Rushton, Kevin Bryan and Nathan Griffiths

Radio Aryan
May 8, 2017

The South West Forum took place on Saturday 6th May to a packed room full of Nationalists from all over the country, gathered to hear from representatives of various organisations on a range of topics of interest to White people, including successful activism, politics, race laws and the secret family courts which are used to steal a man’s children from him.

Max Musson was introduced first by the promoter Julie Lake and he spoke about his organisation Western Spring and what they are doing to bring about an end to White Genocide, but first he addressed the antifa terrorist attack on the last meeting which he had a hand in repelling. Western Spring are hoping to set up White enclaves in Britain that can be kept diversity-free and Max talked about the different ways they are going about achieving this. He also spoke about the cultural camps that they arrange for White people where we can learn about our heritage at the same time as self defence to use against the afore-mentioned Left Wing terrorists and what happened when one of these camps was infiltrated by an ITN news reporter.

Max Musson: Not Just Elections – SWF 050817 MM

Download (01:00:23)

Peter Rushton was up next and his presentation was all about the evolution of the hate speech laws in Britain and the ways our enemies have sought to continue redefining them, as they go right against the entire spirit of what justice means. The hostile groups involved with forcing these odious laws upon us are well aware of this as can be seen by their attempts to close up the loopholes that have inevitable appeared in them. You cannot attempt to curtail free speech without giving out conflicting messages as will be seen when you hear Peter’s speech. He goes into detail on some of the most recent cases where these laws have been applied, such as with Lawrence Burns and also talks about their latest tactic which is to use the communications act to claim that Alison Chabloz’ humorous tunes are ‘grossly offensive’. Of course, nobody has actually defined what ‘grossly offensive’ actually means and the Jews will claim that anything critical of them is ‘grossly offensive’.

Peter Rushton: 50 Years of Race Law Tyranny – SWF 050817 PR

Download (59:35)

When you hear ‘Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Nationalists, fellow Whites’ you know you are in for a good speech and this was one of his best. We have not heard those words for quite some time now as the chairman of the National Front Kevin Bryan had to step down while he was recovering after a serious car accident. He is now healthy again and has resumed his position at the head of Britain’s only racial Nationalist party and here he explains how he came to join the NF in the first place and why every White Nationalist in Britain should be a member.

Kevin Bryan: The Only Pro-White Political Party – SW 050817 KB

Download (34:32)

Nathan Griffiths also spoke at the South West Forum about his experience with the secret family courts, how they stole his children from him with no evidence against him other than a witness statement from their unfit mother. These courts are held entirely in secret and there is a press blackout on them, so most of the general public are unaware that this is even going on. As much as our society likes to claim that there are equal rights for all, as soon as it is a woman’s voice against a father, the father will be completely ignored.

Nathan Griffiths: The Betrayal of Fathers – SWF 050817 NG

Download (33:50)

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