Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Why I find The Prospect Of A Labour Victory Terrifying

 With the general election upon us I thought I'd mark it with a brief post offering some personal thoughts on it, and the unbelievable prospect of a Labour victory, or Labour + minor Snowflake party coalition. As usual there's been a great deal of speculation in our neck of the woods on the various motivations, skulduggery and scumbaggery of our political class. Theresa May is ''Zio-Owned'' but we'll probably get Brexit, on the other hand her proposed internet censorship laws are, quite rightly, making some people very nervous indeed.

 I've seen quite a few ethno-nationalists becoming sympathetic to Corbyn and his supposed anti-establishment traits but as an ethno-nationalist myself I find it impossible to feel gleeful at Jewish anger over some comments about Palestinians when Corbyn will be dumping 10'000's of Muslim refugees on Sunderland or Carlisle.

 But it's not even about Corbyn himself, he's an old school socialist dinosaur, they just love Muslims as a proxy proletariat fighting the bourgeoisie capitalist machine. My concern, my fear, is what comes with Corbyn, the fact is Corbyn's age has long gone,  a few old commies linger on the pages of The Guardian, Galloway is still doing the rounds and Ken Livingstone pops up to piss off the Jews sometimes. But the fact is the people staffing the local governments and bureaucracies, writing legislation and introducing laws will be a new brand of Lefty, they'll be Social Justice Warriors.

 Labour as a governing party will, in effect, be the SJW Party, complete with their doctrines of White Privilege, and ''micro-aggressions'' their obsession with intergender trannies and multi-sexual God know's what else. They're insane.

 What took place in 2016 both in the U.S and in Britain was a loose coalition of white people voting in their own interests, we can quibble about how that turned out, whether we were misled, whatever, but that is what got Donald Trump elected and swung the vote for Brexit. In Britain, working class whites in the North finally found common cause with the more well-heeled whites of the South, finally, they discovered they had a mutual enemy.

That enemy was mass immigration, particularly of the Islamic variety, and political correctness, a Labour victory will enfranchise both at the cost of whites, indeed, they'll do so with relish. It'll be open season on the natives, the new SJW Uni grads on generous salaries and holding freshly created positions of power will make the rebellious whites pay dearly, they'll pay for all those jokes about ''snowflakes'' and purple haired lesbian feminists, they'll pay for the ''Rapefugees Welcome'' memes. 

And if you think local councils were deaf to the ''grooming'' issue when staffed by old school Labour councillors, imagine what we can expect when their guidelines are written by SJW's who're explicitly and ideologically anti-white. We can also expect to see diversity punishment beatings dished out to both working class and middle class areas, topped off with enrichment quotas galore as our 'privilege' is brutally checked. 

 A Muslim terror attack in Berwick with a freshly disarmed police force, anyone? because that's what you're going to get with ''Jezza'', but hey, the Jews don't like him and he says 'edgy stuff'' about the West Bank, yay!.

At the recent ''Justice for Chelsey'' demonstration Billy Charlton had it right when he passionately implored a crowd of betrayed and embittered working class whites ''Vote for anyone, anyone! but don't vote Labour!''.

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