Saturday, 8 July 2017

Chuck Norris And Civic Nationalism

I recently spent a pleasant few hours watching a rather trashy 80's Chuck Norris shoot 'em up called ''Invasion USA''. Invasion USA is a long forgotten addition to a dead genre. The 80's action film, which launched Stallone and Schwarzenegger into stardom, was in large part a reflection of a new found confidence of America after the doom and self doubt of the 70's, Vietnam and the fag-end hangover of the hippy era.

 Reagan's America spawned a multitude of quasi Fascistic heroes out for revenge, somebody would pay for the humiliation of the 70's and more often than not it would be the left, Commies or anyone who undermined the American dream. Rambo 2 is a perfect example, the soulless bureaucrats had sold ''our boys'' out in ''Nam'' and now it was time for them to pay.

 Invasion USA is a neat little entry into this curious era of American pop culture. The title is something of a misnomer, America is indeed invaded, and the invaders are indeed Commie scum. But there's only a few hundred of them, and they don't really invade, they just land on a rather pretty beach in Florida. However, the Commies have a plan to bring America down from within, a plan which, in the 80's, would have seemed rather far fetched, but not so far fetched today....

 The communist guerrillas know full well that an armed attack on America would be a futile suicide mission so their plan involves collapsing America from within by imploding its own values system. There are vague allusions to making Americans ''Choke on their misguided ideals'' but what this actually entails isn't revealed until the commie scumbags drive into a middle class white suburb and begin firing rockets directly into the houses, incinerating whole families.  This atrocity is then followed by the commies dressing up as cops and gunning down Hispanics and blacks.

 Unfortunately most of Invasion USA's modest budget seems to have been blown on Chuck's jeep and bollock crushingly tight jeans, but through reporters and the radio we're informed that the various ethnic groups are turning on each other, and the commies still continue to stoke up the tensions, in another off camera scene they massacre a kindergarten full of children.

 The communist's aim is to force the American government to institute martial law, restrict freedom of movement and essentially balkanize America. If America is held together by a set of defining civic ideals, if that is its reason for being, then to abolish those ideals would be tantamount to abolishing America itself. Chuck Norris is essentially a civic Nationalist with two uzi's and his counter strategy is to kill the commies before America falls to authoritarianism.

Invasion USA was produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus (yes, they're Jewish) and both they and the antagonists of the movie seem to have understood the basic truth of the communist master plan to destroy America. The muti-racial state is a fatally flawed concept that carries within it the seeds of its own demise.

 Chuck Norris, then, joins the ever growing list of highly capable white men who fight for a fatally flawed idea, Clint Eastwood either as real life patriot or Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry, Batman as the saviour of a city which doesn't deserve to be saved, and more recently, Donald Trump. 

 The white man as civic nationalist is something of a tragic archetype, he deeply believes in a set of high sounding ideals, but those ideals are crushed by the lived reality of what those ideals produce, and so, like Chuck in his jeep, the white man has to deploy all of his bravery, his organisational excellence and technical expertise to save a bad idea from itself.

 From the perspective of classic liberals, libertarians and ''Cuckservatives'' today, the Cultural Marxist, Social Justice left are doing what the commies of Invasion USA wanted to do, albeit with fewer bazookas.  The civic nationalist idealists understand that the left's demonization of whites and their non-white fetishism drastically increases the strain on the nation as an abstract set of principles.

 At the same time they see the rise of the ''white-lash'' as an understandable but incorrect response to our cosy middle class white suburb being firebombed.

 Like Chuck Norris the classic liberals and civic nationalists hurtle from one blazing inferno to the next trying to hold the creaking edifice up for a little longer, the response of the ethno-nationalist has, in effect, become one of ''why bother?'' to which the idealist returns ''you're just collectivist scum like the left, playing identity politics!'' and then they shoot off to try and convince a moderate Muslim on the need to reform their religion so it too is more amenable to their principles.

 But indeed, why bother?

Why bother trying to convince whites they'll be fine as a minority as long as the constitution and rule of law remain intact?

Why bother trying to convince yourself that a Somalian is interested in Kant's Metaphysics of Morals?

Why bother conceding that race and black IQ is real but insisting it will not have consequences for the wider society?

Why bother becoming a Koranic scholar in a futile attempt to engage in an Islamic reformation?

 There's a telling moment in Invasion USA when Chuck's CB radio crackles ceaselessly with incoming reports of inter-ethnic bloodshed and violence ''it's too much, I can't handle them all!'' sighs Chuck. 

A convoluted plot twist allows Chuck Norris to save America from collapse, by literally exterminating every commie, but that's not on the cards in either Europe or American so in the end the civic nationalists and classic liberals have but one option, to quote another 80's action film ''let it go...just let it go.....''

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