Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Living In a Madhouse: The Military Coup Might Have To Wait....

It's not uncommon in our circles to stumble across discussions which kick around the idea of the British military engaging in some sort of coup against our governing elites. Crunch the numbers a little and this idea does seem to have merit, aren't the generals still pretty much of an old Tory stripe? and the rank and file are still predominately made of up white working class lads. A military coup in Britain would naturally involve the same demographic alliance which delivered Brexit. 

 The problem is if a Joe Public blogger like me can see the potential for an army initiated 'Super Hard Brexit' with public hangings and firing squads then, presumably, so can the people who stand to be lined up or strung up in the event of such a coup happening and that is why, when we take a peak at what the British army is up to these days, we get:

Captain Smudger appears to be the army's LGBTQ inter-sex Anti-Hate liaison officer and he's ecstatic that the army of Wellington now proudly flies a flag encouraging our bravest and finest to bugger each other for queen and country.   

 What matters to Captain Smudger, and presumably his senior staff and the army in general, is that the new cool and queer, trans, lesbo Globalist army, led by middle aged women, looks ''fabulous'' as they fight wars for the New World Order.

 But what wars?

The bizarre thing is if I, as a Far Right bigot, suggested we round up 100,000's of non whites, trannies, queers and feminists and demand they march into Siberia through a whirlwind of machine gunfire and bombs, I'd probably be arrested. 

 And how fitting that the mincing forces of Globalism should die on the same frozen steppe as the heroic forces of nationalism did eight decades ago......

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