Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Trials Of Henry Bolton

 Rock legend Meatloaf once poignantly sang:
 I would do anything for love, but I won't do that!
UKIP leader Henry Bolton dumped his long time wife and the mother of his kids by text, just before Christmas, in order to jump ship for Jo Marney, a fellow UKIPer and glamour model half his age, he would do that, no problem. 
 However, when it was revealed via a leaked Facebook conversation that Jo ''wouldn't with a Negro'' it was too much for Bolton, she had to go, that's simply not the Cuckservative way.

This story speaks volumes about the absolute shambles of the supposedly ''Right Wing'' political parties in Britain. Henry Bolton is 54 years old, he stabbed the mother of his kids in the back for this little cutey pie, ended his marriage for those pert boobs and that gorgeous little backside. It's pretty scummy but I can at least see the bait. So despite losing his marriage for this girl he's now going to lose the girl too because she doesn't want to sleep with black men or live under an Islamic king(!).

And this soggy lettuce leaf is what passes for the ''Dissident Right'' in current year Britain.

 The headlines going around are along the lines of ''Dumped the girl, kept the Party''. So Bolton remains top dog at UKIP for now, and that's handy because he has much work to do, according to The Independent :
Running as a virtual unknown, he won by highlighting his enmity to all forms of extremism, but especially the “infiltration” of Ukip by the far right.
Since exposing racism under deep cover was his goal, here’s one political career that will not end in failure. Thanks to Bolton, a Ukip member has been suspended for racism of sufficient blatancy to earn an invitation to serve at the pleasure of the US President.
 Yep that's right, Bolton was conducting 24 hour Ops sniffing out racism and Far Right elements within the UKIP Party faithful and his most prominent catch was his own girlfriend who he had suspended for not fancying black men.
''I'm sorry darling but your views on not having an Islamic King of Britain and not being attracted to black men are repulsive to me, it's over'' .

Nigel Farage once smugly proclaimed that UKIP destroyed the British Nationalist Party by poaching their white working class base. The hardcore racism was neutralized and the good people of Burnley and Hull got what they always dreamed of, a Pro-Israel, civic nationalist party of soft libertarians who meekly moan about Islamic extremism. Great.

 Judging by his actions it would appear that Henry Bolton is playing at winning over that most vital demographic to any dissident Rightist movement, The Guardian's comment section. Not that it's likely to lead to success any time soon, they still want UKIP to be carted off to the gulag for Brexit.

 Bolton's extreme cucking has cost him dearly, but at least he still has the support of the UKIPer rank and file, at least they'll be satisfied that all the racists have been purged, the time is right to steady the ship and get back on course.


Oh, oh no!
 With racists in bed with him and lefties to the right of him, Bolton is cuck in the middle with a ''strong'' and ''ethnic'' and ''virile'' Raheem Kassam of Breitbart fame, just what every true ''Hero of England'' UKIPer needs.

There's a certain poetry to it all.

 But what of Jo Marney? Jo who once said the Grenfell Tower fire was just a ''Nest of immigrants'' and who thinks Harry's half-caste will taint the ''Royal Bloodline''?

Well, it appears to be a work in progress, next Christmas's ''Millennialyule'' is already showing potential.......

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