Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Living In A Mad House: Tower Hamlets And The KFC Crisis

According to Wikipedia the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is ''one of the world's most racially diverse zones''. The white British made up just 45% of the people living in this ''zone'' in the last census, officially Tower Hamlets is 55% ''diverse''. The official state propaganda insists that diversity is worth it because of the amazing food the Third World brings us, yet weirdly during the current nationwide shortage of Kentucky Fried Chicken Tower Hamlets police had to send out a Tweet telling the residents of one of the world's most racially diverse zones not to call them because it wasn't an emergency.

On LBC Radio Nick Ferrari pointed out that his parents and many others from Tower Hamlets endured World War 2 and The Blitz, he's amazed that today's Londoners react to a shortage of fried chicken by ringing the police. But why express such exasperation when the people and the culture Ferrari is alluding to have been systematically purged from the area?

 Would the Cockneys of old have called an emergency police response team (they didn't exist anyway) because they'd ran out of jellied eels? the very idea is ridiculous.

 But therein lies the problem, such a people are not dependent on either the state or the multinationals and as such represent a potential threat to both. The so called ''KFC Crisis'' allows us a glimpse at the manner in which the pincers of High Finance and a controlled political establishment close and come together:

1. The imported immigrant population are aware that the state will cater to their every whim and obey their every command.

2. The imported immigrant population expect an unending feast of ''gibsmedat'' goodies to trickle from the capitalist table.

What's interesting to note is that the incessant ''pandering to minorities'' by the various organs of the state infuriates the native whites, but at the same time it can be seen as a form of control over the immigrant population because they're becoming inured to calling on the state for the tiniest infraction of their lethargic existence. The imported aliens are not ''free agents'' in any meaningful sense, they've been reduced to a docile cattle class of greedy and entitled consumers who feel aggrieved and panicked when their supply of greasy slop takeaway fodder has been impeded.  

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