Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Living In A Madhouse: All Hail Our Lord, The Great World Eating Money Lender

I thought I'd breathe some new life into my ''Living in a Madhouse'' series of short, off the cuff posts by taking a look at something I find rather odd about the British Government's ''Tax Summary''.

 Right now the Government is sending out their annual tax summaries to every employed tax payer across the country, essentially it's a breakdown of where our money went, here's the government's example:

The ''National debt interest'' has been consistently placed 5th for at least 5 years, since the government began these new tax summaries. As you can see, paying interest on money we had no say in borrowing outstrips many areas you would have thought were more important. We are fleeced roughly the same for interest on the National debt as we are for the criminal justice system and the entire army, navy and air-force combined(!)

 And while I'm no economist I cannot help but note that the principle National debt itself is entirely absent from the tax summary, it's almost as if the Government is not interested in ridding us of this pox at all, and indeed, that certainly seems to be the case when you check out the National debt clock:
According to the debt clock site every ''U.K'' citizen is £ 31.823 in debt, every tax payer is £ 54.736 in debt.
 So the Government goes to the Money Lenders asking for vast sums of money to be loaned to them, the principle is never intended to be paid back it simply spirals ever upwards. However, the Money Lenders have added interest, what used to be called ''Usury'' and the interest is passed directly on to the British tax payer along with the costs of pensions and education, just another bill, just part of living in a ''Liberal Democracy''.

 The problem is though, eventually the Goldbergs in the Central Banks and money markets are going to be squeezing the native population dry, they'll buckle under the sheer weight of the bloated parasite gorging itself on their labour and they'll begin to search for ways to break free from it. Ideally, the debt to interest slave scam needs to perpetuated forever, but that's a problem when the debtor population have a finite capacity to carry an ever increasing burden of debt and interest.

 Surely, the Money Lenders must ask, surely there's a way to increase the amount of interest paying slave units for eternity?

 And yes, they found it:

And they have no truer ally than their Marxian brethren on the Left of the political spectrum.

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