Thursday, 15 March 2018

The British Government: Monsters or Morons?

I've spent the last few days trying to wrap my head around the Government's decision to detain, deport and ban Lauren Southern and Brittany Petitbone, two Alt-Lite super-babes, and Brittany's boyfriend, Martin Sellner of Identity Europe, who came to Britain with the intent of winding up the lefties and Muslims. I say that rather glibly because let us be honest here, that is what they wanted to do, as Southern admitted, their aim was to point out the double standards, to further expose Muslims as a sanctified and protected group and to ask why Jihadists are allowed to roam free on our streets.

 And hey, that's great!

 But what leaves me utterly bewildered is the response of the government, not because I'm particularly surprised that they banned and arrested two '' Thot Thought Criminals'' but by their staggering tactical incompetence.

So allow me to briefly set up the chess board upon which this game was played and then explore the various moves available to each side and analyse the government's decisions in the hope we might be able to draw to some conclusions.

1. The Challengers

Petitbone, Southern and Sellner all intended to question and challenge the British government's undying devotion to mass immigration, Islam and political correctness. They are not (with the possible exception of Sellner) ''Blood and Soil'' types, their arguments would have been centred on exposing the double standards, hypocrisies and general nuttiness of modern PC Britain. All three activists, especially Southern, have substantial reach on social media, however, the mass media would have largely ignored their activities and the trio's weekend in Britain would have amounted to a few popular videos needling lefties and Muslims.

2. Amber's Options

From the perspective of the Home Office and the security services the three activists were extremists who had come to the country to whip up ''Hate'' and ''undermine community cohesion''. The question for the establishment was primarily one of how to reduce the influence of the haters. Given that the ''You Kay'' establishment is now primarily a gigantic PR department with policies about the NHS and trains hanging off its backside, they will have understood the threat and should have recognized how to deal with it on its own terms. 
 The choice before them was to allow more mildly anti-Muslim content on the internet, essentially to let the Muslims take a hit for Team Globalist/White Replacement and ignore the wailing and teeth gnashing of the left. Or, to shut the young activists down by any means necessary, regardless of alienating the entire right of the political spectrum, potentially causing a diplomatic crisis and proving the activists absolutely correct that Britain has turned into a madhouse which allows Jihadists to run amok while locking up highly attractive, articulate young white Christians.

 And we know which way the British government went....

3. Kim Yong Lolcow

Did nobody in the security services show Amber Rudd a photo of Brittany Pettibone and say:

 ''Ma'am, if we ban her and call her an extremist there's going to be images of her face alongside those scruffy Muslim slobs whom we do allow to enter the country by the thousands, it'll be shockingly bad optics!''

But they caged her and deported her anyway, and just as the Right Wing social media frenzy was reaching fever pitch, just as the YouTube interviews with Brittany were hitting the 300K mark, and everyone was dusting off their fave Orwell quotes to be weaponized in Tweets, the government struck again and detained Lauren Southern under the terrorism act! before banning her from the country for racism.

 Far from containing the message that the British government were deeply sinister, insanely PC and anti-white, the government themselves had provided the entire Right wing E-Celeb circuit with a free content bonanza:

The British Government fawns before Muslims✅
The British Government is anti-white✅
The British Government is terrified of Free Speech✅
The British Government is more worried about attractive young white women than terrorists and rapists✅

It was a feeding frenzy. All the big boys on YouTube lined up to welcome Lauren Southern and transmit her message to their gargantuan subscriber counts. Southern herself became a sort of E-Mandela, freshly sprung from the gulag.

It's been an entertaining few days, that's for sure. But I'm still left asking how the government could be this stupid, all they had to do was nothing. They've funneled millions of our pounds into understanding how the dissident Right operates, and yet nobody seems to have pointed out to Amber Rudd just how damaging this could be in terms of how the British public perceive their rulers.

 Are they morons?

 The other option, of course, is that they did understand how much of a public relations disaster this would be, it's just that they no longer care. Who actually needs ''Good PR'' when you can jail somebody for a Tweet?  A man who works for the British establishment sat opposite Lauren Southern and asked her if she was a Christian extremist who wanted to run down Muslims with a truck, he was not being ironic, he meant it.

 The British political class is no longer self aware, no longer vulnerable to irony or having a sense of their own absurdities, which swing from the humorous to the horrifying on a weekly basis. They don't care because they understand there's nothing you can do about it anyway, share your social media memes and videos, ''red-pill'' as many people as you want, they'll just change the laws and pressure the internet companies some more. And if the law hasn't gotten you yet, don't worry, somewhere out there a mandarin is busy tweaking a clause in a subsection of a paragraph and that one will have your number.

My favourite line from this whole saga was by Martin Sellner speaking to Stefan Molyneux, according to Sellner the trick to beating liberal Globalism is to make them radicalize themselves into irrelevance, I do hope he's right, because there's not many governments as ''radical'' as ours right now....

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