Monday, 30 April 2018

Because They Hate Us

The YouTuber ''Alternative Hypothesis'' recently posted a video featuring a veritable treasure trove of data and stats ''Hate Facts'' relating to the attitudes of Jewish people in American. The source is this site  ''Ideas and Data'' . Both the video and the source material make for some eye-opening, if uncomfortable reading and watching.

 However, one or two little nuggets of information caught my attention and I thought we could explore them a little here.

More recently, a 2009 Quinnipiac University Poll asked if affirmative action programs that give preferences to Blacks and other minorities should be continued the general public favored abolishing such programs by a margin of 19 points while Jews favored continuing such programs by a margin of 4 points.
Now, in and of itself that is no great revelation, Jewish people are famously ''liberal'' and endorse ''Affirmative Action'' policies for blacks in America, even more enthusiastically than blacks themselves it would appear. Where this becomes somewhat more ''problematic'' is when we look at what comes next:

When asked if affirmative action policies were worth pursuing even if they resulted in fewer opportunities for Whites, the general-public said “no” by a margin of 30 points. Jews said “yes” by a margin of 9 points. Note that the general public increased its opposition to these programs when it was specified that Whites would be hurt by affirmative action and Jews actually did the opposite.
And so Jewish enthusiasm for policies favouring black people actually more than doubled(!) when framed within a context of the policies being harmful to white people. The data tells us that Jewish people are more interested in endorsing policies which harm white people than policies which assist black people.
The poll also asked participants whether they favored affirmative action in hiring, promotions, and college admissions, for three groups, Blacks, Hispanics, and White women, in order to increase diversity. The general-public opposed this by a margin of 28 points in the case of Blacks, 30 points for White women, and 35 points for Hispanics. Jews favored such policies by a margin of 7 points for Hispanics, and 13 points for Blacks, but opposed it by a margin of 8 points for White Women.
And so once again, increasing ''diversity'' is supported until white women benefit and then Jewish support drops off massively.

 This is nothing to do with liberalism, equality or ''Social Justice'' what we see here is straight-forward ethnic hatred, the hatred of Jewish people toward Europeans.

 To state it so boldly, even on a blog such as this which often sails close to the wind on these issues, triggers a response in many European minds of ''Why? Why do they hate us?'' and this in turn immediately sets the European psyche into a tailspin, frantically scampering around trying to rationalize and comprehend the hatred of ''The Other''. It must be our fault, we just have to try harder to make them like us.

 That is to say, the onus is always on us to explain the hatred of the racial other toward us, and it makes me wonder, is this really a healthy attitude to have?

 Surely the moral onus lies with the Jewish community to explain to us why they are so supportive of policies and programs because of the fact they are ''harmful'' to us. And yet, the dominant morality within the present zeitgeist holds that Europeans who simply question the present state of affairs face punitive measures and social ostracism. Indeed, it is a ''Hate-Crime'', a pathology to be rooted out and destroyed.

 In other words, if the European notices that the racial other holds hatred and ill feeling towards them, the European bears responsibility for being the ''hater'' the initial act of hatred is projected back onto the European for the crime of noticing that his group are hated by others.

 Let us imagine a scenario wherein two fishermen live in a small coastal village. Each morning fisherman A, we shall call him ''John'' sets out his nets and baits his lobster pots on his patch of sea. Meanwhile, each evening fisherman B, we shall call him ''Gersham'' sets his own nets and lobster pots but snips through John's nets and sabotages John's lobster pots. Upon noticing this outrage John then demands justice and that the vandal be brought to account as per the liberal democracy he lives in, and yet John then discovers that he is the man at fault because he's stirring up hatred and ill will toward Gersham.

 Who, then, is the aggressor in that scenario? and who should rightly be held to account and be expected to explain his actions?

 The ''why?'' is where we trip up. Striving toward rationalizations and scientific explanations leads to justifications and the quagmire of relativism. Europeans import and absorb the hatred of the out-group as we export and project our own traits onto people who reject them out of hand and view us as fools for even trying to do so.

 About ten years ago I was sent a video clip of a young white man being beaten while waiting for a bus. As he lay on the ground a large black man appeared with what appeared to be a large steel spike, he then proceeded to thrust the spike through the body of the knocked out white man, killing him.

 In such a scenario there simply is no ''why'' other than because they hate us, that is the why we need to understand, it's enough, it speaks to the gut. 

 Modernity, with its trinkets and gadgets and luxury, has succeeded very well in concealing the bestial nature of humanity, but it's there. An English meadow can seem like heaven itself but poke around in the undergrowth and all manner of creatures are busy hating each other, watch the hawk scrutinize the field for prey while the prey bolts for shelter, neither is rationalizing or justifying the actions of themselves or the other.

 Of course, in our supreme arrogance and naivete we assumed that humanity had progressed beyond such primitive behaviour, that nice (((Mr Pinker))) has a new book out.

 And yet here we are.......

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