Saturday, 14 April 2018

Damascus And The Damned

As our bombs fall once again on the Middle East without any democratic mandate whatsoever, in direct opposition to Trump's entire election campaign and the wishes of his base, a narrative forms around Trump's behaviour, essentially it's ''They got to him''. The eternal deceivers and international liars have somehow managed to ensnare Trump, how, why, when, it hardly even matters.

 Of course, there's always been a contingent on the right who held that Trump was a controlled opposition faker all along, and they do indeed have justification for believing that to be the case.

 However, let us assume that Donald Trump entered politics with the noblest of intentions, what then does it say about our civilization that a man, a powerful and bellicose man at that, can be so utterly corrupted so swiftly? Running parallel to the ''Trump the corrupted'' meme is the narrative of Trump the master strategist, the ''4D Chess'' player. But that's merely a trendy way of excusing Trump utilizing underhanded tactics to scheme and deceive, in essence it's not to drain the swamp, but to swim in it.

 A year ago when the first strike on Syria was ordered the missiles didn't hit much, Trump had got the schemers off his back for a while, bought some time, out-played them at their own game, and so on. You will notice though that within this paradigm truth and virtue are totally absent, instead of a heroic man standing by his principles we have another schemer, trying to out scheme the greatest schemers in all of history. And it is here that the rot sets in, like damp in a tree, it settles, the lies settle and relativism settles, the rationalizations settle and become normalized.

 The great man, the heroic man, would say ''I shall not for it is wrong!''. The weak man in post-modernity says ''I shall do so reluctantly because it might benefit me later''. This is to refuse throwing the money lenders from the temple because you can barter with them instead.

 Corruption begins with ''maybe just a little, it can't hurt''. Just an airfield, just a few bombs in a field, that's the smart move. Similarly, the meme of Trump being blackmailed or threatened is damning because, after all, he has the largest platform on earth and at any moment he could reveal to the world who is threatening him, why and how. And yet even to write this one is left with a ''Whoa crazy talk!'' feeling, such virtuousness, honesty and truth is alien to us now, instead we scheme and by so doing entrap ourselves in the metaphysical reality of the people who dwell eternally within schemes and lies, and who always have done so.

 This is not the natural moral life of Europeans, we are not at home in a world of lies and plots, we like absolutes.

 George RR Martin, the writer of the Game of Thrones saga, has explained that he is essentially the ''Anti-Tolkien'' and that, unlike in Tolkien, there would be no moral absolutes in his fictional world. In Tolkien's Lord of the Rings objective good and evil not only exist but are engaged in a mutual fight to the death, in Martin's postmodern creation such moral absolutes have been cast aside, instead what we have is a world without any moral foundation at all, it's a multi-polar ''game'' of self interest.

 But the European soul can not manifest in these relativist games, we want virtue and truth, all these plots and intrigues serve to do is shield the forces of evil, for a noble spirit to even bother engaging in these activities is to bow to their machinations. 

When we talk of the 4D Chess ''Just a little'' just a little bomb, just a little lie that can be rectified later, the morality which results in missiles being launched into cities with children sleeping in their beds has been rationalized.

Tolkien was ahead of Martin in this respect, Saruman was wise and virtuous, but he fell, he rationalized himself into dealing with the forces of darkness, he became ''Saruman the Multi-coloured'' meaning that his former position of moral absolutism and incorruptibility had been compromised, his moral compass was contingent upon other multiple variables, it became relative. It wasn't that he was unintelligent, but lacking moral fibre and belief. He was weak.

 Europeans willed, memed and shouted Donald Trump into office and that spirit manifesting itself is wonderful, but it looks like he's a Saruman, and we need a Gandalf...

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