Thursday, 26 April 2018

Globalists Are Financially Crippling The Competition

It's beginning to look like the ''Alt-Tech'' crowd funding site ''MakerSupport'' has been crippled, I'd like to thank everyone who donated to me via the platform, it means a lot. Essentially it means I can refuse overtime in my soul destroying factory job to concentrate on blogging and fighting the good fight. However, it is my duty to ask people to stop their donations because MakerSupport have ceased paying out.

 So last year I was banned from PayPal because they did not want their ''brand'' associated with the content of this blog, Hatreon then came along but was swiftly destroyed because the banks and credit card companies refused to co-operate, it would appear that MakerSupport has now joined the ranks of the fallen.

So MakerSupport was the creation of a young man called Conner Douglass who, viewing the no-platforming and censorship of internet content creators, decided to fill the gap in the market and build his own online payment service. Proudly advocating free speech for all, MakerSupport, which was only opened for business at the beginning of this year, became popular with various factions of the anti-globalist internet sphere. The Skeptic/liberalists, Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right all took to MakerSupport with its slick interface and ease of use. The problem of how to create content online and receive money seemed to have been solved.

 Until the beginning of this April when MakerSupport stopped paying out. Suspicion is now understandably centred around Conner Douglass and he certainly hasn't helped himself with going nigh on silent and refusing to reply to messages and Tweets.

 When the individual signed with MakerSupport tried to get the system to pay out they were greeted with this:

As time passed people with significant reach on YouTube such as ''The Quartering'' began making videos on the MakerSupport problem which seems to have motivated Conner Douglass to Tweeting:

Douglass continued to be pilloried on social media for his vague responses, many others, including myself, began wondering who or what ''Stripe'' was. The problem with building an online payment service is being able to deal with transactions from, potentially, banks all across the world. A kid with nothing more than a knack for coding and a Twitter account does not have that level of expertise, PayPal, does, however. So Stripe is a third party who is hired to issue bank transactions for sites such as MakerSupport.

 Stripe describe themselves on their site as
''The world's largest developer-oriented commerce company, helping small and large companies accept web and mobile payments.''
And now, for some reason Stripe had frozen or locked all of its dealings with MakerSupport, a site playing host to various anti-globalist content creators, essentially killing the site and its services.

 I guess the time is right to take a closer look at who or what might be influencing Stripe's behaviour and regular readers will not be in the least bit surprised to discover:

So while I admit I could be wrong, I think I'm starting to understand what happened to MakerSupport, the only question is who snitched, what kind of rat would go running to Global Finance and demand that people offering an alternative voice to the controlled mass media be financially crippled?

 Why, the lefties of course:

These days its common to hear people refer to the modern left as the shock troops of the establishment, and here we see yet again that they love nothing more than to run back to the Death Star to tell Darth Vader that the rebel base has been discovered.

 I didn't earn very much on MakerSupport and I haven't lost very much at all, knowing by now to keep such accounts as empty as possible. However, I did earn enough to justify refusing to work more hours than I had to so I could write and research for posts on this blog or do hangouts. For some people what seems to be the end of MakerSupport will be a disaster, for me it means more time spent at the grindstone and that, I'm afraid, means less time for this blog.

 The whole point of financially crippling your opposition is that it forces him to earn money elsewhere, the globalists know that, they want a monopoly on information and opinions, they lavish funding on purple haired feminists and anti-racism groups who run blogs and video channels nobody watches or reads. Every other blue tick verified account on Twitter is a lefty being paid to peddle tripe while we spend 40-50 hours a week driving forklifts and standing on production lines before we even enter the game. And that's exactly how our masters want it. 

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