Thursday, 19 April 2018

Lord Nelson And The Bailey

Over the last few months the Cultural Marxists have begun dripping the idea of tearing down British statues and monuments into the public discourse. It began when Afua Hirsch, who's every bit as British as her name and appearance would suggest, wrote an article at the Guardian calling for Nelson's column to be torn down.

 I should confess here that I've reached the stage where my outrage tank is running on empty and I no longer have the energy to dismantle these ludicrous Neo Marxist talking points. In the end these people hate us and want to see us destroyed and our culture erased, cut through the social justice ooze and that is what it comes down to. I'm not interested in whether people such as Afua Hirsch regard this or that great Briton as ''racist'' because I regard the importation of the Third World into Europe as a crime against humanity, any complaints they have while here are to be utterly ignored.

 Nevertheless, the tactics which have been used here are worth looking into and as this issue develops I notice once again the tactic of the ''Motte and Bailey'' being deployed. I referred to this on a hangout a while back but with the Nelson's Column issue we can see it being used in earnest.

 As can be seen on the diagram below the motte and bailey refers to a medieval stronghold or castle. In the context of political discourse the more extreme ideas belong down in the bailey, these ideas are more difficult to defend from scrutiny and criticism because of their radical nature. The motte refers to a heavily fortified position which is difficult to attack, within political discourse the more easy to defend ideas and concepts would belong in the motte.

 The key to understanding this concept is the interplay between the two areas, radical or ''extreme'' ideas are deployed in the bailey, but when the going gets tough the individual losing ground can retreat to the secure zone of the motte, essentially giving away ground which is not vital to their agenda.

So with that in mind let us return to the issue of Afua Hirsch advocating that Nelson's column be torn down because he's a racist white man. I think it's fair to say that demanding statues of the nation's great heroes be torn down, let alone the fact she is African/Jewish and not British, is a difficult position to hold before the British public and Hirsch was indeed heavily criticized for it.

In actual fact the gif is an almost exact replica of the picture used in Hirsch's Guardian article:

Hirsch was not so coy when it was used in her article, but she's ran back to the motte, now it is less about tearing down the heritage of her British hosts, it's about simply having a debate, opening a dialogue and enfranchising ''marginalized voices''. The state of Britain can be summed up entirely by the ''Historic England'' Tweet, here we have an organization posing as the protector of English history while hosting a debate featuring Jews, Africans and champagne socialists discussing which of our statues and monuments should be demolished to make the invading populace feel more comfortable.

 I'm certainly not the first person to be bewildered by the left's dishonest use of language, consider Historic England's use of the word ''controversial''. Since when was Lord Nelson's statue ''controversial''? it never was, it was never an issue in the public mind until somebody called Hirsch wrote an article in the Guardian saying it was. When these people use the word ''controversial'' what they actually means is : Something the left want to destroy.

 Hirsch calls on the appalled native population to calm down and engage in the debate, yet the debate itself consists of the Jewish boss of the Guardian, black activists and gentile liberal progressives, we are not allowed a seat on the panel. What they blithely pass off as legitimate intellectual activity entails the native British watching all these cretins agree with one another in their hatred of us, for them it amounts to the establishment of a beach-head within the discourse from which they can pour manure on our people, our identity and history.

From within their newly fortified position the social justice left, who in reality are nothing less than anti-white ethnic activists, will be taking notes and sporadically engaging in forays from their motte down into the bailey. 
 Perhaps tearing down Nelson's Column is a bit extreme...for now, but there's always those statues of soldiers which remind non-whites of colonialism, there's all those kings and queens too, relics from a ''dark past''. Not to mention all the ''Christian symbolism'' which offends Muslims, and let us not forget monuments to mothers and wives who were unwittingly being oppressed by the patriarchy. Oh yes, plenty to get their teeth into until the more prominent monuments can feel the wrecking ball of tolerance and inclusion.

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