Tuesday, 10 April 2018

No More Wars For Israel

I've decided to use my humble platform to join the growing chorus of people who are now openly stating their disgust at the manner in which we, Europeans, are being cattle prodded and hoodwinked into another blood soaked escapade in the Middle East on behalf of Israel. 

For the last few months we've sat back aghast at the incoherent and obviously false narrative being peddled by the controlled media. A legion of Jewish run media outlets demanded we hate the Russians, they then turned on Jeremy Corbyn, a notorious pacifist, as well as the anti-Zionist elements of the left. Why they were doing this only now becomes clear, they needed troublesome elements to receive a punishment beating before the Syria crisis began in earnest.

 I can't help but be astonished at the insanity of the situation, the West is gearing up for a confrontation with Russia and yet many in the so-called ''Alternative Media'' are still coy about noticing the Jewish controlled media, politicians and finance salivating over the prospect of a potential war with Russia, or at the very least more bloodshed in the Middle East.

 Is it not now time to get over the mind heist of Holo-guilt and finally face the situation for what it is? 
''Ah well, at least we weren't Anti-Semites''
Stefan Molyneux, literally begging Donald Trump to hold the line against the Neo-Cohen's, asks why Israel can't just have their war without America, without his daughter becoming a burnt cinder.

 Is that really so much to ask? Is it really some sort of ''Hate-Crime'' to ask Jews to fight their own enemies in the Middle East without propagandizing Europeans into doing it for them? 

 The scam has been played long enough, fear of boo-words and cowering before sophisticated indoctrination and Pavlovian reflexes has to end. The troubles of the Middle East are not our troubles. Likewise, we Europeans bear no animosity toward Russia or its people. The shameless mass media is not our conscience and nor is it our moral guide, it's more like the face-hugging parasite from Alien, it drips nothing but rot and decay into our minds. 

 Our true interest, the interest of all humans at this point, is to use any means we have, any platform whether a Tweet or a wooden stool, to say ''No More Wars For Israel!''. 

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