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A Brief Response To Mike Stuchbury's ''Day Of Fear'' Article

For those of you not in the know, Mike Stuchbury is an increasingly prominent ''Anti-Racist'' and Twitter personality. Mike spends all day, every day, calling out the fash looking for ways to undermine European identity and opposition to mass immigration. Needless to say, Mike wasn't too happy about the Alt-Lite Day of Freedom spectacular last Sunday and wrote an article on it at his blog. 

 Mike calls it a ''Day Of Fear'' I'm not sure who is supposed to be fearful, Mike who is verified by Twitter and who holds views shared by the entire Globalist elite, every political party in power across the West and all media and social media outlets, or the Alt-Lite All-Stars who splashed out on a wide screen TV and a satellite feed featuring Lauren Southern.

  Mike spends almost half his post setting the scene, I shall skip that entirely as the event is all over YouTube anyway, instead, let us get to the ''meat'' of Mike's concerns and his reactions to the ideas being espoused.
Gerard Batten of UKIP seemed to be on his best behaviour, talking about the apparent absurdity of hate speech laws, but he did not resist from taking a swipe at political correctness and ‘cultural Marxism’, supposedly working hard in hand in Islam.
It is of course perfectly true that Cultural Marxists work ''hard in hand'' with Islam, Islam provides the hard and the left provide the hand. It's why a Muslim MP, Naz Shah can retweet that white girls who've been gang raped by Muslim men should ''shut their mouths for diversity'' and not even be asked to explain herself or resign. It's why we have 'grooming' in the first place and why when other white girls are blown to pieces at a pop gig we're expected to simply get used to it and even feel concern for the Muslim community.
Anne-Marie Waters of the For Britain Party (who had a very visible presence at the rally) shocked me with her claims of a New World Order, bringing out the old anti-semitic canard that big business and the Far Left are in cahoots to usher in a new authoritarian age. Personally, she seemed unhinged. Terrifyingly, she got a huge response.
I have my own criticisms of Waters speech, she gives ''The left'' far more agency than I would. To say that you lefties are subservient to Global Capital would be too kind, after all, even a slave is aware of who his master is. Instead, you blindly carry out the orders of the Money Masters while adopting the air of rebels. Consider this recent headline:

A Rothschild banker, now president of France and staunchly EU Globalist makes a speech dictating to Europeans that they will share a future with hundreds of millions of Africans who will be moving into Europe. Do the Europeans want this? obviously not, but they won't have much choice and anyway, the left can always be counted on to bully and dox and shut down any opposition. 

 That is what you and the left are, Mike, and it's what you do. 

 And how will you go about doing it:
‘Sargon of Akkad’, aka Carl Benjamin, almost seemed to go full Goebbels with his predictions that ‘THEY’ won’t rest until you are completely subsumed and contained within some sort of authoritarian hell – he wasn’t heavy on the details.
 Speaker after speaker over the first half of the rally railed against Islam, Antifa and ‘globalists’, quite openly fanning the flames of fear. Free speech, at least to my ears, seemed an afterthought. Quite frankly, there was not a rhetorical device employed that wasn’t in use at political meetings across Germany in 1932. I use that line without hyperbole.
That's right, Mike, you'll equate the slightest hint of Europeans acting in their own interest as Nazi and Goebbels and Hitler and Fascist. The nature of the ''authoritarian hell'' is one in which the police kick your door down for having an angry rant against Muslim terrorism or rape gangs but the Globalist mass media produce content such as this every day

I actually agree that Milo and Gavin McInnes are dull pantomime routines not worth mentioning. So let us get back into Mike grappling with the more ''edgy'' people and ideas at the rally:
I scanned the rally throughout the day, looking for the symbols of some of the more extreme right-wing groups. I was disappointed to see quite a few Generation Identity flags waving in the crowd, along with those of other Far Right Identitarian movements.
 I also overheard a few conversations between members of these groups and members of the public, asking about what they stood for. With their flashy branding and professional online presence, they’ll obviously win a few converts out of the day.
I'm guessing the moderate position would be yours, Mike, like, you know, the time when you Tweeted:

And of course, you never even lost so much as your verified blue tick, unlike the 10,000 white British people banned from Twitter, the people you rebels against the power structure mass reported, assisting the Globalist elites in purging the platform of ''Wrong Think''.
This was a Center Parcs, Littlewoods-catalogue crowd, for the most part. It was a mostly white, middle class audience taking in the sort of slurs and xenophobic conspiracy theories that we thought were contained to isolated parts of the internet. I found myself quite rattled by this.
You were ''rattled'' because you came face to face with the reality of what you are and what you do, you're a useful idiot, a cowardly moron too weak to stand up against power, too soft to offer resistance to evil and too stupid to understand the reality of your position.
(Anti-Fa)It is a ‘boogeyman’ to middle-class white folks who have never attended a Far Right rally in their lives.
Violence isn’t the answer. Deplatforming isn’t a solution. We need a broader, more nuanced approach.
It's not your place, or Anti-Fa's, to dictate what course of action you will follow, the left's politics and aims and ambitions and tactics are all drafted out in think tanks, lobby groups and dateline financial institutions run by people who you couldn't even stand to have mentioned, so deep does your indoctrination go. 

You call for an end to the ''No Platform'' policies because they aren't working, but don't you understand, Mike, your masters know that your PC talking points are worthless garbage that can't stand up to scrutiny. You people have everything the system can provide servicing you, holding your shambolic opinions aloft, while at the same time censoring and doxxing and jailing those opposed to you and you still can't hold the line.

You're a shambles, and history is never kind to useful idiots, regardless of which side loses or wins.

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