Monday, 28 May 2018

Navigating Stormy Seas

As I'm sure everybody is aware the British establishment is becoming increasingly tyrannical in the manner in which they deal with dissent to the politically correct, Globalist agenda. Millennial Woes has produced an excellent video breaking down some of the most recent cases, and explaining the general state of play. In Woes' video he quotes me as saying ''The British establishment is radicalising itself against the native population''. This is true and I explored the subject far more thoroughly recently in my post ''Lessons From The Vietcong'' in which I wrote:
 Many within the nationalist sphere have reacted with dismay at the levels of censorship being deployed against us, and yet this must happen! The trick is to stay underground, weather their fury and then reappear to mingle among the general population and explain why this is happening and that we were right all along.
Agitation: Needle, harass and undermine the system ceaselessly, await the furious reaction, use that reaction to further subvert and indoctrinate the general populace against the system.
Their ''fury'' is now beginning to manifest itself in earnest, this is increasing the levels of dissatisfaction in the native population which will result in even harsher punitive measures being dished out by the establishment. 

 The insanity of the ''Hate Speech'' laws can have a white Briton arrested or investigated for nothing whatsoever, what began as an odd quirk of the politically correct political elites has now metastasized into an all encompassing web with which to ensnare and persecute native Britons.  

A ''Hate Crime'' is literally anything a non-white person wants it to be and the white person has no means by which to defend themselves because the laws are purely subjective and contingent on the whims of foreign peoples invited into our land against our will.

 The sheer injustice, cruelty and treachery of the British elite class beggars belief, but their evil is now becoming more obvious, and their hatred of us more pronounced. The soft velvet glove of multiculturalism and ''diversity'' is slipping off to reveal the rusty iron knuckle duster beneath.

 The liberal elites often accuse nationalists, populists and the Alt-Right of using immigrants as scapegoats, in actual fact this isn't true, it is the liberal elites themselves who are despised above everybody else, they might as well make it a Hate Crime to criticize BBC pundits and Guardian columnists.

Everybody to the right of Jacob Rees Mogg with a platform on the internet is now looking for ways to weather this coming storm. The Vietcong did not go running into the napalm being dropped by the Americans they stayed underground and waited it out, appearing later to explain to the population what was happening and why. 

Similarly, those of us with alternative media platforms are going to have to take necessary precautions to keep ourselves out of the Big House and to retain an online presence. 

Keeping The Good Ship Morgoth's Review Afloat

As the British elites lose their minds and alienate our people I fully intend to use this modest platform to critique, undermine and lampoon their genocidal madness at every opportunity. In order to do that I have to keep this blog in existence and that means not needlessly antagonizing the censors and or the authorities. 

  The simple fact is using deliberately provocative racial slurs in the comments section is a liability now and such language will be removed. Neither I nor Jim will be entertaining endless discussions on which words are or are not permitted, simply use the actual term.     

Threats of violence and retribution, whether directed toward a group or individual have never been too much of an issue here, but that too is verboten of course.

Is any of this of use? I do not know but there's no point in actively making ourselves a target.

More generally though, it is perhaps time to move on from the''Far Right shock jock'' routine and instead offer a more mature and nuanced outlook. Let the mad lefties and their Globalist masters engage in hysterics and yes, hate, while we offer paternalism, authority and security. 

Nationalists were right all along, about everything, as the establishment lose their minds our people will seek refuge from the storms, but nationalists have to actually be there when they do....

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