Friday, 18 May 2018

Surviving The Royal Wedding

So the big day is upon us and young Badger in the comments asked if I'd be doing a post on it, to be honest I wasn't planning to because I view the whole sorry affair as a death trap for nationalists. The royal family is set to mingle their much vaunted bloodline with the Los Angeles ghetto and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Of course, the wedding is promoted as the Royals finally catching up with the new, modern Britain which we all cherish, twerking and knifing and grooming its way across our spray painted and CCTV riddled land.

 The elite class who will be grinning throughout the ceremony will be watched over by thousands of armed guards and sniper units lest the diversity they imported blow them all sky-high, and even more police will be on duty across social media frantically punching ''Cheddar Man Megan'' and ''Prince of the race traitors'' into search bars on Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to meet their Hate Crime quotas and arrests for the entire year. 

 Of course, the lib-shit shabbos goy know that you're angry about the wedding, and they also know that all your rage and venom is futile. This week the mass media even went all the way and rolled out a racial slur which they actively advocate being shoved in the faces of the white British, they call you ''Gammon''. The gammon faced, pink skinned losers can be needled and prodded and arrested when they get uppity and the liberal left and the diversity will guffaw at you. The demoralization tactics began as soon as the wedding was announced and it hasn't stopped since, the coming days will unleash the most repulsive wave of anti-white hatred that we've seen for a very long time. 

''Lol@ You Angry Gammon Faces!''

 You can cuck-out, of course, you can try and convince yourself that it's all about the institutions and that its nice to see the proles coming out in their masses to cheer on a prince who has merged himself with the Third World and the Globality, rather than the ''kin'' which sits in ''King''. You can tell yourself that it doesn't matter, Kate is white (allegedly) and Harry's little Africans will never mount the throne.

 The wider issue though, is that this isn't a hill any nationalist should die on. To walk into such an obviously baited trap is meaningless, our enemies want you enraged and wound up, they've laid the snares and sharpened the pikes, boiled the oil and closed off the escape routes and now they say ''Come and run into this with your pathetic littler Englander rage!''

The trick here, for me at least, is to simply let it go, to disengage from the entire circus and the subsequent media frenzy shoving it in our faces day and night. Last month I posted an article on the Vietcong and their tactics, there's a time for activism and there's a time for going underground to rest and recuperate.  

 And so, to answer Badger's question, I will not be partaking in the Great Triggering and will instead be spending the day in a quiet spot in Northumberland fishing.

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