Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Of Lice And Men: Patrick Little VS. Nick Fuentes

I recently watched a debate between Patrick Little, who recently ran in the California senate race, and conservative E-Sleb Nick Fuentes. Little of course has come to some degree of prominence by loudly and stridently calling out Jewish power in America and further afield, Fuentes runs a YouTube channel and is busy carving out an ''edgy but not too edgy'' niche within the American conservative scene.

 To call their interaction a ''debate'' would be pushing it somewhat, essentially it featured the 19 year old Fuentes and his friends giggling at Little and explaining that his hardcore message would be doomed to failure and that Little was an embarrassment. Little responded to Fuentes' needling by offering to meet up with Fuentes in real life, to sort out their differences man to man, Fuentes refused, of course.

 What I found fascinating about this drama is not so much the points raised by Fuentes or Little, but rather the wider dynamic and context within which it played out. The context here is that we have Fuentes and his two orbiters facing off with a White Nationalist. Both Fuentes and Little claim to support traditional roles and conservative values. Fuentes has been highly active in bullying white women who make Nationalist content off the internet, or at least attempting to do so under the guise of ''Thot Patrolling''.

Sending girls mean Tweets is one way to prove your masculinity, I'm told, but then again accusing an ex marine of being a ''whinging little bitch'', as Fuentes did to Little, is another. The problem is by any traditional standard, which both men are supportive of, Fuentes has offered a direct challenge to Little's masculinity, or as Little put it ''His honour''.

 We can perhaps forgive the Nu-Male feminists of the left for not understanding the most basic precepts of male interactions, but we can hardly be expected to forgive such a faux pas from a grinning motormouth who makes his living preaching the masculinity gospel to the world, it comes across as rank cowardice.

 So what were Fuentes' options?

 The brutal fact is ''equality'' doesn't exist within male interactions, a man with the body mass of a 12 year old girl, like Fuentes has, would have to behave and act very differently away from the comfort zone of modernity and the internet. And again, this is the exact environment Fuentes claims to wish to bring back into being, a world in which his interactions with Little would amount to:

1. Keeping his trap shut
2. Apologizing profusely
3. Taking Little on physically and receiving a broken jaw and or winding up in a coma.

There's a bizarre trend which runs through Conservatism Inc in the U.S and Nick Fuentes seems to embody it. Essentially it's creating a facsimile of 1950's Americana. Nick Fuentes affects an ''Aw shucks, mom'' attitude while wearing woolen sweaters and nursing his strategically placed coffee mug while his ridiculous grin beams onto the laptop screens of the MAGA faithful. It is, as Jean Baudrillard wrote, an ''empty signal'':
“Postmodernity is said to be a culture of fragmentary sensations, eclectic nostalgia, disposable simulacra, and promiscuous superficiality, in which the traditionally valued qualities of depth, coherence, meaning, originality, and authenticity are evacuated or dissolved amid the random swirl of empty signals.”
Of course, the true America of the 1950's which the MAGA movement yearns for was the era of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant, and so you might well ask, what ever happened to those guys? In actual fact he's the guy Nick and his friends are giggling at, the angry white man who's too hot to handle, the guy they're calling dumb, the guy they're calling a whinging little bitch, the guy they're scared to fight, the guy who's more than just empty signals, the guy I support.

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