Saturday, 30 June 2018

We're Heading Back To The 1930's!

It's remarkable to take a week off from the political internet, as I've just done. With the grind of sifting through the infantile pigswill of the liberal media removed from your daily routine you find that your mind begins to heal itself. The synapses of the brain which were burdened with processing a constant flow of insidious lies and contempt for you and yours are allowed some respite as the flow of anti-white trash is reduced to a manageable trickle.

 Eventually, alas, the fishing rod is put away, the suntan peels and you flip open the laptop to discover that the libshits have cranked up the ''We're heading back to the 1930's!'' trope to warp 5. We're hurtling back to the 1930's faster than ever before, lefty economist Paul Mason writes in the New Statesman:
Suppose we reverse the premise of the film Good Bye, Lenin!. Instead of a communist waking up from a coma in a newly marketised Germany, we get a technocrat from the Blair/Clinton era waking up today – to a world gripped by economic nationalism, great power politics and xenophobia.
What would be the biggest mind-bender? What would the patient’s family, trying to hide the harsh reality, struggle with most?

Probably that European kids had to watch the Christmas tree displays from behind chicken wire and concrete so Muslims didn't butcher them. Paul isn't interested in that, though, he's softening us up for an analogy which he couldn't quite pull off, what he really means is:
''Imagine the liberal elites from the 90's arriving in 2018 and seeing that we're back in the 1930's''. 
Mason wants to deploy the historical and psychological baggage of the 1930's at the same time as terrifying liberals (again) with images of our impending Fascist Imperium. He can't quite pull it off so he simply dumps us back in the 1930's anyway.
It is an inescapable fact that the global order is fragmenting. If you replay the tit-for-tat measures governments resorted to over trade, currency, debts and war reparations between, say, 1931 and 1934, you can see how quickly things escalate (do it on a management away day or in your university tutorial group one afternoon, with Charles Kindleberger’s The World in Depression, 1929-39 as your source material).
It's truly a remarkable thing, the more Europeans resist being bred out and reduced to debt slaves while being needled for their white privilege, the closer to the 1930's we return in the eyes of the liberal classes. Writing in The Guardian top EU cappo Guy Verhofstadt cries:
In Hungary, backsliding on the rule of law has reached a tipping point. Viktor Orb├ín’s new “stop Soros” legislation, which makes it a criminal offence to assist migrants, coupled with a labelling of organisations working on migration issues reminiscent of the Nazi era, threatens to take Hungary and Europe back to the 1930s.
The guilt trip has been extremely effective, but the problem is the future offered by ''Liberal Democracy'' is more terrifying to increasing numbers of Europeans than the 1930's. The dichotomy is a bizarre one, Nationalists and populists point to a hellish future of ''EurAfrica'' and Islamic domination, while the people who're supposed to be providing Europeans with a positive image of the future only ever talk about the past.
Feminist Laurie Penny seems so convinced Fascism is returning she's already half starved herself to death and shaven her hair off in preparation for the camps!

 Whenever Europeans decide to carry on existing, and use their democratic voice to do so, the liberal establishment feel as if they're being strapped into the Tardis and sent back to 1933. This isn't actually a progressive view of the world, they are not thinking of, and guiding us to, the sunny uplands of the universal brotherhood. Their world view is based entirely on a negative, it strives always to escape a politics of European racial interest and as such is genocidal to Europeans.

The word ''Democracy'' itself has become somewhat troublesome for the elites because it translates to ''Offering people who hate us political power''. Instead they've cannily bolted on the word ''Liberal'' and thus because a politics of European self interest is illiberal it isn't real democracy when a populist party makes headway.

 All political discourse must take place within the dense cloud of Holocaustianity and grainy black and white footage of wars and armies, and this tripe they peddle as the height of moral absolution and virtue.

 And it's failing.

 I grew out of the New Atheist movement when I discovered Nationalism, but there's a certain symmetry to the manner in which the semi-religious nature of postwar liberalism is being hacked and slashed by Nationalists to the way the tedious New Atheists attack Christianity. Unlike Christians modern Globalists still have teeth and will seek to destroy you through a ghastly array of Hate Laws and cultural ostracism. 

The 1930's and 40's is the era from which their religious doctrines were birthed, and in my opinion it sits rather deep down on their gamut of psychological control mechanisms:

1. You're intolerant✅
2. Racist/Islamophobe/AntiSemite/Homophobe✅
3. You're a Fascist/Nazi✅
4. We're heading back to the 1930's✅
5. Be kind to me when I'm a lampshade

Endlessly invoking the 1930's is their way of saying:

''Do you really want to return to a time before we found white guilt and worshiped at the alter of the 6 Million?''

To which I say ''Yes'' and by the way, your religion is a deceitful con-trick which I reject.

 I love to watch them squirm, I lol! at their angst and at their frustration, this corrupt and easily duped class of traitors and lunatics. A priestly caste forced to watch as their sacred symbols are burned and mocked in front of their eyes, stuck permanently in a time loop continuum which catapults them from the chaos which has resulted from their false faith, back to the1930's from which it arose.

 But most of all, I appreciate that they're preparing themselves for what comes next...... 

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