Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Brexit: The Knife Finally Goes In

Longtime readers will remember those heady days when we had a Brexit live post up charting the referendum and that glorious night, and even more glorious tear stained day, when we won. Then weeks past and we didn't leave, then months, then years, and still we remained inside the EU Empire.

 The British left never actually did regain their composure and just three weeks ago they were still out on the streets painting their faces blue demanding, like all good leftists, that we do not cross the international oligarchs and their schemes to commodify humanity.

 All in all I've been expecting the Brexit back-stab in earnest for about 18 months. I wasn't sure what style of blade would be used or how hard the thrust would be but I was pretty sure it was coming. Like Sir Walter Raleigh on the guillotine, I demanded of our masters:
 "Strike, man, strike!"
 My favourite pet theory was that Labour would attain power and then Jeremy Corbyn would be bumped off to be replaced by Chuka Ummuna, the half-caste ''British Obama'' who is demanding another referendum with the appallingly insulting ''People's Vote'' campaign. Our new non-white saviour would declare a new dawn of tolerance and harmony and gleefully throw out the Brexit result as being an obnoxious odour left over from the displaced whites. The Chuka scenario would have been the equivalent of a headlock and throat slitting of the British natives.

  It then occurred to me that Theresa May might simply call for another referendum at the behest of her masters. I could even imagine a man peeping out from behind the curtain to needle us with a:

 ''What's the matter, don't you like democracy anymore?''

 As we complained at the injustice of it all.

Here we would have fought the entire campaign over again but this time a little more weary and disheartened, as the Globalist machine deployed every platform and social media pundit and political shyster to talk us down. It would be fought again, but it'd be akin to fighting  after being stabbed in the lung with a screwdriver.

 As it turns out the method used to stab us in the back was old faithful, the poisoned blade. Yes, we'd get Brexit, except nothing would actually change in the real world. There's a certain postmodern, subjective beauty to the scale of the lies. After all, we live in a nation where a man can demand that you call him a woman and think of him as such, even though he is not a woman. The government is essentially using that logic again here, if you're told that we've left the European Union then who are you to say otherwise? officially we have, even though in reality we haven't, it's purely subjective.

Being ruled by such scum, as the native British are, brings out a yearning to refute our rulers and rebel against them whenever one has the chance. And quite rightly so, but in the time taken for us to get stabbed in the back an entire swathe of populist reactionaries have popped up across the continent. The difference being, as we struggle to escape the tentacles of the beast, they're trying to wrestle it and rule it.

 Will the Tory Brexiters take the Party and deliver a ''Super-Hard Brexit Ultra'' as the left wing press describes it? Time will tell, but I'm at least somewhat relieved that Theresa May has finally had the decency to stab us in the back so we can get on with the next round..

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