Saturday, 7 July 2018

No Weather For A White Man

I've been keeping track of my mood during our ongoing summer heatwave and have decided I've now reached the ''Sick to death of it'' stage. Just ten days ago I was a different man, I relished the warmth and sun, the ability go anywhere in shorts and the revitalizing feeling of the sun's energy coursing through my body.  Slowly though, bursting out into a sweat every time you go outdoors compliments the gradually growing annoyance of being too hot all of the time, slowly, the heatwave becomes more of an endurance test than a joy.

 For Northern Europeans the advent of a hot weather spell is an event in and of itself, it doesn't matter what you're doing in the sun, just as long as you're doing something. There's peer pressure to be extra busy and social during the heatwave and shirkers are looked down upon, one lad at work this week was ''Sun-Shamed'' for spending time watching the Walking Dead box set instead of stumbling around burning and sweating buckets long after the novelty had worn off.

 My own experience of spells of extreme heat are that after the initial joy a lethargy and indolence sets in, I become easily annoyed and frustrated and unable to think clearly. 

To get straight to the point, this is not an environment I have evolved to exist in for prolonged periods of time. The other extreme outlier would be the ''Beast from the East'' cold snap in April which saw temperatures plummet to -15 degrees Celsius. The mean annual temperature in England is between 8 and 11 degrees, it is therefore reasonable to assume that that is our ''Goldilocks Zone'' as a people because that's the climate we evolved in.

 Of course, in modernity people are simply units of production to be moved around at the behest of Global Capital, regardless of the quirks and ties that anyone has to nature, land and climate. This in turn necessitates, and is created by, a nondescript global culture and values system. The dial is being set to a certain point and all of humanity is expected to bask in that comfort zone, finally, finally we discovered it, the perfect moral, ethical and cultural temperature for humanity to live in, forever.

 The only problem is (((somebody))) set the dial a few clicks too high for a healthy European life and they're now increasing the heat exponentially. As young European girls dance around until they're lobster red and their skin peels off many of us are shunning the carnival and recognizing that we're getting very far away from our comfort zone, and then the heat increases still further.

 As a younger, more innocent man I poured endless hours into building and maintaining an aquarium. I swiftly discovered that simply keeping various fish alive wasn't enough, the environment had to be specifically designed for certain fish. There was no perfect set of conditions within which all fish could thrive, within such an environment some fish would flourish, others would fail to reproduce and go mad, others would simply die. 

 We are dying.

 Pointing out that the present conditions are maladaptive and deadly to Europeans is only one side of the equation though, as many others in the fight for European life have pointed out, we must also strive toward a politics of optimal conditions for Europeans, and present that vision as a positive which is attainable. 

 Crucially though, we must at all costs get those grubby hands off the environmental and cultural dial and then set it a comfortable 8-11 degrees...then smash the dial to pieces. 

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