Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Longing for Kali Yuga

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A pattern of thought that occurs often for me involves the belief and anticipation of collapse in the West, and a resignation to the idea that it is necessary for such an event to happen in order to negate many elements of society in its current form that I feel are damaging to my cultural identity and that of my ethnic group.

 The idea of the necessity of collapse is shared at least partially by many other members of my demographic, although more frequently it is expressed as a yearning for violent correction of the course of social development that is semi-believed and repeated partially for its memetic and transgressive value a la "rope day".

 My perspective is this: Our society allowed itself to be compromised (looking at it harshly there are no victims among the sentient and gullibility is as much an error as hubris) long ago and by now this has permeated and the fissures of cultural/societal stability have deepened to such a degree that it is now beyond any chance for reversal (though it is possibly controversial to some I believe that people should have citizenship in the country they are born, so the government and people are ultimately responsible for the maintenance of their borders and policies that would regulate the flow of foreign elements into the nation. The toothpaste is already out of the tube in this case when it comes to civilized solutions)

 Resulting from this is our current situation, and two potential outcomes:
1. The prior culture to which I belong dissolves into the emerging culture that has recently asserted itself, we become international and England, the English and to be English becomes a historical matter.
2. The whole system crashes, those with a reason to stay and the resources to struggle on will be the inheritors of the land, and would determine the future culture and society that will flow forth.

 At the very least, it appears that many are anticipating, yearning for or fearing a cultural schism. Considering this further I believe there is an element of projection at least on my part: There are many times in my life where my actions or failures to act "Locked In" a turn in the road steering me further from the maximum potential I have as an individual. A nihilistic perspective could conclude that I have already wasted myself and carrying on would be pointless unless there were a total reset that would allow me to correct my course from the first instance of cowardice, apathy or hesitation.

 If it is truly projection of the regretful framing of my own life situation onto a view of society at large, then I will steal a line from Jonathan Bowden and state that this is a collective funk that is covering the general tone of a growing portion of the people to whom I belong.

 Wise philosphers have perceived the seasonality of man, the softening and apathy that possesses the Golden Age generations born after the resolution of strife, who arrogantly believe their comfort is natural, and carelessly invite the devil back into their homes again; and in the current era the sense of decline is now so strong that the chill of societal winter is almost tangible.

 The outcomes previously mentioned bring me to this conclusion: There is no reset button, blaming our adversaries is as useless as blaming our ancestors or longing for their return. We are in the depths of winter at the same time as many on this planet are entering the blazing glory of summer, while the tendrils of humanity have grown so long as to be completely knotted together, and we face the prospect of group mortality.

 The key to surviving winter is Fire, the truest verb, the purest expression of action and the ultimate step in transformation. Action must be taken, energy must be directed. When you think about what must be done, and you feel like a loaded gun, it is your hand on the trigger, you must be fully prepared for what comes next, and your heart will turn to steel.


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