Saturday, 11 August 2018

Into The Void

The discussion of ''Free Speech'' has once again become the dominant subject on the political internet. I've spent the week consuming an inordinate amount of online ''content'' looking at the arguments and strategies from both the right and the left. The Left side of the equation isn't particularly interesting, it's simply an endless chant of ''Shut it down'' or justifications for censorship by arguing that Zio-Tech can ban whoever they like, whenever they like. Everything they dislike is Hate, and Hate must be censored, so whatever they don't like must be censored, and so on.

 People on the Right, broadly speaking, twist themselves into contortions as they're silenced. On the one hand they want to cast the money lenders and degenerates into the hellfire, but at the same time they, we, are in the weaker position so there's a constant virtue signal toward liberal universalism and ideals of free speech and democracy. It is perfectly understandable to appeal to free speech ideals when you are the one being silenced. However, and it has to be said, people on the Right are doing so out of pragmatism and strategic necessity, not because they hold these concepts as core values.

 The Judaic Left, meanwhile, have reached the point where they believe the overarching Liberalism which infests Western Civilization is actually a hindrance, that they too have to pay a reluctant lip-service to a set of ideals which they secretly despise and seek to subvert and weaken at every opportunity.

 The coordinated purging of Alex Jones by Big Tech was an instance of the Left enacting a fundamentally illiberal act of censorship. But then again Western society is awash in ''Hate Speech'' laws and censorship anyway. The reaction of anger and fear among so many internet pundits is essentially that the Tech giants have welshed on the deal, broken rules set down by the religion of Liberalism. Alex Jones of course is a prominent cheerleader for Donald Trump and his social media reach has been drastically reduced just in time for the midterm elections in the U.S. So now we can add meddling in the democratic process to the list of anti-liberal activities of the Left.

 In response to such outrages the Right is now proposing an ''Internet Bill of Rights'' which, as the thoughtful YouTuber ''The Distributist'' pointed out on a livestream, is yet more Liberalism, and again, not because we agree with Liberalism, but because we have no choice.

 The current situation is a bizarre one, two warring camps are still theoretically constrained by a political ethos neither one fundamentally agrees with and both are looking for ways to pay lip-service to it while simultaneously searching for ways to undermine it or kill it off entirely. 

 The rules of Liberalism have long been exploited and mocked by minority groups, especially Jewish ones. In what sense is the ADL a ''Liberal'' organization? or the various Zionist political lobby groups warping ''Democracy'' for that matter? 

 The fact is the big L Liberalism of the Enlightenment is dead and has been dead for some time, it's just that the general population didn't know. In Norman Davies book ''Europe: A History'' Davies describes the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, and many people's reluctance allow the system to die, as the sea receding and leaving fish stranded on the shore, flapping about, longing to find their way back into the water.

 All Europeans in the West today have known nothing in their lives except Liberalism in the classic sense, and it's dead. It isn't a trivial matter, it is seismic, it's the end of an epoch.

 And the Right cries out:

 ''Who will protect us? what new laws will they bring in and what codes do we have?''

 And then the new laws and speech codes arrive regardless.

When all moral systems have been smashed, when the spiritual life and religion has been ridiculed and trashed, when the overarching political philosophy has been reduced to nothing but a husk, when you're in the position of a fish writhing on a barren beach, all that remains, all you have left is the Will To Power.

 If the Big Tech giants are silencing Trump supporters then they should be brought to heel or broken up, if the mass media continues to peddle outrageous lies and anti-white trash then they should be banned or slapped with crippling taxes. If a Nationalist gains power in a European nation then the democratic process should be instantly abolished and subversive elements should be jailed, and so on. 

 Crucially though, we must at last step mentally outside the repulsive stink of ''Western Liberalism''.

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