Saturday, 9 February 2019

The limit of Christian Morality

By Atdilda

In my estimation one of the central ideas to modern "western" morality is the popular Christian doctrine
Do unto others as you would have them do to you
Which sees as much secular support as it does religious. This underpins our justification for many actions and obligations the state commits to on behalf of its public. We hope that in our times of need someone may take care of us, and should thus be willing to do the same for others, and so nationalized healthcare and the welfare state are justified and funded by the taxpayer.

 It is considered a "right" to be safe from torture, abuse and oppression by the state, and thus western nations extend a charitable hand to those from countries that are less stable, even more so if there are historical scars between the saviour country and the fleeing victim groups, as our post Christian secular society strongly believes that its current iteration still bears responsibility for past injustices committed upon the rest of the world (that this is taken advantage of by unscrupulous characters is also most likely the fault of western nations as no other peoples on earth have agency).

 We (the population as an extension of the will of the government by way of our taxed income being the energy by which the whole organism develops itself) believe in
-Equality of opportunity for all peoples
-Supporting those in need
-Freedom of expression

 The existence and continuation of morality is dependent on peoples willingness to support it. One pillar of the arguments with regards to culture, for the liberal, socialist and civic nationalist positions, is that this morality is SELF SUSTAINING so long as people are integrated into adopting it. An ethnic nationalist position will argue this morality is either INHERENT or DEVELOPED by the group from whence it emerged, and even similar systems in other areas are unique to their people, and even when adopted by others they must, as consequence of the diversity of racial stratification, become changed or adjusted in the process. (this explains why countries with culturally progenated systems of government are generally more successful than countries forced to adopt foreign systems, as can be seen in the post-colonial stories of African and Asian nations)

 A Secular/Christian Moralist may not believe death is the end, and may truly embrace the inevitable conclusion of his race, since it no longer is of consequence to him. So long as there are Christian feet treading the earth regardless of genetic lineage, his creed lives on. Ethnically oriented people enjoy no such relief; if they die childless their line is ended, if their people vanish through war, disaster or genetic assimilation (that outpaces or negates cultural preservation), then this is TRUE DEATH, that is not rewarded with an afterlife, and is a singular failure.

 Such a person cannot afford to follow a morality that places them on the back foot. Every person in the west who begins to feel the inkling that the full connectivity of the world now places every group in direct competition with one another, must now reconsider the extent to which they may remain disinterested in the continuation of their family, and whatever they consider to be the extension of that. Even those who do not feel any sense of brotherhood from a racial perspective must consider what they would wish for their grand and great grandchildren.

 If all good and honest people allow themselves to fade away for the sake of their charity, then they are responsible for the world that will be created. Morality is implemented once one has the power to do so, and when society breaks down again every man once more is a hoarding beast. If you believe that men should be kind to each other, to pity the weak and help the needy, and you see a world wherein that doesn't happen, then your morality has failed, and will not come to pass until it is IMPOSED again.

 If the whole world is connected, if every home, every job, every resource is now within reach of every human being, then we should see the growth of desperation, of the beast morality of the starving, as now the desire for comfort is combined with the perception that comfort and safety is always limited, always occupied and must be wrested from its current owner.

 England is a country with a specific carrying capacity, as is Europe a landmass likewise, as is America and eventually the whole world. You are occupying space that others may want, and now the whole world can make such an observation and operate on such a basis. Christian Morality sacrifices race and ethnicity, the decision must be made which one you value more.

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