Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The Tower Of Babel Is Reconstructed

By Adtilda

The internet. The traditional media. The personality as career. The expedient truth. The rhetoric, and reputation validating opinion. The transformations of common knowledge as scientific development tosses and turns like a fevered patient. Morgoth decided he didn't know what to believe about the Coronavirus, because there are too many conflicting realities that we should know about it. A wise choice when compared to the vitriol of those who know the truth

 This claimed epidemic has torn the veil on humanities current condition, brought about by all writhing peoples of the world being brought into anxious proximity by economic and political exploitation of the ruling class.

 All the written word in the current discourse in English is plagued with neologisms, old words are reforged through "nuance" and the identity of the speaker taints his idea through the sin of his origin, his beliefs or his perceived intent. People have become too clever and are now unable to trust anyone. Who would do something but out of their own interest? If someone is acting in their own interest, how could you possibly trust them? Only if their interest matches yours, only if you are on the same side.

 This is a source of common purity spiraling in the dissident right, it is fuel for effeminate commissars to get insensitive teenagers booted off the online discourse. The potters wheel seems now to be turning at such a speed that even the hook nosed masters seem to be struggling to contain the direction of mass discourse.

 There are fables regarding Golems going out of control. There are fables regarding the calamity that followed all peoples of the world coming to a great unifying tower. Gods punishment may be a very simple way to describe a series of consecutive poorly managed decisions building up to a point where they collapse all together.

 If the disease is real, and an ethnically diverse, politically energized, rhetorically sensitive western nation, whose native born individuals are demoralized, whose most fecund members have no link to the landscape? What happens when Babel finally collapses, but there are no empty corners of the earth to which the stunned inhabitants can scatter?

 Better now to return to known truths, familiar faces. Who do you care about? What are you willing to do for them? What do you want to do with your life? What are you willing to do to achieve it? Who could you trust? For tasks that no single man can accomplish, who could you call for help? How can you build a community to make such activity possible? How could you be part of such a community?

 A people betrayed by their state may have to become their own state, may have to start from scratch. Its better than screaming about eternal villains when no hero has yet risen to smite them.

 On the bright side, increasing numbers of ethnic Europeans have the above vision already. It may be the only thing that saves them from the curse of Babel, even if it means a century of thankless toil and graft before fruit can be borne. Our bloodlines have perhaps earned their hardship now for generations of neglect.

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