Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Paul Weston Interview

Our Friends over at Majority Rights recently interviewed Paul Weston, famous for being arrested for quoting Churchill. In a wide ranging discussion Guessed Worker and Paul discuss:

Paul's Party: Liberty GB
Changing Demographics
The Muslim Problem
The upcoming election.
The collapse of the BNP
Debating Leftists
Paul's view on Jews and the allegations he's a Zionist shill.


Monday, 29 December 2014

Taking The Language Back From Cultural Marxism

There isn't much to cheer about in an age of strict ideological conformity when every pundit and talking head has been mind wiped by Political Correctness, but a slight glimmer of hope are the subtle and not so subtle ways the guy on the street breaks through the programming. I first started to notice this trend when people were sneeringly, and with a sly wink, referring to the ''Enrichment'' and the ''Diversity'' sarcastically chucking the Lefts own bullshit back at them. Indeed, it is very rare you see Leftist commentators close to the masses still using such idiotic terminology. The word ''Vibrant'' is now just shorthand for ''Muslim ghetto'' and everyone knows it.

In America where, like in Britain, the ethnic identity of violent savages is euphemistically airbrushed from the rolling news the term ''Youth'' became the adopted word to mean ''Black thug'' even when the youth is 27 and a father of three. ''Flash Mob'' means a gang of youths having a riot and looting party. So Hank six pack watching the news gets ''Youths organized a flash mob'' but what is really being reported is ''Blacks rioted and looted several stores''. So it was with great joy that I witnessed the arrival into the language of the term ''Chimp-Out'' which pretty much cuts right to the heart of matter, after the Ferguson mass Chimp-Out the term was even trending on Twitter, home of the Social Justice Warrior. Now, however, a brand new term is entering the language...

 I present to you the word ''Dindu''.

 Dindu comes from the tedious and rather embarrassing habit of Blacks to make excuses for their son, husband, brother, wife, girlfriend, sister, dad or mother who has just been shot for some sort of savagery by repetitively wailing ''He dindu nuffin''. In many ways 2014 was the year of the Dindu Youth but the Dindu are merely a means by which another group can use a proxy to stir up trouble for Europeans, that group of course are ''Those who shall not be named'' or ''The Chosen'' or ''The Tribe'', question them and they will ''Shut You Down!''.

 What this all amounts to is a dissident language being created to get around or mock the prevailing orthodoxies and mores and it is a problem for the Cultural Marxists because they are experts in warping language and words to suit their purpose and control thought. As soon as they pushed the word ''Groom'' to cover up the Muslim White Sex slave trade the word Groom was taken to mean exactly that, a greasy and disgusting gang of hostile invaders torturing and sexually enslaving English girls, and not, as they wanted us to believe, a raceless Casanova who was seducing the local girls.

 The problem they have of course is that the Social Justice Warriors and Cultural Marxists aren't comfortable with power because they prefer to think of themselves as edgy outsiders fighting the system, the fact that they actually are the system and a new dissident language is springing up to squeeze through the cracks of their despotic lunacy is not how it's supposed to be.

                                                                      Dindus Attack!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Scourge of "Entitled"

Over the last couple of years the word "entitled", a close cousin of "white privilege", has increasingly been used by politicians and the media on both sides of the Atlantic to demean and belittle the reasonable aspirations and expectations of our young people. Or, more specifically, to belittle and demean the reasonable aspirations of young white people.

A few decades ago, before globalisation  and mass third world immigration had fully made their mark, it was considered a matter of obvious common sense that if children worked hard at school and in employment, and did everything that society required of them, they were entitled to expect a standard of living equal to or greater than that of their parents. This has been the aspiration of every human society since time immemorial, but no longer.

We were told that globalisation and mass immigration would deliver unprecedented levels of opportunity and prosperity. That may be true for the fabled 1%, but for the majority of us, particularly the young, the reality is very different. Opportunities for the young are shrinking, just as the pool of people seeking to exploit them is expanding exponentially. The free education their parents had is gone. The secure jobs and retirement benefits their parents had are gone. The affordable housing their parents had is gone. The nation is drowning under debts that they did not run up, but will be expected to repay.   The economic prospects of young school leavers and graduates who have done all that we have asked of them, and all that previous generations have done, are grimmer than they have ever been. Their prospects of being able to afford to buy a home, found a family, save for retirement and try obtain some degree of  enjoyment out of life are bleak. Their birthright has been sold from under them.

How do our leaders and opinion formers respond to this generational calamity? They castigate and slander the young as entitled, selfish, spoiled brats for daring to expect any quality of life beyond indentured servitude. The "entitled" narrative is a classic example of the left's manipulation of language to make wickedness sound virtuous and vice versa. It is another small part of the globalists' relentless campaign to remove national and ethnic distinctions in order to create an interchangeable brown slurry of humanity.

Do you think your child is entitled to expect a higher standard of living than the child of a Chinese peasant or Sri Lankan sweat shop worker? Stop being entitled. Do you think that your child is entitled to expect a better standard of living than a Mexican maid or Guatamalan fruit picker? Stop being entitled. The "entitled" narrative has, at a stroke, reduced first world children to the level of third world children in terms of their expectations and life chances.

Of course, the "entitled" narrative is primarily directed at white people. Achieving equality requires the handicapping of white children.  Black and brown children have their self esteem pumped up to bursting point and are encouraged to reach for the stars, even when this is patently beyond their abilities. Unrealistically raising the aspirations of coloured children beyond their intellectual capacity is another cruelty, but that is a subject for another time.

Why have we, as a society, decided that our own children are worth no more than the children of the third world? Why have we decided that our children have no more right to inherit the wealth of the great civilisation their forefathers have built than people whose forebears spent the last thousand years snoozing under shady trees to escape the midday sun in far off lands and who have no connection with our civilsation whatsoever?

We have not decided that at all, but that is the narrative that is now being fed to us as if it was a done deal. Do not accept it. Do not accept the scourge of "entitled".

Gentleman Jim Crow

Pat Condell: Lord of the Hasbara

As the debate surrounding religious slaughter of Animals once again raises its head in the British media good ole Pat Condell has made another rant that the ''Right Whinge'' will take as the last word in common sense, honesty and true ''British values''. As always Kosher Pat is very selective about when exactly to be offended, he's always offended when Muslims try to silence people but doesn't care about people being jailed for questioning the Holocaust. He's offended that the BNP talk about race, calling them ''racists'' but doesn't mind at all that Israel is an ethno-state.

 Most recently Pat is offended because Muslims are offended that British people are offended that Animals are offended by being bled to death and ritually slaughtered. And as always Pat is playing with a stacked deck. According to Shimon Cohen of Shechita UK even labeling Kosher slaughtered meat amounts to ''the equivalent of a 21st century yellow star, but on our food''.
 Furthermore, 70% of Kosher slaughtered meat is sold on by Jews to the main UK meat market, the labeling, or banning, of Kosher slaughter would thus drive up the price of meat for Jews and they aren't happy about it, indeed, they are so unhappy about it that Jewish groups have had various attempts to deal with ritually slaughtered meat crushed at the EU level, they have also ''Teamed Up'' with Muslims. But don't expect Pat to tell you about that, either.

 If people dislike Muslims more than Jews then that's fair enough, but what pisses me off is the manner in which the Right Whinge adopt certain stances in order to appear objectively unbiased. So Halal is an issue not because they can't stand Islam, which would be a perfectly reasonable stance to have, but because they have become Animal Rights activists, or feminists in regard to the Burka, or free speech warriors in regard to calling Mo a pervert.
 This intellectual dishonesty then becomes untenable when applied to another group, Jews being most obvious, and of course because the Right Whinge fear the face veil more than they fear racial extinction they have ''Teamed Up'' with Jews, until Jews get nervous and  ''Team Up'' with Islam against them, just as happened to arch Zionist Geert Wilders recently who lost the support of Holland's Jewish community because he asked whether Holland would be a better place with fewer Moroccans. That kind of talk sets off Jewish alarm bells, it's one of the reasons they supported multiculturalism in the first place. But Pat won't tell you that, just like he didn't mention Barbara Spectre Lerner in his ''Goodbye Sweden'' video.

 In response to Pat, I too am offended, I'm offended by Bullshit artists like you who reduce our people to a set of abstract values, I'm offended that you tell lies and misdirect the righteous wrath of my people into a blind alley of Burka debates, meat slaughter arguments, free speech hypocrisy and civic idealism rather than what is truly in their ethnic and racial interests.


Saturday, 27 December 2014

Online Warfare (Part 1)

As is so often the case the conversation in the comments has turned to the ''Thread Wars'' so this post can be dedicated entirely to bannings and Hasbara and the like. Millennial Woes recently waved goodbye to the DT Blogs, giving his opinion on the Leftist  take over. I'll make this a Part 1 because it's likely to be a topic we come back to.

Starship Troopers: Neocons in Outer Space

In 1997 Dutch director Paul Verhoeven released one of the most baffling and seemingly moronic large scale Hollywood productions of all time. It featured a cast of handsome but totally unknown young actors, the plot was based upon a SciFi classic by Robert A Heinlein featuring a ''Bug'' invasion from outer space with a strong Fascistic element to the human society. The problem most people had with the movie was not knowing if it was parody or actually for real, was it seriously celebrating a Fascist State? aesthetically Fascist symbolism is everywhere though ironic and kitschy, except for the military hardware itself.

 The World the humans inhabit in Starship Troopers is under a One World Government, the hero, Johnny Rico, is told by teacher Michael Ironside that long ago Democracy was overthrown by superior men and true order established, based on force. That is pretty much where traditional Fascism ends in this movie, when we get into the society and culture we see something totally different. What we see is more akin to what is known as ''Liberal Fascism'' or ''Cultural Marxism''.

 On the DVD commentary Paul Verhoeven explains that during the making of the film in the 90's he was noticing Political Correctness creeping into Western Civilization and thought it a fun idea to add to the film. And indeed, within the film subtle and not so subtle Political Correctness abounds, the military features mixed sex units which also shower together, girls fresh out of High School pilot intergalactic Starships and the President of Earth is an obese Black woman.
 Verhoeven also tells us he was an avid reader of the Neo-Conservative literature coming out at the time from think tanks such as ''Prospect for the New American Century'' which was being advocated  by powerful Jews such as Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Robert Kagan, Elliot Abrahms and Eliot A Cohen. In 1997, the year Starship Troopers was released ''PNAC'' released this statement:
As the 20th century draws to a close, the United States stands as the world's pre-eminent power. Having led the West to victory in the Cold War, America faces an opportunity and a challenge: Does the United States have the vision to build upon the achievements of past decades? Does the United States have the resolve to shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests?'

Four years before 9/11 Neocons in Washington were gearing up for War, given it was almost an entirely Jewish enterprise it is not surprising the Middle East was targeted.

In Starship Troopers, then, the Bugs launch an attack upon the Earth which then moves the Liberal Fascist One World Government to retaliate. An interesting touch in the movie is the manner in which the media is merely another organ of the State and pumps out a relentless barrage of pro war propaganda, even to the degree of showing children stomping on Bugs and  Bugs being tortured. The ''Bug World'' is a desert world, baring a striking resemblance to the Middle East.
                                                       The Federal Fox Network.

While on their way to the Bug Home World Rico and his friends are confronted by a rather Liberal News reporter who claims ''Some people say we provoked the Bugs by interfering in their territory'' thereby revealing the truth that it was actually Humans who started the war, just as America's military presence in the Middle East was responsible for 9/11, and that's according to Bin Laden. Whether he or another group did 9/11 it still comes down to interests in the Middle East. Bin Laden is also represented in Starship Troopers, despite the fact he wasn't widely known about in 1997 he is represented by the ''Brain Bug'' which, amazingly, lives in a cave, in the desert. Of course the Brain Bug could also be Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi, just as the Bug planet could be Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or even Serbia, or any other place our own One World Government in the making don't like.

Our Rulers also don't like genuine differences between Humans, which is why Political Correctness is used to stomp out biological differences such as race and sex, so in the end the Humans of Starship Troopers are a mirror image of the Bugs. This is what Universality leads to, not the free individual, but the Swarm, the Hive, the collective.

                                                   The Free Liberal.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Gremlins: Diversity Comes to Christmas

The 1984 smash hit ''Gremlins'' is what many people perceive to be part of a sustained attack on Christmas by the ''Tribe'' who run Hollywood. Watching the film for the first time in years over this Christmas I had this in mind. The movie begins in a suburban utopia, it is the kind of town Traditionalists dream of creating, pretty much entirely White, conservative, homely and serene. A couple of oddballs pepper the populace such as the grumpy old hag, Mrs Deagle and Mr Futterman. Futterman is obsessed with ''foreigners'' and even believes, before they actually arrive, that foreigners are responsible for Gremlins destroying American technology. Our hero is the rather dusky looking Billy Peltzer, Billy is a nicer than nice down trodden type who has to support his family because his dad is a delusional dreamer who invents weird gadgets which always breakdown in amusing ways. Billy has a crush on local girl Kate who works in the bar and Judge Reinhold appears as a Waspish prick scheming his way up the ladder at the Bank where Billy works. The over zealous Traditionalist may object to these archetypes but they don't change the fact that the place where Gremlins is set is a very likable , but that was a crucial plot point for Joe Dante and Spielberg, it hurts us when it is trashed.

 Billy's dad picks up the ''Mogwai'' in Chinatown and the contrast between the fresh aired and light hearted Americana is stark, Chinatown is mysterious and unfathomable, it belongs to a distant, alien and deeper culture, one which the White man can't comprehend in his crass materialism and dead eyed consumerism. Mogwai is Cantonese for monster. After some brief warnings the Mogwai is sold to the fat White man selling his technological junk which sprays gloop in his face. The warnings of course, go completely unheeded.

 According to the Wikipedia entry on Gremlins African Americans and Leftists were angry about Gremlins whimpering:
   '' In Ceramic Uncles & Celluloid Mammies, Patricia Turner writes that the gremlins "reflect negative African-American stereotypes" in their dress and behavior. They are shown "devouring fried chicken with their hands", listening to black music, breakdancing, and wearing sunglasses after dark and newsboy caps, a style common among African American males in the 1980s''

 It could be that the eternal offence takers have a point here, after the small town idyll is established then what does it need if not some diversity to liven things up? It's interesting that the two characters who suffer worst, beside the token Black scientist, are Deagle and Futterman, the Wasp and the racist. This is worth exploring a little, yes the insane Left actually believe in the multicultural project and will defend its lunacy no matter what, but it is quite possible that watching an all White Town become engulfed in rape and looting gives some members of the Tribe a hearty satisfaction, when the news reports on the Gremlin rampage they refer to it as a ''riot''!. It is a Grem-out.

Gremlins also has a different mode of attack than actual feral aliens attacking small Town America, the ethical and moral view of Christmas itself is under attack. The girl who plays Billy's love interest ,Kate, is herself Jewish and in a disturbing monologue explains that Christmas alienates people, Billy farcically asks if she is ''Hindu'' but it turns out her dad tried climbing down the chimney, slipped and broke his neck, rotting inside the family home for days.

Gremlins is thus a pincer movement against small Town America, one is the introduction of violent and barbaric savages, the other the undermining of the festive season as exclusionary, as not being open to universal humanity. It is saying, understand us the out-group, or we, the out-group, will send the true forces of darkness upon you.

 The movie ends with Mr Wing, the mysterious and deep Chinaman, giving a lecture on how Western civilization isn't ready, we don't listen, we watch TV and we are superficial zombies.

 Perhaps he is right, but for all the wrong reasons.

Globalism vs Nationalism

The forces aligned against Europeans are the same wherever those Europeans happen to be, whether Sweden or Texas, so coming together to find out a solution makes sense, though in each country the means by which these ideas are put into practical politics will differ.
So what is it exactly that ails us? what is the nature of the problem?
We are living in an era in which universal ideals which have been kicking around in the West for a very long time have come to fruition. Ultimately it is the reduction of humans to units of tax cattle. These cattle live by abstract laws and an idealized vision of the individual so they can be moved around according to the needs of Global Finance.
Nationalism isn't just about ''Kicking out the darkees'' it is Anti Universalism, the Money Masters and the Globalists would lose all control over the populace, the State would serve the people as an ethnic entity, not a bland mass of individuals with ''equal rights''. The EU is merely the European wing of the collectivization of humanity for the profit of the Global elite.
Within this context you can see that the Left are actually the lapdogs of the very forces they claim to despise, and this is no accident, High Finance bankrolled the Left ever since the Bolshevik revolution, when you think about it the Left and Globalism go hand in hand, the Left supply the values and demonize Anti Universalism in Europeans. There is certainly a Genocidal element to Leftist and Globalist thought in that they both seek to create a ''New Man'', the mixed race, Globalized man, this means the end of ethnic Europe and they are itching to get stuck into the Japanese too.
Within the paradigm of what the system allows UKIP are as far as is allowed, most of us crazies out here on the fringes understand that, if Nigel was to repeat the kind of headlines and ideas that float around this corner of the internet UKIP would indeed be destroyed. The mistake the BNP and others made in the past was to tackle the system head on, they were crushed.
But what we can do is lay the foundations so people, our people, are ahead of UKIP, begging for UKIP to be more radical. You say we should watch out because the Left and the Media will turn on UKIP, the aim should be to kill off the Left and their masters as a force.
The culture is, frankly, shit! and not worth saving, after all the culture allowed us to get into this mess and it is of the system, the culture allowed those girls in Rotherham to be raped by invaders, it is utterly degenerate, moronic and spastic.
To quote a friend of mine ''We must remake the entire World'' UKIP can't do that, they aren't the end, they are a means to an end.
A French thinker wrote after World War 2:
'''An eye in the middle of a triangle, as on the cover of the catechism, governs the new political creation. The idealists are unchained. All that has given birth to monsters has the right to speak. Our universe will be white like a clinic, silent like a mortuary. This is the century of nightmares. Idealisms, I hate you.''

And so it has come to pass.