Friday, 26 December 2014

Globalism vs Nationalism

The forces aligned against Europeans are the same wherever those Europeans happen to be, whether Sweden or Texas, so coming together to find out a solution makes sense, though in each country the means by which these ideas are put into practical politics will differ.
So what is it exactly that ails us? what is the nature of the problem?
We are living in an era in which universal ideals which have been kicking around in the West for a very long time have come to fruition. Ultimately it is the reduction of humans to units of tax cattle. These cattle live by abstract laws and an idealized vision of the individual so they can be moved around according to the needs of Global Finance.
Nationalism isn't just about ''Kicking out the darkees'' it is Anti Universalism, the Money Masters and the Globalists would lose all control over the populace, the State would serve the people as an ethnic entity, not a bland mass of individuals with ''equal rights''. The EU is merely the European wing of the collectivization of humanity for the profit of the Global elite.
Within this context you can see that the Left are actually the lapdogs of the very forces they claim to despise, and this is no accident, High Finance bankrolled the Left ever since the Bolshevik revolution, when you think about it the Left and Globalism go hand in hand, the Left supply the values and demonize Anti Universalism in Europeans. There is certainly a Genocidal element to Leftist and Globalist thought in that they both seek to create a ''New Man'', the mixed race, Globalized man, this means the end of ethnic Europe and they are itching to get stuck into the Japanese too.
Within the paradigm of what the system allows UKIP are as far as is allowed, most of us crazies out here on the fringes understand that, if Nigel was to repeat the kind of headlines and ideas that float around this corner of the internet UKIP would indeed be destroyed. The mistake the BNP and others made in the past was to tackle the system head on, they were crushed.
But what we can do is lay the foundations so people, our people, are ahead of UKIP, begging for UKIP to be more radical. You say we should watch out because the Left and the Media will turn on UKIP, the aim should be to kill off the Left and their masters as a force.
The culture is, frankly, shit! and not worth saving, after all the culture allowed us to get into this mess and it is of the system, the culture allowed those girls in Rotherham to be raped by invaders, it is utterly degenerate, moronic and spastic.
To quote a friend of mine ''We must remake the entire World'' UKIP can't do that, they aren't the end, they are a means to an end.
A French thinker wrote after World War 2:
'''An eye in the middle of a triangle, as on the cover of the catechism, governs the new political creation. The idealists are unchained. All that has given birth to monsters has the right to speak. Our universe will be white like a clinic, silent like a mortuary. This is the century of nightmares. Idealisms, I hate you.''

And so it has come to pass.

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