Sunday, 28 December 2014

Pat Condell: Lord of the Hasbara

As the debate surrounding religious slaughter of Animals once again raises its head in the British media good ole Pat Condell has made another rant that the ''Right Whinge'' will take as the last word in common sense, honesty and true ''British values''. As always Kosher Pat is very selective about when exactly to be offended, he's always offended when Muslims try to silence people but doesn't care about people being jailed for questioning the Holocaust. He's offended that the BNP talk about race, calling them ''racists'' but doesn't mind at all that Israel is an ethno-state.

 Most recently Pat is offended because Muslims are offended that British people are offended that Animals are offended by being bled to death and ritually slaughtered. And as always Pat is playing with a stacked deck. According to Shimon Cohen of Shechita UK even labeling Kosher slaughtered meat amounts to ''the equivalent of a 21st century yellow star, but on our food''.
 Furthermore, 70% of Kosher slaughtered meat is sold on by Jews to the main UK meat market, the labeling, or banning, of Kosher slaughter would thus drive up the price of meat for Jews and they aren't happy about it, indeed, they are so unhappy about it that Jewish groups have had various attempts to deal with ritually slaughtered meat crushed at the EU level, they have also ''Teamed Up'' with Muslims. But don't expect Pat to tell you about that, either.

 If people dislike Muslims more than Jews then that's fair enough, but what pisses me off is the manner in which the Right Whinge adopt certain stances in order to appear objectively unbiased. So Halal is an issue not because they can't stand Islam, which would be a perfectly reasonable stance to have, but because they have become Animal Rights activists, or feminists in regard to the Burka, or free speech warriors in regard to calling Mo a pervert.
 This intellectual dishonesty then becomes untenable when applied to another group, Jews being most obvious, and of course because the Right Whinge fear the face veil more than they fear racial extinction they have ''Teamed Up'' with Jews, until Jews get nervous and  ''Team Up'' with Islam against them, just as happened to arch Zionist Geert Wilders recently who lost the support of Holland's Jewish community because he asked whether Holland would be a better place with fewer Moroccans. That kind of talk sets off Jewish alarm bells, it's one of the reasons they supported multiculturalism in the first place. But Pat won't tell you that, just like he didn't mention Barbara Spectre Lerner in his ''Goodbye Sweden'' video.

 In response to Pat, I too am offended, I'm offended by Bullshit artists like you who reduce our people to a set of abstract values, I'm offended that you tell lies and misdirect the righteous wrath of my people into a blind alley of Burka debates, meat slaughter arguments, free speech hypocrisy and civic idealism rather than what is truly in their ethnic and racial interests.

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