Monday, 29 December 2014

Taking The Language Back From Cultural Marxism

There isn't much to cheer about in an age of strict ideological conformity when every pundit and talking head has been mind wiped by Political Correctness, but a slight glimmer of hope are the subtle and not so subtle ways the guy on the street breaks through the programming. I first started to notice this trend when people were sneeringly, and with a sly wink, referring to the ''Enrichment'' and the ''Diversity'' sarcastically chucking the Lefts own bullshit back at them. Indeed, it is very rare you see Leftist commentators close to the masses still using such idiotic terminology. The word ''Vibrant'' is now just shorthand for ''Muslim ghetto'' and everyone knows it.

In America where, like in Britain, the ethnic identity of violent savages is euphemistically airbrushed from the rolling news the term ''Youth'' became the adopted word to mean ''Black thug'' even when the youth is 27 and a father of three. ''Flash Mob'' means a gang of youths having a riot and looting party. So Hank six pack watching the news gets ''Youths organized a flash mob'' but what is really being reported is ''Blacks rioted and looted several stores''. So it was with great joy that I witnessed the arrival into the language of the term ''Chimp-Out'' which pretty much cuts right to the heart of matter, after the Ferguson mass Chimp-Out the term was even trending on Twitter, home of the Social Justice Warrior. Now, however, a brand new term is entering the language...

 I present to you the word ''Dindu''.

 Dindu comes from the tedious and rather embarrassing habit of Blacks to make excuses for their son, husband, brother, wife, girlfriend, sister, dad or mother who has just been shot for some sort of savagery by repetitively wailing ''He dindu nuffin''. In many ways 2014 was the year of the Dindu Youth but the Dindu are merely a means by which another group can use a proxy to stir up trouble for Europeans, that group of course are ''Those who shall not be named'' or ''The Chosen'' or ''The Tribe'', question them and they will ''Shut You Down!''.

 What this all amounts to is a dissident language being created to get around or mock the prevailing orthodoxies and mores and it is a problem for the Cultural Marxists because they are experts in warping language and words to suit their purpose and control thought. As soon as they pushed the word ''Groom'' to cover up the Muslim White Sex slave trade the word Groom was taken to mean exactly that, a greasy and disgusting gang of hostile invaders torturing and sexually enslaving English girls, and not, as they wanted us to believe, a raceless Casanova who was seducing the local girls.

 The problem they have of course is that the Social Justice Warriors and Cultural Marxists aren't comfortable with power because they prefer to think of themselves as edgy outsiders fighting the system, the fact that they actually are the system and a new dissident language is springing up to squeeze through the cracks of their despotic lunacy is not how it's supposed to be.

                                                                      Dindus Attack!

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