Saturday, 31 January 2015

Inside The Brain Of A White Liberal

One of the most unfortunate trends we have to deal with as Pro European Nationalists are the huge numbers of our own people who have turned rotten and became a very serious threat to our future as a people. How can so many members of a race actually detest their own people to the degree they actively work toward  its destruction and extinction? From an evolutionary perspective they are death itself. In his book ''The Psychotic Left'' Kerry Bolton argues that within European civilization there has always been a class of people who are not entirely stupid but warped and degenerate, hating the world their people created and reveling in destruction for its own sake. All the various revolutions and political movements achieved was to raise the malformed cretin up above the healthy mass, as always in such events the Jews were eager to help.
 Kevin MacDonald holds that in their prehistory Europeans developed a different survival method than Jews, Chinese and Arabs, in-group bias was largely replaced with a more universalist peer pressure, more important than being a good member of the group was having a high reputation as an ''honest person'' or being ''fair minded''. This has subsequently been turned around and weaponized so any group loyalty at all by whites is a sign of being ''un- fair'' and down right evil, needless to say, Jewish intellectuals were pivotal here too.

 The question is do they really hate themselves or their group, or both? What is wrong with them? If a white liberal is sitting alone watching tv and they see pictures of a black riot/chimp-out or an Islamic terror attack is their reaction to themselves to immediately start to blame their fellow whites, despite this being ''racism'' through the backdoor by disabling non whites from having any agency of their own. Personally I doubt it, I think they're frauds.
 Lets take a look at a couple of examples to see if we can decipher their motivations a little.

Case Study 1

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Merry Holocaustmas!

From the Telegraph:

 ''This year we mark 70 years since the end of the World War Two and the liberation of the camps. 70 years since the horrors of the Holocaust came to the attention of the world. 70 years since the survivors, finally liberated after years of imprisonment, starvation and torture, started to return home from the camps, to find that nothing was left. 70 years since the world first pledged that we would never forget.''

 I'm not sure the ''the world'' ever did pledge that, but the Jews certainly did, though they were more forgetful about the precise numbers killed, the methods of killing, where the bodies are buried and how much treasure was looted, let alone the windows in a gas chamber(!) the inward moving doors and the sheer idiocy or the 'Final Solution'' logistically.  But non of that really matters when the persecuted ones have ensured anyone asking questions about a historical event which casts them as the ultimate victim group can be jailed. Jewish Hollywood has also ensured we will ''never forget' with 250 films of Holo-Horror so far, most of which have flopped as the gentile audience grows as tired of doe eyed Romanians in stripy pajamas as they are of the highly intelligent and kindly negro patriarch stereotype also pushed by ''Hollyweird'' and the mass media.

                                                       World's Greatest Victims

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Steinlager - Boxer.

As we've been talking about TV advertising I thought I would link to this New Zealand commercial for Steinlager beer from a few years ago. What might a media that was not enslaved by Cultural Marxism and staffed by brainwashed SJW eunuchs look like?

I don't think that could have been made in the US or UK, it would be unthinkable! But why not? After all there was solid minority representation. We have what appears to be healthy white father and son relationship, no ineffectual white doofus types on display here and the implied defeat of the 'other'. No sign of The Agenda™ at all. The music works too. Whats not to like?

Know Who You Are - fighting words! Did some subversives manage to get a message out?

Steinlager - I endorse this product.

(I've linked to a little watched version of this video because it would be interesting to monitor if it's likes, views and comments go up much based on a link from here)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Vote Green And Ride Into The Apocalypse

A few years ago a common meme to be found in Nationalist and Dissident Right circles was the idea of ''Worse is Better''. The theory was that because the system is inherently Anti White, corrupt and entirely hostile to our well being and the future of our children it needed to be crashed and burned. The problem, was that a reasonably competent political party such as the Conservative Party or the Republican Party would handle the debt and general rot better, and therefore give the system extra life which would be worse, in the long run, for Whites. Unfortunately  the proponents of that idea underestimated the ability of the Merchants and Money Lenders to funnel debt from one source to another, cream off some interest here to fund a program there.

 Happily, then, this theory can be put to the test again because here in Britain The Green Party are enjoying a ''surge''and they are totally insane. According to the Guardian the Greens are currently sitting on 10% of the National vote and their membership is rising faster than UKIP's, about 10,000 people a day are signing up to the Green agenda. Their support is coming primarily from Southern England and presumably consists of ex Liberal Democrat voters, sad that their party sold their soul to the evil Conservatives. Among a great many other baffling and bizarre ideas the Greens have is to abolish the British Army and our weapons industry and turn the weapons industry into Windmill producers and the Military training areas into Nature parks. Everyone in the Nation would get an extra £70 a week, no matter how rich, and for no good reason whatsoever.It's just nice.

 On the face of it there's much to like about it, they stand up to Globalism and Multinationals, they aim to tax the Money Masters ''until the pipsqueak''. However, a closer look at some of their policies is enough to make any Nationalist fill his pants. For example:

MG203 Richer regions and communities do not have the right to use migration controls to protect their privileges from others in the long term.

MG205 Migration policies should not discriminate directly on grounds of race, colour, religion, political belief, disability, sex or sexual orientation. Preference should not be given to those with resources or desirable skills.

MG417 We will undertake a thorough review of UK Immigration Practices and the UK Immigration Service to ensure that racist features are removed and immigration officers receive sufficient suitable training. We will encourage greater ethnic minority participation in the Immigration Service.

MG300 We will work to achieve greater equity between the UK and non-Western countries. In step with this, we will progressively reduce UK immigration controls.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Rotherham and Charlie Hebdo, A Tale of Two Victims

In the summer of 2014 an issue which had been festering away in Nationalist circles finally broke through into the MSM. The true scale and horror of the Muslim grooming epidemic lurched out of the sphere of ''Far Right'' movements and websites and finally reached into the conscience of Middle England with the publication of the Alex Jay report, which centred on one town, Rotherham. What the report revealed was not just the vile acts Muslims had forced White girls to participate in, it wasn't just the torture and the threats and even murders, it also revealed that the Child services were actually complicit in the abuse.
 Time after time the lower levels of the local bureaucracy tried telling the Left leaning upper echelons that something was deeply wrong and the situation needed to be addressed, and time after time they were ignored because ''It would be racist''. So thousands of English girls were sacrificed on the alter of Multiculturalism and Diversity. In 2004 Nick Griffin was actually arrested for trying to bring attention to the sexual slavery of White girls.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hostel, Torture Porn and Jewish Hollywood's Anxiety

Among the worst of all the degenerate filth pumped out of the Hollywood ''Dream Factory'' is the genre known as ''Torture Porn'' or ''Gorno''. The Torture Porn genre, unlike classic horror, is not cartoonish in the manner of Evil Dead and not witty like Nightmare on Elm Street, Torture Porn does what it says on the tin, it depicts torture as realistically as possible.
 One of the biggest hitters in the Torture porn canon is 'Hostel'' and the inevitable sequels that wriggled out of its bloody corpse. Directed by Eli Roth and produced by Scott Spiegel, Mike Fleiss and goy wonder Quentin Tarantino, the 2005 hit cost $4 Million to make and earned $80 Million at the box office.

 The movie opens in Amsterdam with a gang of trendy backpackers, two White and one Hispanic from California, wandering around looking for dope and ''Euro-pussy'' which isn't hard to find because all of the European girls are stoner sluts or whores with nothing else going on except to screw and parteee! After being locked out of their lodgings our intrepid trio are invited into a hotel room by a young man with a funny accent, he turns out to be Slovakian and he has an air of scrut, filth and deceit about him, as well as a gigantic mole and a 1980's tracksuit. The shifty Slav shows our boys where the best ''Euro-Pussy'' can be found in Slovakia, according to him they have a shortage of men because of ''The War'', so either the Euro-Pussy is eighty years old or he's a liar as there hasn't been a war that would affect the demographics in Slovakia for a long time. And that includes the Marxist war waged by Eli Roth's people.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Elections in Greece, New Dawn?

On the 25th of this month elections will be held in Greece and in preperation of this Golden Dawn have released a campaign video, despite the entire leadership being jailed without trial for a year:

It's interesting that the emphasis of Golden Dawn's campaign video is not, as is the Nationalist norm, of showing vast hordes of Africans and Asians swarming across the border and Muslims praying in their thousands. Golden Dawn seem to be aiming right for the heart of the Globalist tyranny, the Money Power. A Nationalist movement which plays this line could truly be a force to be reckoned with, but it will have to be Anti Immigrant enough to appeal to the working class while sophisticated enough to explain to the middle classes that Financial enslavement, usury and Globalism are responsible for multiculturalism in the first place.
 This gives a genuine promise of freedom and not just a nip and tuck to the immigration stats. It would be a rejection of the whole system, root and branch, and is a positive image Nationalism can give instead of the relentless doom and gloom.

 Currently on 6% of the National vote, up from nothing a few years back, Golden Dawn could see themselves as ''King Maker'' in a hung Parliament.

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Guardian vs Cultural Marxism

It is a sign that ideas originating out on the fringes of the ''Right'' are slowly working their way into the general discourse when The Guardian attempts to refute the concept of ''Cultural Marxism''. The Guardian is itself the mainstay of Politically Correct thought and attitudes in Britain so ideas and memes which expose its entire philosophical outlook as a Jewish scam are not going to be welcome, to say the least. The guy they've given the task of slaying this new Far Right demon is called Jason Wilson, who I'd never heard of, but who is  ''focused on the intersection between new media technologies and politics. He is a visiting fellow at Swinburne University's Institute for Social Research'' that is to say, he's a Cultural Marxist.

 Wilson's piece ''Cultural Marxism:a uniting Theory for Right Wingers who Love to Play the Victim'' features Anders Breivik as the central photo, so we can be pretty sure where this is headed before we start.

 After a brief outline of the Frankfurt School, The new critique of Marx, the flight to America and the push into the College Campus Wilson gets started :

 ''The whole story is transparently barmy. If humanities faculties are really geared to brainwashing students into accepting the postulates of far-left ideology, the composition of western parliaments and presidencies and the roaring success of corporate capitalism suggests they’re doing an astoundingly bad job. Anyone who takes a cool look at the last three decades of politics will think it bizarre that anyone could interpret whumph of an all-powerful left.''

 The last three decades of Politics have chopped the indigenous demographic down in most European Countries from 95% to around 80% today, and falling like a stone with under 18's of European blood being about 65%. This was done through the teeth of public opposition and all attempts to stop the flow were slammed by the very brainwashed Leftists the author mentions. We have gay rights, human rights, transgender rights, Muslim rights and black rights. This was possible because ''corporate capitalism'' was fully onboard and indeed, if one looks back, funding much of the deconstruction and ethnic replacement. It is a synthesis of Marx and Capitalism. Globalism. Leftist drones can't admit that their treasured views are actually in bed with the Money Power because the only way left open to them would be to step out of the Left/Right paradigm and embrace something else, which they can't do because they will have to leave behind the smug superiority and childish morality.

''The theory of cultural Marxism is also blatantly antisemitic, drawing on the idea of Jews as a fifth column bringing down western civilisation from within, a racist trope that has a longer history than Marxism. Like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the theory was fabricated to order, for a special purpose: the institution and perpetuation of culture war''

 The cultural war was obviously launched by Jews, because they were the people who constituted pretty much all of the ideological brain work in the entire Marxist pantheon. Wilson doesn't address why is this so, he can't because he is a cultural Marxist and therefore disallowed from seeing anyone with ethnic drive except Whites, and that is, of course, uniquely evil. We can start to get a feeling for the fatal flaws in the Gentile Leftist mind, this is particularly ironic when they are discussing the ideology that is blinding them, Wilson can't understand Cultural Marxism precisely because he's a Cultural Marxist(!)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jewish Power In Britain

I recently came across an article which is packed with information on the Jewish Question in Britain, it is a very useful resource and the writer urges people to spread the article far and wide so I though I would post the entire thing here with the link below.

The Jewish involvement in not only initiating but continually and fanatically pushing tighter and tighter one sided race and immigration legislation from the ‘British Nationalities act' of 1948 (which gave citizenship and the right to settle here in the UK to every single person of non-white descent in the entire commonwealth), the infamous Race relations acts of 1965 (pushed through by the Jewish Labour Home Secretary: F.Soskice, a ‘Russian’ Jew), 1968 and 1976 (created the Commission for Racial Equality) in addition to successive anti-Germanic immigration policies (using eastern European mass-immigration) and ultimately anti-European immigration policies as a whole (using non-white/non-European mass-immigration) are shown for what they are when the Jewish-supremacist context is shown in relation to race in their own words:

  ''The Jewish People will be its own Messiah. It will obtain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and the establishment of a world republic'' 

Baruch Levy writing to Karl Marx

The Racial Harassment Bill of 1985, introduced into the House of Commons of Parliament by the Jewish, H.Cohen: 

Context in reality: the rate of racially motivated attacks is allegedly 96% against Europeans, perpetrated by non-Europeans, demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Jewish promotion of race relations laws, which are almost always used exclusively against Europeans.
Anti-racially motivated crime laws should theoretically be in our proportional European ethnic interests thus, but due to the way they are implemented, we Europeans are not protected at all and are infact made the victims of these laws in addition to the non-white criminality inflicted upon our folk. Race relations laws are almost never applied in our defence on the basis of our pure European racial nature/status and then there are the Jewish media lies about the subject to inflict a futher level of anti-Germanic injustice, which present the opposite picture in a malicious and genocidal effort to prevent this fundamental truth about the hypocrist of race relations laws being aired, which would result in an increase in anti-immigrant sentiment, which is already at 89-94%.
If our folk were all to overtly realise this truth and take it to heart, we would have a revolution against the Jewish control of our governmental institutions in mere months, this is why Jews seek to cover such up, to ensure their power, and through their power, to ensure their Marxist objective of assuring their own racial superiority, not through their own merit, but by defilement and “the dissolution of other races.”
Numerous other Jewish MPs and politically promoted peers of the House of Lords have fanatically promoted anti-European racist legislation for decades, always from within the Labour party, demolishing the myth that the two main parties are the same, they are not, highlighting the necessity of annihilating the Labour party, as it is literally a Jewish entity
Neville Nagler, the 1991-2004 Director General of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (an alleged terrorist funding and violence organisation and self-evidently anti-European organisation) during the 1970s, 80s and 90s was behind the radar of the media, the head of the Home Office Department that designed, promoted and pushed anti-European race relations laws during all of the Labour governments terms in office and then subversively below the radar of the Conservative governments.
Neville Nagler can only be described as the Jewish influence in the Home Office on matters of race for over 2 decades, during that time the anti-European racist subversive consulted and received support and motivation to push for further anti-European racist legislative changes via the Jewish G.Bindman and A.Lesterof the same organisation (the Board of Deputies of British Jews) that N.Nagler would be appointed to, as its General Director in 1991.
It is alleged that Nagler drafted the notes of records of speeches in Cabinet meetings on all subjects of race, and was therefore in a prime position to control, manipulate and lie to other (non-Jewish) members of government in order to more fanatically push anti-European racist legislative efforts and discussions. N.Nagler was also simultaneously a synagogue official, with absolute tribal loyalty to Jewish Supremacist organisations such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
The Public Order Act of 1986 also subversively contained elements within its details which effectively sought to intimidate individuals with the threat of arrest, fines or imprisonment for discussing Jewish power and Jewish control of the media and race related subjects.
It was presented to Parliament by another Jewish Home Secretary (amongst dozens historically), Leon Brittanisky, a Jew from Lithuania.
The Public Order Act mainly pertains to communication in public places and forums and also for the distribution of materials by hand, if and only if they are reported and are crude enough to be construed as in breach of the public Order Act.
The Jewish home secretary Jack Straw MP, supported and advised by the Jewish Board of Deputies membersE.Tabachnik and the past Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard (whose real Jewish name wasMichael Hecht) sought to push for measures against Europeans speaking openly about the negative impacts of immigration, as well as ensuring mass non-white immigration continued under Labour:

Friday, 16 January 2015

Sweden: Cocks and Fannies for kids TV!

The Cultural Marxist lunatic asylum we once called ''Sweden'' is always of interest because they are ''The Canary down the coal mine'' they are the destination all other Europeans are being dragged to by our masters. The latest wheeze coming out from the Land of The Damned is a children's cartoon featuring dancing penises and vagina's.

The reason for creating the cartoon is the usual Leftist shit about children ''getting in touch with their genitalia'' which seems rather pointless because Sweden has ''Gender Neutral'' schools and toilets and children will have, presumably, seen each others privates before, though perhaps not the erect penis of the cartoon. Last year a feminist group tried to abolish urinals for men in order to make them ''appreciate the female condition''. Because Sweden is pretty much a Cultural Marxist Police State no critique is allowed from even the most moderate conservative, pussy whipped Right, so who, if anyone, can protest this? the answer of course is the Left itself.
 In a perfect example of the ''No Enemies to the Left'' mindset the cartoons have received a Twitter storm at the hands of Sweden's Army of SJW's. Apparently, you see, depicting females with vagina's and males with penises is a ''50's gender stereotyping trope'' and, worst of all, is borderline ''Transphobic''. The maker of the toons, probably horrified that he wasn't Left Wing enough, replied ''We would never stand behind a song that says girls with penises are not real girls or boys with vagina's aren't not real boys''!

 Behind the childish notions of ''equality'' and ''tolerance'' is of course the drive to remake humanity, or at least the European part of it, into nothing more than units devoid of any racial, biological and cultural roots which can then be easily manipulated, taxed, interchanged and replaced at the convenience of the Global Elite. 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rightmove - Find Your Happy

Time for another look at anti-white media aka The Agenda

This time it's a TV advert for Rightmove, a minor classic of the genre. It's the full 30 second version, shorter edited versions using the same material were also shown.


As usual the real message of the advert is quite unequivocal. Whiteness is associated with weakness, isolation, with being marginalised. Blackness (or non-whiteness) with health, fertility and success. It's common for whites to be shown as old i.e. too old to breed and too old to fight. While young white women are paired off with non-whites, young white men are marginalised by comparison.

0:02 An elderly white couple [weakness, vulnerability] no indication of ever having had children.


0:04 The direct assault. Pregnant white girl with the black father of her child. No escaping that message plus we know it's number two. [implies he isn't one of those otherwise extremely rare absentee, deadbeat black fathers] Also note they are pawing at each other while she rubs her fertility goddess style belly just in case anyone missed the message. Finally note he is pictured legs apart [sexual confidence]


0:08 Back to the washed up oldsters.

0:09 Attractive white blonde girl, single and unhappy [isolation].


Immediately contrasted with...

0:11 The mixed couple again [implies blondie needs a man like that]

0:12 White male, clearly single and obviously the comic relief. In fact he is a worthless, stupid SJW anarchist type that we are invited to regard with utter contempt, what with his stupid hair and beard. In contrast to black superman our SJW pal isn't even shown below the waist, there is nothing there [eunuch]


Monday, 12 January 2015

Nasty cling-on

Who or what is d*a*l*n16?

Sorry, I don't know. They seem to following almost everyone I follow. *gulp*. But if you find it amongst your followers on Disqus it's probably a good idea to delete it. And any other suspect accounts. People who you've never seen comment or vote - ever! Zap them now.

Click on the right hand side of your Disqus dashboard where it says 'Followers'

There you will see a drop-down list of everyone who follows you. On the left are the names, on their right is a red X. Click that and it stops that person following you.

Currently it's following 61 people, I deleted it a few days ago. Lets try to reduce that to zero.

Unite Against Fascism React To Paris Terror

The Anti White Hate mob ''Unite Against Fascism'' have issued a reaction of sorts to the Paris Massacre. Usually the Left/Liberal establishment will offer some ruminations on ''Free Speech'' and ''Together we will beat them'' piffle but the UAF have dispensed with that pretty much entirely and headed right into addressing the real danger, White Europeans rejecting their own destruction.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Agenda™ and Anti-White Media

I'm always referring to The Agenda™ and one of these days I'm going to have to nail it down to forge a robust, repeatable definition. Mostly it's anti-white media.

I may as well start with this heartwarming little film from 2010, so it's not new or even widely known now but it does show some key bits of The Agenda™ and turns the dial up to 11. It caused a bit of a stir at the time. And it must have damaged the 10:10 campaign, a nice bit of blow-back, so it's not all bad news. The controversy at the time was the violence against children (Climate Deniers) but that looks pretty incidental compared to the real attack it's actually carrying out.

 I'll just go through it.

Scene 1: Classroom 

0:03 Establishes white boy sitting alone at the front. We'll be back to him in a moment.

0:08 Establishes two white boys sitting together

0:09 The white boy mentioned above is alone [isolated] bored [unsympathetic]

  0:14 White girl sitting with a non-white boy. [implied relationship]

0:23 Black boy asks sensible question. [diligence]. He's sitting with a white girl [implied relationship]. White girl in front turns to look at him [implies his higher value]

0:26 Teacher says "Getting your dad to insulate the loft" [implies he lives with his dad]

0:36 Only a white girl can think of anything positive [implied female wisdom]

0:46 Miss calls for a show of hands, who is going to do the right thing? Only white girls and black boys apparently [implied female/non-white wisdom]

0:49 Black boy sitting with white girl [implied relationship]

0:51 White girl sitting alone [isolated] disinterested [unsympathetic] less attractive [low value]

0:52 White boy sitting alone [isolated] disinterested [unsympathetic]

And then execution for them.

Scene 2: Office

Who is a hero of the revolution?

1:29 White girl and white man [implied relationship], we know she had some brilliant ideas! [implied female wisdom] but the man she clearly paired with is older [implied weakness] wearing glasses [implied weakness] somewhat short [implied weakness]

1:39 Attractive White girl [high value] and Asian man [implied relationship] have their hands up [implied female/non-white wisdom] He is looking around [policing others/implied authority]

Who's a reactionary wrecker...

1:45 Less attractive white girl [low value] dismissive [unsympathetic]

1:47 White man stands slightly apart [isolated] dismissive [unsympathetic]

1:47 Overweight white man [implied weakness] slightly apart [isolation] somewhat dismissive [unsympathetic]

1:50 Blink and you'll miss him in the crowd. Overweight white man [implied weakness]

And execution again.

Scenes 3 & 4: Football training and stuff.

From now on in it's just being played for laughs, the impact is over....

In short being white, especially male, is associated with weakness, failure, lack of compassion and stupidity and that's all part of The Agenda™. What is seen is the single most important part of the message. There's no denying what's in the pictures, it's right there on the screen.

The Free Speech Fallacy

The above cartoon published after the Paris massacre is a lie! it is an obvious and blatant load of crap. The gunman wins, they will always win until superior gunmen either remove them from Europe or kill them. The idea that is currently ''Trending'' is one that says having the Right to say whatever you want is the defining ideal of Western Civilization, it isn't and never has been. Freedom of Speech is something given by the powerful to the weak and the weak are allowed it only so far as they do not question the powerful too much.
 The irony of the Charlie Hebdo massacre is that the Leftists who were gunned down were, like all modern Leftists, in the business of supplanting themselves with another revolutionary force in Islam. As the editors and ''artists'' of Charlie Hebdo were lined up to be shot they may as well of whimpered '' Oh my sons, look how powerful and strong you have become, we love you'' as the AK47 bullets splattered their brains across the office. When the Anti White, Anti Free Speech, Anti Jew, Anti Left Muslims walked into the Charlie Hebdo HQ it was like Frankenstein's Monster returning to the laboratory that bore him.

                                                   I have returned my master....

 The Leftists and Jews and Liberal Arabs who constituted Charlie Hebdo did not support Free Speech for the Right, Leftists and Muslims and Jews never do. And yet the reaction of the Right to this massacre has been skillfully orchestrated, as always, so now the Right are out defending the Free Speech of the Left because that is what we are all about, that is our defining virtue. In other words the mainstream Kosher conservative Right respects the Rights of all their enemies to attack them and have them shut down, and claims this as a virtue, and then wonders why they have been losing the racial and cultural war for 50 years.

                                            I do not respect this Dindu's Right to Free Speech

The often quoted Voltaire line is also fatuous ''I do not agree with what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it'' that may well be true in a homogeneous society arguing about clerical and theistic issues but in a Liberal and Universalist society in which your group is being supplanted by other groups who do not think of you as an equal it is madness. I will not die for Owen Jones Right to call me a racist and agitate for more racial aliens, I will not fight for Howard Jacobson to rewrite Shakespeare to take out the nasty bits about Jews because they obviously aren't playing by the same rules. Telegraph writer Dan Hodges admits he won't fight for his own cause because ''I'm scared, it's what they do to us''. I wouldn't fight for him either, indeed, I think he should be hanged.

                                          Not the kind of guy to defend free speech

The message that Muslims are sending to us out on the fringes is not one of despair, but of hope, they are saying that no amount of Jewish media and political control, no amount lobbying and school indoctrination, hate laws and self loathing among the White population will change the simple fact that outright brute force and violence gets things done. Muslims cannot lay claim to a single field, village, paddock, lake, shoreline or graveyard in Europe, and yet they fight like they are of it and own it.

 Oh, but if we had that will!

 Radix writer Gregory Hood said in a recent article ''Islam does not attack free speech out of weakness but out of strength'' and he's right, that is to say '' you attack my people, my beliefs and my culture and I will kill you'' is a far, far more powerful ideal than ''I respect your right to call me a shit and call for my people to to die''.

At present there is no price to pay for the destruction of European life when there should be and it should be extraordinarily harsh, uncompromising and brutal.

Friday, 9 January 2015

BBC Question Time and the Paris Terror

The legendarily unbiased and non Politically Correct BBC Question Time, the BBC's ''Flagship'' focused, for about ten minutes, on the Paris Terror attacks. Finally the great issues of the day could be uncompromisingly addressed head on and we could get to the bottom of the concerns and worries of the Nation.

 The first question was asked by a light skinned African or some sort of half caste, it was the big one, thankfully.
 Can we ensure a Paris style terror attack never happens here?

 No! was the answer of the Conservative David Davis, according to Davis even countries with far less freedom, such as Russia, suffer from Muslim terrorists. The claim that Russia  is less free than Britain is highly dubious, in Russia kids aren't put on a data base for saying ''Darkie'' and people aren't arrested for calling police horses ''Gay''. But yes it is true, if you are part of a radical feminist movement funded by a Zionist Billionaire and you piss on a church altar you may well get your head battered. After Davis had finished the camera, with surprising speed as if it knew where to go, focused on a chubby Paki who looked hurt and vulnerable '' I'm a British Muslim and I just wish the Muslim community would condemn these attack, it's not who we are'' he whimpered to rapturous applause.

 Next up was journalist Julia Hartley Brewer who wanted to wear a Mohammed T shirt but didn't because she was scared of being beheaded. This is the general line coming from conservative types, the way to beat the Muslims is to risk your life by pissing them off, the more of us they kill the more we will piss them off until...I don't know, until we are all dead I suppose because deporting them isn't up for discussion under any circumstances. Indeed, freedom of association simply isn't a Right the British Natives can even contemplate, we must under all circumstances share our living space with people who want to kill us.

 The camera then moved onto a young woman in the audience, she had that look that White women have when they have been brainwashed by Cultural Marxism, a docile but slightly rattish appearance on what should have been the face of a fine English rose. Anyway, she said something about how the moves to take passports away from Jihadists was hypocritical when we are now shouting so loud about Free Speech. Not even the Liberal establishment could make head or tail of it and she was promptly ignored.

 Vince Gable (ethnicity?) then stepped up to bat and right from the off came down good and hard on ....the Far Right! Gable also correctly pointed out that we don't really have Free Speech anyway, neither does France and that that's a good thing. Gable seemed to run out of Far Right Hate groups and was reduced to citing the Oklahoma Bomber after he got PEGIDA and Breivik out of the way.

 After the Labour representative stopped waffling about how Diverse (Non White) Leicester was Dimbleby cited the BBC guidelines that expressly state ''The Prophet Mohammed must not be represented in any way shape or form''.

 The Paris issue was wrapped up by an African asking how easily Britain could catch terrorists and an Englishman saying we should treat ''Islamists'' just like we treat Christian Fundamentalists and Fascists. Obviously ''Fascists'' being people who oppose having Muslims who want to kill us in our country in the first place, it's more of the ''Lets just express our freedom until they tire of killing us'' line.

 So this pigswill is pretty much all the White People of Britain can expect from the BBC, which is itself run by Danny Cohen, a Jew who has on numerous occasions expressed concern that there are too many White British people on British television. Presumably, if these people aren't locked up, this programme will one day feature Africans and Pakistanis discussing Voltaire and Democratic values with Christian Africans telling Muslim Bangladeshis they must abide by the mores and norms of a dead European civilization. Far more likely is that the Nation will become a balkanized lunatic asylum.

 But don't point that out, your Freedom Speech doesn't go that far, it would be ''Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theatre''

                                                Danny Cohen, a face you can trust

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The silence of Lord Greville Janner

According to British parliamentarian Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone there are some crimes so horrendous that the passage of time can do nothing to diminish them. So when a 90-year-old man said to be a former concentration camp guard called John Demjanjuck was sentenced to life to be quickly followed by the prosecution  of a 97-year-old Hungarian,  said to have deported Jews to Auschwitz,  Lord Janner expressed grim satisfaction.

"I don't care what bloody age they are," he told the Jewish Chronicle in 2011 "These criminals should have been dealt with years ago….no concessions to age or the time that has passed should be made for justice when it comes to crimes of this magnitude.” 

And Lord Janner does not lack for clout. As a former president or vice president of a glittering array of influential bodies including the British Board of Deputies, the World Jewish Congress, the All-Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism and also chairman of the All-Parliamentary Britain-Israel group, he is used to being listened to.
But Janner’s words ring hollow now for the 84-year-old is citing his own ill-health and diminution of faculties to avoid being charged over his role in one of the most horrendous cases of organised child abuse of recent years in Britain.
He has been accused of raping 20 under-age boys as part of a paedophile ring who ran children’s homes in the English county of Leicestershire. Janner’s alleged role first emerged more than two decades ago, during the 1991 trial of a director of a children's home in Leicestershire called Frank Beck.
During the trial, Beck made a sensational accusation. He said “One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner“. Another witness also told the court that Janner “regularly sodomised” him when he was in care aged 13.
Up till then the Leicestershire MP was held to be above approach. He was a married father of three, a pillar of both Anglo-Jewish life and the Labour Party. A product of one of Britain's finest private schools Janner went to Trinity Hall, Cambridge and was elected President of the Union.  He attended Harvard Law School before effectively inheriting his father's Labour constituency in Leicester. He was ennobled by Tony Blair in 1997.
However the evidence was persuasive. A letter was shown to the jury that was sent from Janner to the boy. The boy was able to describe Janner’s home, the bedrooms they shared and personal details of Janner’s habits. In addition another boy told the court that Janner, a member of the Magic Circle, would groom boys who had been impressed by his magic tricks.

At the time the Leicester detectives thought they had enough on Janner and were preparing to apprehend him, when, at the last minute his arrest was stopped from above without explanation.
Shortly afterwards, the Director of Public Prosecutions, a Jewish lawyer called Allan Green, let it be known that “for lack of evidence”, Janner would not be prosecuted and in the House of Commons his parliamentary colleagues rallied around him in a moving display of vocal cross- party support
Beck was found guilty and sentenced to twenty-four years in prison, with five life sentences to run concurrently. He died suddenly of a “heart attack”, shortly before his appeal was due to begin, protesting his innocence and Janner’s guilt till the end. 
And there it lay conveniently buried. Until now.  For recently Lord Janner has had the indignity of having his home and office raided by police who are investigating the events of 20 years ago.
So what changed?  The answer is the political climate and in particular a Scotland Yard investigation called Operation Yewtree "historic" sex abuse. From the outset the curious thing about Yewtree was the suspects; they were all family-friendly showbiz white males from the traditional and old-fashioned end of the spectrum, many of whom had spoken out for the Conservative Party.
 Women in their forties, fifties and older queued up to tell their lawyers had their lives had been ruined as teenagers when a dressing room visit or autograph session turned into a fate worse than death. The most lurid accusations centred on a DJ friend of Mrs Thatcher called Jimmy Savile who was conveniently deceased.
As the cases unfolded it quickly became obvious that the rules of rape investigation have changed somewhat. The question of why many women had waited in some cases more than three decades to tell their stories was not to be held against them. Nor was the lack of any forensic or witness evidence. 
Strangely no pop musician from the British beat boom onwards has ever been interviewed as whether anything untoward went on in the swinging sixties or later with one exception. Cliff Richard, whose house was raided this week, is notable in that he is both an outspoken supporter of both evangelical Christianity and traditional conservative family values.
So that is the background and it is here that the law of unintended consequences kicks in. For while new laws triggered new investigations it has inadvertently brought others back to life and this is where we return to Greville Janner. The resurrected investigation is now being handled not by the highly politicised Operation Yewtree detectives but by the same Leicestershire Police who are thought to harbour bitter memories of their original investigation being derailed.
One would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when a no-doubt convincingly crestfallen senior police officer had to explain to his political masters that consistency demanded that the Janner enquiry be re-opened. After all, they already had statements from 20 young victims - on the face of it the case was stronger than anything uncovered by Operation Yewtree. The testimony of those 20 witnesses from 20 years ago is surely at least as strong as that of 11 concentration camp survivors who identified John Demjanjuck after 70 years.
Sadly there is no chance that Lord Janner will, in the parlance of Scotland Yard, be getting his "collar felt" in the near future. A file has been submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service by the Leicester police but at least three doctors have already said he is unfit for trial and he is yet to be interviewed or cautioned by the police. It may be the very first time in his life he has chosen to stay silent.
For Lord Janner the whole affair has cast a shadow over a life filled with achievement. No-one has worked harder in seeking financial restitution for Holocaust victims. And it is his creation of the moneyspinning Holocaust Educational Trust that has earned him the everlasting gratitude of his community.
Two years ago he was fit enough to travel to Israel to receive his ultimate accolade from his people – the opening of a kindergarten named after him, attended by the British Ambassador, in Israel.  The honor of the naming of the Lord Greville Janner Education Centre in Galilee was a thank you for both his lifelong interest in the welfare of children and commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

This article was written and submitted by Jake Grant