Thursday, 1 January 2015

Alan Shatter: Ireland's Barbara Spectre Lerner

I'm always amazed at the manner in which Jews have managed to wriggle their way into crucial positions within the West which they then use as hammers to bash the natives with. Ireland is no different. Between 2011 and 2014 Alan Shatter, one of just two thousand Jews in Ireland, managed to become both Minister for ''Justice and Equality'' and Defence Minister. One allowed him to multicult Ireland good and hard, the other allowed him to sign arms deals with his true Nation, Israel, Ireland buying of course, despite Ireland's Neutrality.

Before Shatter Ireland granted Citizenship to around two hundred Non Europeans a year, within a few months in office Shatter had streamlined the process and the total was cranked up exponentially, on just one day in 2012 four thousand, that's 4000! Third Worlders were granted Citizenship, the number annually was around 55,000, up from 200.

The evil genius of vague sounding terms such as ''Equality Minister'' means scumbags such as Shatter get to stick their beak into areas of public life which would be deemed ''off limits'' to someone with an actual real position, so in order to help facilitate his one man mission to dispossess the Irish the aptly named Shatter was able to attack the Irish media for not being Multicultural enough, many Irish people may have been confused over when they actually decided to become multicultural, but nevertheless just like the BBC's Danny Cohen Shatter slammed RTE for
 '“I don’t yet believe RTÉ has adequately recognised the changing Ireland, the intercultural nature of Ireland, the different strands of backgrounds that we have in Ireland and the richness of the backgrounds,” said Minister Shatter in his address. '

The problem  of course is creating the mentality within a population that weakens their resistance to watching their children's birth right be handed over to racial aliens. Irish people don't have a history of colonialism, they haven't committed very many atrocities upon other ethnic groups, whether real of imagined, they haven't taken part in bombing campaigns in the Middle East, they weren't even involved in World War 2...Ooops what's that? According to the energetic Shatter the very fact Ireland stayed out of the war means they have a ''Dark Past'' to confront because they were playing dominoes and drinking Guinness while Jews were being turned into soap and pillows

''There were many who did nothing in the face of the industrialised genocide and the destruction of European Jewish civilisation. Indeed the Irish Government of the day sat on its hands. And even after the death camps were liberated, the Irish Government denied Jews refuge in Ireland.''

And so for nothing more than minding their own business the Irish are now being introduced to a myth of self loathing and guilt, as always the Holocaust is being used to beat all Europeans into submission over the perfectly moral and healthy wish to remain who and what they are in their own lands. 

                                               This is an Irish Lady.

This is not an Irish Lady.

Alan Shatter's reign of Kosher Terror ended in the Spring of 2014 with Diversity Think Tanks, Enrichment Quotas, Ghetto's and Muslim street gangs rapidly spreading across the Emerald Isle, as is so often the case across Europe, after the initial back stab the Jews swan off to a Think Tank and Business arrangement and the now guilt ridden, alienated and insecure Whites are left wondering what the hell just happened, and how  they got in this mess.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This is sick.  

This is heavenly

This is a Jewish Nation Wrecker 

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