Saturday, 31 January 2015

Inside The Brain Of A White Liberal

One of the most unfortunate trends we have to deal with as Pro European Nationalists are the huge numbers of our own people who have turned rotten and became a very serious threat to our future as a people. How can so many members of a race actually detest their own people to the degree they actively work toward  its destruction and extinction? From an evolutionary perspective they are death itself. In his book ''The Psychotic Left'' Kerry Bolton argues that within European civilization there has always been a class of people who are not entirely stupid but warped and degenerate, hating the world their people created and reveling in destruction for its own sake. All the various revolutions and political movements achieved was to raise the malformed cretin up above the healthy mass, as always in such events the Jews were eager to help.
 Kevin MacDonald holds that in their prehistory Europeans developed a different survival method than Jews, Chinese and Arabs, in-group bias was largely replaced with a more universalist peer pressure, more important than being a good member of the group was having a high reputation as an ''honest person'' or being ''fair minded''. This has subsequently been turned around and weaponized so any group loyalty at all by whites is a sign of being ''un- fair'' and down right evil, needless to say, Jewish intellectuals were pivotal here too.

 The question is do they really hate themselves or their group, or both? What is wrong with them? If a white liberal is sitting alone watching tv and they see pictures of a black riot/chimp-out or an Islamic terror attack is their reaction to themselves to immediately start to blame their fellow whites, despite this being ''racism'' through the backdoor by disabling non whites from having any agency of their own. Personally I doubt it, I think they're frauds.
 Lets take a look at a couple of examples to see if we can decipher their motivations a little.

Case Study 1

In this case the white Liberal is in a bind because he does not want to be seen as an aggressor, to actively and openly attack his own people is problematic because he's the good guy, he just wants peace and happiness and love. So when asked to decide between two evils, that of white interests or that of non white interests, he repeatably evades the question and replaces it with a fluffy ''it is vile to hate other people because of their race'' soundbite which has nothing to with the question being asked. What matters most here is not logic or consistency but that he appear to be morally superior to the person asking the question.

Case Study 2

What we have here is an attempt to dehumanize and silence a person who disagrees with the Anti White position. In the mind of the Liberal he is attempting to portray his interlocutor as ''vile'' and ''scum'' to justify his own hate, he is ''projecting'' what he feels and thinks upon another. This is not to say he thinks of himself as scum, far from it, it means the further he distances himself from the Pro White the better he thinks he will appear to anyone watching the exchange.

Case Study 3

On this occasion a wild card has been thrown into the mix, not only does our hapless white Liberal have to deal with pro white commentators but there's also an ethno-centric black woman too. Now the values of a race-less, colour blind society can be put to the test. Unfortunately the white Liberal doesn't seem to mind one bit that blacks are looking forward to the non white future, that is to say, a future without white Liberals. His reaction is not to play the referee, not to advocate non identity, it is to shamefully grovel and fawn before the black while attacking white people who are, psychologically, closer to the black in that they think in racial terms. If he was a dog he would be on his back showing his belly to the black while gnashing and clawing at the whites.

 These lunatics are often called ''Self Loathing'' but I'm not sure that is entirely accurate, they do hate their people in public but they absolutely love themselves. They have been led to believe that debasing themselves before other groups is the most moral of all acts, but the pay off is self adoration. It is the worship of themselves.

 They are narcissists.

 We can thus see the interplay between two powerful trends in modernity that have created the white Liberal psychotic. The all pervasive and obsessive fetish of the self and worship of ones own being and looks, attitudes and appearance, combined with the post Frankfurt Judaic drive toward white guilt and eventual dispossession. The two compliment each other very well and a ''loser gene'' though not entirely discounted is not the real issue, it certainly wasn't when we conquered the planet!

 The real issue is that we have almost no control over our surrounding culture and this has driven many of our people quite mad as their morality has been warped into something quite abhorrent.

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