Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Free Speech Fallacy

The above cartoon published after the Paris massacre is a lie! it is an obvious and blatant load of crap. The gunman wins, they will always win until superior gunmen either remove them from Europe or kill them. The idea that is currently ''Trending'' is one that says having the Right to say whatever you want is the defining ideal of Western Civilization, it isn't and never has been. Freedom of Speech is something given by the powerful to the weak and the weak are allowed it only so far as they do not question the powerful too much.
 The irony of the Charlie Hebdo massacre is that the Leftists who were gunned down were, like all modern Leftists, in the business of supplanting themselves with another revolutionary force in Islam. As the editors and ''artists'' of Charlie Hebdo were lined up to be shot they may as well of whimpered '' Oh my sons, look how powerful and strong you have become, we love you'' as the AK47 bullets splattered their brains across the office. When the Anti White, Anti Free Speech, Anti Jew, Anti Left Muslims walked into the Charlie Hebdo HQ it was like Frankenstein's Monster returning to the laboratory that bore him.

                                                   I have returned my master....

 The Leftists and Jews and Liberal Arabs who constituted Charlie Hebdo did not support Free Speech for the Right, Leftists and Muslims and Jews never do. And yet the reaction of the Right to this massacre has been skillfully orchestrated, as always, so now the Right are out defending the Free Speech of the Left because that is what we are all about, that is our defining virtue. In other words the mainstream Kosher conservative Right respects the Rights of all their enemies to attack them and have them shut down, and claims this as a virtue, and then wonders why they have been losing the racial and cultural war for 50 years.

                                            I do not respect this Dindu's Right to Free Speech

The often quoted Voltaire line is also fatuous ''I do not agree with what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it'' that may well be true in a homogeneous society arguing about clerical and theistic issues but in a Liberal and Universalist society in which your group is being supplanted by other groups who do not think of you as an equal it is madness. I will not die for Owen Jones Right to call me a racist and agitate for more racial aliens, I will not fight for Howard Jacobson to rewrite Shakespeare to take out the nasty bits about Jews because they obviously aren't playing by the same rules. Telegraph writer Dan Hodges admits he won't fight for his own cause because ''I'm scared, it's what they do to us''. I wouldn't fight for him either, indeed, I think he should be hanged.

                                          Not the kind of guy to defend free speech

The message that Muslims are sending to us out on the fringes is not one of despair, but of hope, they are saying that no amount of Jewish media and political control, no amount lobbying and school indoctrination, hate laws and self loathing among the White population will change the simple fact that outright brute force and violence gets things done. Muslims cannot lay claim to a single field, village, paddock, lake, shoreline or graveyard in Europe, and yet they fight like they are of it and own it.

 Oh, but if we had that will!

 Radix writer Gregory Hood said in a recent article ''Islam does not attack free speech out of weakness but out of strength'' and he's right, that is to say '' you attack my people, my beliefs and my culture and I will kill you'' is a far, far more powerful ideal than ''I respect your right to call me a shit and call for my people to to die''.

At present there is no price to pay for the destruction of European life when there should be and it should be extraordinarily harsh, uncompromising and brutal.

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