Monday, 12 January 2015

Unite Against Fascism React To Paris Terror

The Anti White Hate mob ''Unite Against Fascism'' have issued a reaction of sorts to the Paris Massacre. Usually the Left/Liberal establishment will offer some ruminations on ''Free Speech'' and ''Together we will beat them'' piffle but the UAF have dispensed with that pretty much entirely and headed right into addressing the real danger, White Europeans rejecting their own destruction.

They UAF offer no ''Solidarity'' whatsoever to their fellow Leftists who were slaughtered, indeed, the ''Far Right'' seems to be distraught with grief in comparison. Gun toting Muslims do not represent a ''Threat to Democracy and Freedom'' in UAF land, people with candles and placards saying ''No to Terrorism'' do. David Cameron is a signatory to the UAF, it's fair to say he supports them, he supports a group who worry more about White Europeans trying not to die out than Muslims killing people who hold his views.

                                                   Luciana Berger is also on the list

Simply put the position of the Liberal Left is untenable, they are determined to die and I think they are going to be destroyed before they manage to take down the rest of us with them. The Islam/Left Alliance is one in which the Muslims attack Gays, Jews, Freedom of Speech and Women's Rights while killing Leftists! This is even more insane than the Judeo Right and their Israel for Jews, Civic Nationalism for us blather that is represented on the other arm of the fake political axis. If there is any consolation to be taken by the growth of the softer Nationalist Parties across Europe it is that the Anti Fa are wearing themselves, and public opinion, very thin with their moonbattery and outright insanity.

 I'm reminded of an old Amiga Game called ''Lemmings'' in which the task of the player was to save little Lemmings from burning, falling, drowning and freezing, the Lemmings were completely helpless and the player would frantically build bridges and equip them with umbrellas to save them. The difference with the Left, of course, is that we want them to die and the UAF mentality is suicidal.

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