Saturday, 28 February 2015

Special Report: PEGIDA In Newcastle

Unfortunately I have to report that I came away from the PEGIDA demonstration in Newcastle feeling let down and disillusioned. The photos in this article I took myself with my phone, so they may be of low quality.

 Working my way through Newcastle the first sign I came across that something was afoot were the roving gangs of Muslims wearing white T Shirts saying ''No to Hate''. I was offered a pamphlet of some sort which I declined. Knowing where the PEGIDA demo was to take place I carried on to the top of that street to be met with what appeared to be a street carnival, as I drew closer I started to recognize the banners, and it was all very ''Diverse'', Leftist Anti Racists, thousands of them, gathered with their dusky hordes. The day of protest and counter protest had been organized in such a way that anyone arriving from Newcastle's main parking and transport hub would have to work their way through the Leftists to get to the PEGIDA demo.
Being a ''Nazi'' type myself I was literally surrounded by the stinkers on all sides but this did give an opportunity to get up close and personal with the enemy. I can safely report that the stereotype is very true. In camp leftist pink dreadlocks are sported by overweight lesbos, pudgy feminine looking men stand on as the hyper masculine Muslims walk around commanding respect and victimhood status at the same time. There was even a band of Hari Krishna fruits dancing and chanting.

As the half cast MP ranted about cuts and Tories from the podium I was distracted by a gang of LBTG trannies banging drums and screaming about Fascists. Playing drums for White Genocide and mass child rape. There was a very high police presence and I realized I was beginning to be pushed for time so I asked a policeman if there was a way through the Leftists and into the PEGIDA side of the market area. To my surprise the officer laughed and escorted me through the swarm and into a side street which acted as short cut. On the way I noted more ''Non Pasaran'' banners and even an old Soviet Flag.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

ISIS And The European Chess Board

2015 Is certainly off to a rollicking start and it's worth taking a brief look at the state of play in our vibrant Multicultopia.

The Daily Mail Reports that ISIS are preparing to send at least 500,000 immigrants across the Mediterranean as a form of psychological warfare directed against Europeans. This comes shortly after they ritually slaughtered 21 Egyptian Christians on the African side of the Mediterranean, presumably this too was symbolic because in the footage released with the mass throat slitting frenzy they declared they would also ''Conquer Rome''. Shortly before he went the same way as most other Middle Eastern dictators  the Jewish Neo Cons turned on, Gaddafi had an agreement with Italy to patrol and police immigration across the sea and into Europe. ISIS, of course, plan on smuggling themselves into Europe so we can expect many more random killing sprees and ratcheting up of tension. But ISIS are wrong, in my view, that another half Million non Whites will cause shock and outrage because modern Europeans seem to have an nigh on infinite capacity for enduring humiliation and suffering at the hands of the Third World. It's hard not to laugh at the irony in ISIS' master plan of swamping Europe with the dreck of the Third World. A good chunk of Europeans will welcome and support, protect and nurture ISIS's version of a biological WMD, and besides, there is another group who are working day and night to silence the remaining, sane, White people....

Monday, 23 February 2015

Anti White Advertising HSBC - Pink Ladies

I've noticed this HSBC ad a few times recently:

The Drum says this:

This touching tale revolves around HSBC's Advance account; suggesting the bank understands that every young person's financial journey is in part dependent on factors they can't anticipate. These factors can be good, or they can be bad... the key thing is that HSBC want us to know they see their customers as human beings. Love the young woman's expression at the end

J Walter Thompson, the ad agency concerned, say this:

The TV spot at the heart of the campaign, “Pink Ladies”, tells the story of one such support network making the dreams of a young hairdresser come true.

Those are typical of the bland,  disingenuous drivel written about the advert - because none of them touch on it's glaring racial dynamics i.e. the most bloody obvious, in-your-face thing about it.

It's pretty straightforward - humble, hard working, young, talented non-white girl is bankrolled by lovely old white ladies. The message is clear - nice white people are morally obliged to finance their own dispossession. The white ladies are, as stated, old. Too old to breed and there is no sign of their own families, all that's left to them is to transfer their resources to their racial betters, their replacements.

When I first saw it I assumed the hairdressers depicted were Asian - Chinese, Korean but this is where I think HSBC/JWT might have been a wee bit sneaky. The ad is set well into the north of North America, to be precise it's Canada, note the spelling of 'colour'.


So while we 'see' Asians and the much-loved Agenda payload is delivered, a potential cop-out is perhaps to hand? Maybe the women are Eskimo/Inuit (whatever the hell term we are supposed to use this month). See, they aren't immigrants you racist, they're indigenous! Even noticing such things is racist *eye roll*. Of course at no time is their ethnicity actually stated so the question doesn't arise. And woe betide someone questioning whether anyone with that ethnic background has ever shown any interest in, or talent for, fashion design.

To reiterate; The Agenda was served up as usual.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Black Privilege And The Two Race Stories Of The Week

Reading  The Guardian  article by David Olusoga, who is a ''Black Historian'' you can't help but get the impression Leftists and Blacks are genuinely happy about the Chelsea fans who stopped a black man boarding a train and shouting at him, like finding a comfortable old pair of slippers, racism that they can feel comfortable with and which they need to define themselves  has returned. Olusoga's article, and presumably his entire career, is based around a narrative of Britain, white people, finding salvation through being accepting and ''tolerant'' of black people. This is progress, this is improvement over what we had, Olusoga never explains why white people are morally obliged to respect blacks or seek to accommodate them in their countries at vast effort and struggle.  Why, if living together is such an ordeal and something which is always to be improved upon, why bother? why don't black people simply go back to Africa and be free, thereby leaving whites to stew in their racism?
 The Chelsea race story was sprayed all over the MSM and the Prime Minister made a statement, investigations are underway, the men are being fired and hounded across the land. Meanwhile, in a far less reported case, Olusoga's African brethren were trying to force a white mother out of her house by sending her death threats and smearing their own shit across her door. In his article Olusoga writes: Like most racist incidents, it was as much about humiliation as intimidation.''

Friday, 20 February 2015

Meet Chappie: Hollywood's Persecuted Minority, Gay, Lefty, Robot

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to burst out laughing at the trailer for upcoming Hollywood weeparoo called ''Chappie''. Chappie is a robot created by an Indian because they aren't White and are good at maths, he's helped out by a lesbian and, from what I can tell from the trailer, the two of them seek to protect the newly awakened and sentient Chappie from a fascist bastard White man (Hugh Jackman) who presumably thinks Chappie is a new minority who poses a threat to his privilege and the patriarchy.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Multiculturalism As The White Holocaust

In trying to come to terms with the severity of the demographic crisis facing European people today it is almost impossible for the informed mind not to come to the conclusion that we are facing a deliberate and planned genocide through racial replacement, loss of territory and race mixing, all of which are promoted by our elites, media and academics, a massive proportion of whom are Jews, or owned by Jewish money. One of the reasons Jews have become so powerful is because of the Holocaust narrative they have relentlessly pushed upon our people, it is a tool that serves multiple functions, all of them benefit Jews to the cost of our people. With such a powerful tool potentially helping us in our cause it would be unwise to overlook the advantages possible, already the memes ''Diversity = White Genocide'' and ''Anti Racist = Anti White'' have made tentative steps toward breaking into the public conscience. However, a far more thorough and deeper effort could be made toward turning the fact of our genocide into a major benefit in actualizing it within our people mentally and binding us together through the process of reversing it and ensuring nothing like it ever happens again. Various terms have been used by the Nationalist, New Right such as White Genocide or The Great Replacement, I'm not arguing here to use the term ''White Holocaust'' but to investigate the methods used by the Jews and see if we can adopt them to be used in our present struggle, to co-opt and undermine  the Jewish Holocaust myth. 

The Here and Now.

At present White people are forced to sit back and watch as year by year they are replaced in their towns and cities. Each day brings a new story, a new obscenity, a new demand, a new revelation of rapes and government cover up. Our children dwindle in the school yards and our women fear ending up in an immigrant area by mistake and being brutalized. The press tell us blatant lies and the few brave souls who speak out are publicly destroyed, ritually slaughtered. The political parties offer absolutely nothing and many of us are starting to understand that there is no end in sight. But the people can't understand why, to say it in the wrong company or write it on the wrong forum will see you ostracized. If we can explain that this is our own genocide, that the ''elite'' are phasing us out for reasons of high finance and ideology and, in the case of Jews, racial supremacy, we will be on the road to awareness, at least. This is where we find ourselves now.

Monday, 16 February 2015

UKIP: The First 100 Days. Far Left Propaganda Breakdown

The Channel 4 ''Mockumentary'' depicting a UKIP Government and the subsequent meltdown of British society is so blatant and moronic in it's Far Left dogmatism it simply isn't worth deep consideration. The smears and Left Wing repetitiousness are so appalling that the only thing to do is list it. Even the attempts at subtle slight of hand to gently nudge the viewer in an anti UKIP direction were amateurish and, to be frank, embarrassing.

 Lets just jump in:

Time elapsed

1.3 Mins: UKIP wins election and the viewer gets mega close ups of grinning white people with too much make up, White Privilege has had a victory.

1.5 Mins: Nigel smoking in a Limo with people chanting angrily outside.

2.5 Mins: UKIP's ''only Asian MP'' is introduced.

3.2 Mins: Reporter and Asian MP have a giggle over ''Nigel is pissed'' gag.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Copenhagen Terror: This Is Why You Say ''But''

The audio recording of the Copenhagen terror attack will probably turn out to be one of the those iconic moments in Europe's descent into multiculti hell. Speaking at the event was a Ukrainian Feminist and while delivering her words of wisdom on free speech she was interrupted by gun fire. The timing was perfect, so perfect in fact it seems eerily surreal, she says:

 Yes it was freedom of speech, but, the turning point is ''but'' why do we still say ''but'' when we '' and then shots blast out and the feminist from Ukraine is silenced, hopefully not harmed.

 Her question of course has been brutally answered, freedom of speech would be great but Muslims will kill you for it, but the European Jewish Congress will shut you down, but you can get a Hate Crime charge, but your employer will fire you, but you could end up being dragged through the media as a Hater and Racist.

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Telegraph on Muslim Demographics: More Liberalism Is The Answer!

Last week saw the publication of yet more evidence that the Muslim situation is spiraling out of control, a new set of stats revealed the Muslim demographic onslaught had gathered pace and there are at least 4.7 Million Muslims in Britain, 8.1% of school children are Muslim and that will double within another few years, then double again, and again. To most of us here, out in the 'Badlands'' of political attitudes and analysis this will come as no surprise, we've been saying it for years but what is always of interest are the lies and double think peddled by the Liberal pundits who brought this apocalypse on us. The task of the intelligentsia is now, to a large degree, to act as an emergency Fire Brigade, they are on standby 24/7, always at the ready to douse out the flames of the latest Islamic related horror story.

  The Liberal media deals with another story of enrichment
    The Telegraph's Jamie Kirkup is one of the duller, nondescript of these Liberal Firemen. He is a dry number cruncher, not for Jamie the hysterical preaching of more amusing Liberals. Jamie whittles everything down to numbers and percentages. In his article ''Worried about Muslims in Britain? Here's the Answer'' Jamie reels off statistic after statistic, bashing the calculator trying to make sense of the numbers which reveal Muslims are hugely unemployed, sick, uneducated and prone to crime.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

FEMEN, Boobs and Rich Jews

The pretty girl to the left is called Tracey. Tracey is engaged to Colin, a plasterer, and they both come from Sunderland. Tracey was a Page 3 girl for two years. Her boss, if you follow the chain of command long of enough, was a half Jewish man called Rupert Murdoch.

 Tracey gave a recent interview in which she said
''Yeah, well of course it wasn't what I dreamed of but just two more shoots and our house would be paid off and then I could have spent time at home, we plan on having at least 3 children and with no mortgage to keep up I could have been a full time mum. I suppose I'll go to the local factory and try for a 12 hour shift pattern now''

 You see, feminists had Page 3 Shut Down because they claimed a woman going topless for money was sexist. They may have a point, as a fascist type I consider it exploitative of working class white girls, it cheapens them. But nevertheless, surely the motives of the feminists were well intentioned, we can assume the women of the feminist movement hold respect for female beauty as sacred and worthy of only the most sincere and gallant of men. Which takes us to our second Girl...

Monday, 9 February 2015

Escaping Into Fantasy And Science Fiction ? Not For Long

I was recently struck by an article at Breitbart on a new front opening in the ''cultural war''. This time it is the turn of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers to be lashed into politically correct conformity and, as always, their reputations will be ruined if they fail to comply. Resistance is Futile. The kerfuffle is centred on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Oscars known as ''The Hugo Awards'' and attempts by social justice attack drones to oust the non conformist and support the Liberal replacements. A quick glance at the most recent winners of the Hugo prize reveals they are getting their way. In 2014 the Best Novel prize went to ''Ancillary Justice'' written by Ann Leckie. The novel depicts a space Empire in which identity can transcend physical bodies and be moved into separate bodies, or ''physical constructs''. All individuals within that collective are referred to as ''she''or ''her''. The best short story was written by a Chinaman called John Chu, it's called ''The Water That Falls On You From Nowhere'' and depicts a world where telling lies results in a shower or rainstorm opening above your head, depending on how serious the lie is. Needless to say this is problematic for a Gay Chinese man fighting homophobia and repressing his sexuality. I wonder how it ends...

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Rotherham And The Terminators Of The Left

I'm forever fascinated by the mentality of white Leftists, unlike blacks and Muslims and Jews they are not an out group attacking ''The Other'' they are, essentially, attacking themselves, their own group. The mental gymnastics and double think they must perform in order to keep up this charade and make it seem a morally just and  healthy way to be is amazing to behold, though quite sickening and morbid.
 As the shock wave of the Pakistani rape jihad in England spreads wider and further the Leftist skill in self deception and self righteousness is being put through an unprecedented test. Watching Andrew Neil interview the  Labour MP, Sarah Champion, I was reminded of what Jonathon Bowden observed of the ability of the Left to ''step over'' the horrors they have committed.

This woman and the people around her, and her political party have, at the very lowest estimate, the rape and torture of 1400 white English girls to answer for, indeed, Champion has said in The Daily Mirror the number could be as high as 1 Million (!) and she still manages to stand before the public as a virtuous and dedicated public servant.The manner in which Sarah Champion and Liberal Leftists have already recovered from the blow of Rotherham, psychologically, and are once again marching on is reminiscent  of the T1000 villain of Terminator 2.

Phase 1.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

How To Beat The Ban

The topic of conversation in the comments frequently turns to bans out on the MSM and this almost always involves the Disqus system. Just to make sure our side aren't being ''Shut Down'' and locked out of getting our message across I thought I would make a brief post outlining what the side of Right and Good have to do to get back into the debate.

 On being banned you will see this:

Yep the hasbara and SJW's have shut you down and the Libertarians have made a mockery of their core ideals. But what next?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

An All Too Predictable Backstab For UKIP

 One of the strategies adopted by people on the soft Right to oppose their destruction is to pick out the worst of all the immigrant groups and then throw everything they have at them, indeed, the other groups must be recruited into the fight. Allies can be sought, agreements reached and a plan of mutual assistance against the common enemy put into practice. The common enemy, of course, is Islam, the ''allies'' in this fight for our ''Judeo-Christian Values'' are supposedly Jews, Sikhs and Hindus, maybe also blacks but they are prone to going full Jihad while they are in jail, which is often. What white natives get out of this alliance is the precious ability to criticize a non white hostile group without being called ''racist'' the minority groups get to stand against the Islamic juggernaut and prove themselves as decent Brits who shouldn't be mistaken for Muslims. This is the Civic Nationalist road to salvation.

 In any sane society the natives could question the morality of allowing themselves to become just another group among many in their own land, but this, apparently, is not allowed so we all must play along with the multiculti chess game.

 The next move is to seek out an opponent's weakness and exploit it, as always this should be done by trying to not appear racist for example:

DO NOT= Explain that mass immigration from the Third World is genocidal and will destroy your people.

DO= Complain about headscarves and Burkas for no other reason than to display your own impotence on the slight chance the invaders will just bugger off.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Who Controls America? Statistical Breakdown

I recently came across a compilation of statistics which outlines the nuts and bolts of Jewish power. It's one thing to debate Talmudic Doctrines or Ethnic strategies as related to group evolution, but sometimes you just need to sit back gasp at the scale of the power and influence Jewish people have. If you replace Jews for Chinese or Muslims or Black people as you read through this then you might begin to understand the problem. Having a high IQ or being ''hard working'' doesn't account for this either, while Jewish people do have higher IQ averages at just 2% of the US population they shouldn't have anywhere near this level of over-representation because there would still be a vast number of non Jews with equal intelligence. This is Team Work.