Wednesday, 4 February 2015

An All Too Predictable Backstab For UKIP

 One of the strategies adopted by people on the soft Right to oppose their destruction is to pick out the worst of all the immigrant groups and then throw everything they have at them, indeed, the other groups must be recruited into the fight. Allies can be sought, agreements reached and a plan of mutual assistance against the common enemy put into practice. The common enemy, of course, is Islam, the ''allies'' in this fight for our ''Judeo-Christian Values'' are supposedly Jews, Sikhs and Hindus, maybe also blacks but they are prone to going full Jihad while they are in jail, which is often. What white natives get out of this alliance is the precious ability to criticize a non white hostile group without being called ''racist'' the minority groups get to stand against the Islamic juggernaut and prove themselves as decent Brits who shouldn't be mistaken for Muslims. This is the Civic Nationalist road to salvation.

 In any sane society the natives could question the morality of allowing themselves to become just another group among many in their own land, but this, apparently, is not allowed so we all must play along with the multiculti chess game.

 The next move is to seek out an opponent's weakness and exploit it, as always this should be done by trying to not appear racist for example:

DO NOT= Explain that mass immigration from the Third World is genocidal and will destroy your people.

DO= Complain about headscarves and Burkas for no other reason than to display your own impotence on the slight chance the invaders will just bugger off.

Ritually slaughtered meat is an example of a battle the soft Right can't lose, they can dance around telling everyone its all about animal welfare and they can make claims that Halal funds terrorism. Nobody should be able to call them racists, it's a winner! The problem of course is that the supposed allies in this great battle for our Judeo Christian values, the Jews, also use ritually slaughtered meat, indeed, their process is even more barbaric than the Muslim method.

 Given that Civic Nationalists such as UKIP are willing to ''tolerate'' the obliteration of their genetic code and see the land of their forefathers handed over to racial aliens it isn't really asking much of the Jews to pay a few extra shekels for their meat. Unfortunately for UKIP, it is, UKIP's agriculture minister has said they ''have lost the Jewish vote for sure'' and then throwing the ''it's all about animal rights'' line down the toilet grovelled before the Jews sayingThis isn’t aimed at you – it’s aimed elsewhere – it’s aimed at others. You’ve been caught in the crossfire; collateral damage. You know what I mean.” 

 Thereby giving an open goal to the Left and the Muslims who can spot an Anti Islam ruse a thousand sand dunes away.

In 2013 Nigel Farage stood before a Jewish audience organized by the Jewish Chronicle and said '' I'm not here to fawn, I'm not here to tell you you are the most important bunch of people in Britain, though you might be ha ha'' with a wry wink and knowing smile. He assured the people who are not the most important people in Britain that Jewish slaughter would be safe under UKIP. The problem is of course UKIP's legion of voters and fans want to stick it to the Muzz. As of writing the policy has been disappeared from the UKIP site with the Jewish Chronicle reporting 'Ukip leaders are now backtracking over their party's decision to ban non stun religious slaughter''

With the European Jewish Congress making moves to drastically increase the already ample amount of Hate Laws and xenophobia laws across the continent this game cannot play out for much longer because even UKIP's mild form of  identitarianism will be banned or restricted further, and it is their supposed allies who are shutting them down. Before long it will be illegal to criticize Muslims, so what then?
 The dissident Right can stop playing these silly games which see them tied up in knots and hopping and skipping across the breaking ice of acceptable discourse, until they sink. Or they can challenge Jewish power and influence, they can question just what the hell these people think they are doing in our country.

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