Sunday, 15 February 2015

Copenhagen Terror: This Is Why You Say ''But''

The audio recording of the Copenhagen terror attack will probably turn out to be one of the those iconic moments in Europe's descent into multiculti hell. Speaking at the event was a Ukrainian Feminist and while delivering her words of wisdom on free speech she was interrupted by gun fire. The timing was perfect, so perfect in fact it seems eerily surreal, she says:

 Yes it was freedom of speech, but, the turning point is ''but'' why do we still say ''but'' when we '' and then shots blast out and the feminist from Ukraine is silenced, hopefully not harmed.

 Her question of course has been brutally answered, freedom of speech would be great but Muslims will kill you for it, but the European Jewish Congress will shut you down, but you can get a Hate Crime charge, but your employer will fire you, but you could end up being dragged through the media as a Hater and Racist.

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