Wednesday, 11 February 2015

FEMEN, Boobs and Rich Jews

The pretty girl to the left is called Tracey. Tracey is engaged to Colin, a plasterer, and they both come from Sunderland. Tracey was a Page 3 girl for two years. Her boss, if you follow the chain of command long of enough, was a half Jewish man called Rupert Murdoch.

 Tracey gave a recent interview in which she said
''Yeah, well of course it wasn't what I dreamed of but just two more shoots and our house would be paid off and then I could have spent time at home, we plan on having at least 3 children and with no mortgage to keep up I could have been a full time mum. I suppose I'll go to the local factory and try for a 12 hour shift pattern now''

 You see, feminists had Page 3 Shut Down because they claimed a woman going topless for money was sexist. They may have a point, as a fascist type I consider it exploitative of working class white girls, it cheapens them. But nevertheless, surely the motives of the feminists were well intentioned, we can assume the women of the feminist movement hold respect for female beauty as sacred and worthy of only the most sincere and gallant of men. Which takes us to our second Girl...

The girl to the right is called Arriana. Arriana comes from an upper middle class family and has degrees in Critical White studies, White Privilege Theory, Feminist Awareness, Colonialism, African History and Transgender Identity. In a recent interview Arriana said:
'' I urge and beg all women who still feel the need to have a ''man'' to make sure it's a man of colour and not a ''white'' man of the oppressor class, it is imperative we smash whiteness with mixed race children. End the hate!!''
 Like Tracey, Arriana also makes a living getting her boobs out in public and also like Tracey her boss was a rich Jewish man, in this case he was called George Soros. George cancelled his funding when Arriana and her friends were planning to ''attack the patriarchy'' in Israel.

 Two girls, two stories, which of them is a brainwashed victim of the power elite I'll allow the reader to decide....

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