Friday, 20 February 2015

Meet Chappie: Hollywood's Persecuted Minority, Gay, Lefty, Robot

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to burst out laughing at the trailer for upcoming Hollywood weeparoo called ''Chappie''. Chappie is a robot created by an Indian because they aren't White and are good at maths, he's helped out by a lesbian and, from what I can tell from the trailer, the two of them seek to protect the newly awakened and sentient Chappie from a fascist bastard White man (Hugh Jackman) who presumably thinks Chappie is a new minority who poses a threat to his privilege and the patriarchy.

In the clip we get inspirational music as Chappie discovers the wonders of being a free individual but tragedy as we see Chappie is also a victim of intolerance and Hate. Sigourney Weaver pops us to tell us ''people fear what they don't understand'' and the lesbian tells Chappie about the Ba Ba Black Sheep story and alienation, which is odd because people like her banned that nursery rhyme in England long ago. Out of Tolerance. Chappie is a clever marketing gimmick because it plays into the general zeitgeist of everyone thinking they are a ''Special Snowflake'' so, if you're a sad nerd who is shy around girls, Chappie speaks to you, if you're a Lesbo with a grudge, Chappie speaks to you, if you're a Muslim who is loathed by the people whose lands you're colonizing, Chappie speaks to you. But most of all Chappie speaks to the general population to shame them if they secretly harboured animosity toward all of the other groups.

 Directed by Neil Blomkamp and produced by Jew Simon Kinberg, it follows their previous outing, Elysium. Elysium told the story of White people who had taken White Flight to the next stage and left Earth completely, though Liberal Anti White Matt Damon smashed open their security codes and swamped and destroyed their enclave with diversity. At the time some argued that Blomkamp was so ''out there'' that perhaps he was some kind of subversive pushing Hollywood's liberalism to an extreme to send a message. I doubt it, Hollywood is in the business of blatantly changing the sex and race of popular figures to fit the Anti White narrative so an attempt to skillfully satirize the system will be lost or accepted for what it is.
 Chappie isn't a joke, the propaganda trick and possible inside joke is that this mind rot is turning our whole civilization into robots.

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