Saturday, 7 February 2015

Rotherham And The Terminators Of The Left

I'm forever fascinated by the mentality of white Leftists, unlike blacks and Muslims and Jews they are not an out group attacking ''The Other'' they are, essentially, attacking themselves, their own group. The mental gymnastics and double think they must perform in order to keep up this charade and make it seem a morally just and  healthy way to be is amazing to behold, though quite sickening and morbid.
 As the shock wave of the Pakistani rape jihad in England spreads wider and further the Leftist skill in self deception and self righteousness is being put through an unprecedented test. Watching Andrew Neil interview the  Labour MP, Sarah Champion, I was reminded of what Jonathon Bowden observed of the ability of the Left to ''step over'' the horrors they have committed.

This woman and the people around her, and her political party have, at the very lowest estimate, the rape and torture of 1400 white English girls to answer for, indeed, Champion has said in The Daily Mirror the number could be as high as 1 Million (!) and she still manages to stand before the public as a virtuous and dedicated public servant.The manner in which Sarah Champion and Liberal Leftists have already recovered from the blow of Rotherham, psychologically, and are once again marching on is reminiscent  of the T1000 villain of Terminator 2.

Phase 1.

In Phase 1 we see the rumours and ignored cries for help were true, the beloved imported Pakistani enrichers have indeed been raping the local girls by the thousand and the multicultural project is under threat. Calling the girls chavs and sluts isn't working anymore and the Muslim Councillors that came in under the Diversity program are siding with their brethren.

Phase 2

Phase 2, the Alex Jay report is published and even the main stream media begin to cover the story, the dirty little secret of the Left is out, they buried the mass rape of white girls because they were white and because they were mentally crippled by the paradoxes of their own values system. It's a death blow.

Phase 3

In Phase 3 the Leftist mentality gradually begins to reform itself, a few half baked excuses are pushed out, but what matters is that the particles and neurons cling together and remain functioning albeit at a low and subdued level.Somebody in Labour central manages to change the phrase ''Pakistani Rape and Tortures'' to ''Grooming'' taking away some of the sting. Time, it's just a matter of time....

Phase 4

The news cycle is starting to move on and incompetent police and idiot child services at a low level are starting to take the fall. The UAF are spreading rumours that the children were drug addicts and somewhere in Devon a white man is arrested for paedophilia thus offsetting the ethnic element. A couple of Muslim allies are found to say ''We must deal with this in our Muslim communities''.

Phase 5

By Phase 5 the Leftist is 90% functional and any shock and self doubt has been overcome, friends at the BBC are ensuring the Jimmy Saville child abuse scandal has replaced the Paki rape wave and various other white celebrities are also under investigation. People still mentioning ''Child Grooming'' can be called racist and the Right are accused of ''exploiting'' the issue ''you only care because they are Muslims, you don't go on about Jimmy Saville'' enters the Leftist's mental arsenal.

Phase 6

By Phase 6 the Leftist is fully functional and ready to attack once again, Nigel Farage is harassed by the UAF while visiting Rotherham. Various Leftists accuse the Right of ''sowing division'' and ''undermining community relations''. Fresh revelations of grooming across the whole country slither out and the Leftist adopts the line that not one political party is to blame but a ''failure to listen''.
Given the vast experience the Left has with ''complex inter-ethnic relations'' they argue that they alone can lead the way to a bright and vibrant multicultural experience. The issue of mass child rape and torture will only strengthen our dedication to diversity and we will redouble our efforts to fight prejudice and hate.

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