Saturday, 28 February 2015

Special Report: PEGIDA In Newcastle

Unfortunately I have to report that I came away from the PEGIDA demonstration in Newcastle feeling let down and disillusioned. The photos in this article I took myself with my phone, so they may be of low quality.

 Working my way through Newcastle the first sign I came across that something was afoot were the roving gangs of Muslims wearing white T Shirts saying ''No to Hate''. I was offered a pamphlet of some sort which I declined. Knowing where the PEGIDA demo was to take place I carried on to the top of that street to be met with what appeared to be a street carnival, as I drew closer I started to recognize the banners, and it was all very ''Diverse'', Leftist Anti Racists, thousands of them, gathered with their dusky hordes. The day of protest and counter protest had been organized in such a way that anyone arriving from Newcastle's main parking and transport hub would have to work their way through the Leftists to get to the PEGIDA demo.
Being a ''Nazi'' type myself I was literally surrounded by the stinkers on all sides but this did give an opportunity to get up close and personal with the enemy. I can safely report that the stereotype is very true. In camp leftist pink dreadlocks are sported by overweight lesbos, pudgy feminine looking men stand on as the hyper masculine Muslims walk around commanding respect and victimhood status at the same time. There was even a band of Hari Krishna fruits dancing and chanting.

As the half cast MP ranted about cuts and Tories from the podium I was distracted by a gang of LBTG trannies banging drums and screaming about Fascists. Playing drums for White Genocide and mass child rape. There was a very high police presence and I realized I was beginning to be pushed for time so I asked a policeman if there was a way through the Leftists and into the PEGIDA side of the market area. To my surprise the officer laughed and escorted me through the swarm and into a side street which acted as short cut. On the way I noted more ''Non Pasaran'' banners and even an old Soviet Flag.

Eventually I managed to enter the area reserved for PEGIDA and when I realized the paucity of numbers relative to the legion of Leftists and their foreign horde my heart sank. I was slightly late, having spent 20 minutes among the ranks of the great unwashed. On the podium Paul Weston was finishing up his spot by explaining the exponential rise in the Muslim demographic but there were no more than 300/400 people. My estimate of the Leftist numbers, including all the freaks and Muslims, would be at least 1500.

Nevertheless, the people at the PEGIDA demo were at least people I could relate to, they were good, ordinary, white people protesting the loss of their birth right, and that was when I noticed a strange flag being held aloft by a single person standing alone, I couldn't help but get the impression someone had given him £20 to stand there with an Israeli flag.

Our best friends?

After Weston left the stage we were treated to booming music from WW2, Vera Lynn or something, then a 5 minute speech by Churchill. Churchill informed us that the entire world was now attacking Fascist Germany, which lay ''prostrate before our feet''. Given that PEGIDA is a pan European movement, born in Germany, against Islam, I honestly have no idea what place this tannoy speech had, but it became more surreal as the next speaker was a German woman called Katie!. Katie then began explaining the nature of the mass immigration threat to Europe in terms of social security and a lack of ''integration''. My ears pricked up slightly when she began to attack the ''Anti Nazi'' laws that hamper German people in securing their identity, this was getting interesting, but lets hope she doesn't blame Churchill. In any case Katie was silenced as a fight had broken out behind her, seemingly a queer or tranny from the Leftist camp had wandered over half naked and started a fight, this resulted in about 100 PEGIDA faithful lurching over toward the Left causing a minor ruckus.

                                                       Archaic ''patriotism''

After the chants of ''scum scum scum'' had died down and order was restored an elderly man took to the podium and began talking about ''The War'' luckily for Katie his microphone died and he was cut off before he could define Pro British as being the manner in which we dropped fire on Germans. After the sound was restored the old man tried his best to calm the trouble spot which was repeatedly flaring up behind him. Then a younger man jumped onto the podium and started goading the Left and quoting the nasty parts of the Koran and then that was it, more Vera Lynn as we all went our separate ways. Over in camp Leftist George Galloway was just taking the stand to rapturous applause.

 As I wandered off a woman from the BNP approached me and handed me a leaflet, it had a Spitfire and Enoch Powell on it. Churchill, Bulldogs,suspicious Israeli Flags, World War 2 propaganda, Evil Nazis, it isn't enough, it's ludicrous to base a Pan European movement on the victory of one set of White nations over another. The weirdly placed Israeli Flag started to seem deeply sinister, like the eye of Sauron in Lord Of The Rings, they are forever watching, always there.

 But even despite the non existent ideology and Bulldog patriotism, where the hell were the legions of online Islam haters? where were the Breitbart and DT readers who gleefully peddle this nonsense day in day out? a massive showing makes an impact and sends a message of sheer force regardless, a couple of hundred people listening to Churchill is just that, nothing.

 I don't mean to be negative, but we need better than this, far better.

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