Monday, 16 February 2015

UKIP: The First 100 Days. Far Left Propaganda Breakdown

The Channel 4 ''Mockumentary'' depicting a UKIP Government and the subsequent meltdown of British society is so blatant and moronic in it's Far Left dogmatism it simply isn't worth deep consideration. The smears and Left Wing repetitiousness are so appalling that the only thing to do is list it. Even the attempts at subtle slight of hand to gently nudge the viewer in an anti UKIP direction were amateurish and, to be frank, embarrassing.

 Lets just jump in:

Time elapsed

1.3 Mins: UKIP wins election and the viewer gets mega close ups of grinning white people with too much make up, White Privilege has had a victory.

1.5 Mins: Nigel smoking in a Limo with people chanting angrily outside.

2.5 Mins: UKIP's ''only Asian MP'' is introduced.

3.2 Mins: Reporter and Asian MP have a giggle over ''Nigel is pissed'' gag.

3.3 Mins: Deepa (Asian MP) is the new ''tolerant'' face of UKIP we are informed.

3.5 Mins: Deepa wanders around market, local whites make dumb ''racist'' comments because they don't know better.

4.5 Mins: Britain to close its borders and stop immigration, which  is reported with clownish music in the background.

5.2 Mins: Obese black politician and black Nationalist Diane Abbott appears to complain about racism.

7.3 Mins: Deepa is harassed by Lefty journalists who are implying she's only there as a token, UKIP boss looks on slyly as she responds.

8.7 Mins: Deepa is being promoted as a token non white, the Lefty Journos were Right!

10 Mins: Britain leaves EU, financial meltdown ensues.

12 Mins: Earthy (multicultural) working class types, freshly unemployed, react angrily toward Deepa. Deepa tries to blame immigrants, brick thrown through window.

15 Mins: UKIP announces immigration crackdown, lots of ugly black people complain.

17 Mins: Deepa has argument with her brother about UKIP's immigration policy.

18 Mins: Muslim in headscarf reports on more immigration crack downs.

18/20 Mins: Montage of immigrants being rounded up and then stereotypical idiot white racist rings in to radio show.

20 Mins: Ominous music plays as Farage, with full sinister echo effect, demands UKIP not be called racist.

21 Mins: Anti Fa protest and yet more Lefty journo's whining about ''communities''

22 Mins: Shifty UKIP boss blackmails Deepa, get used to being called racist or you will be demoted. Camera hangs on evil look of UKIP head honcho.

23 Mins: Deepa makes mini Hitler speech before adoring crowd. Yet more anti immigrant policies announced.

24/25 Mins: News informs us that soldiers are being redeployed as border security, more Anti Fa protests more Leftists dogma about ''collective power lies with ordinary people'', presumably UKIP voters aren't ordinary.

26 Mins: Deepa is public face of UKIP anti immigration policies, shifty UKIP gaffer gives an evil grin in the background.

27 Mins: Yet more Anti Fa marches this time featuring Deepa's brother. The word ''raids'' has been used 20 times in the last 10 Minutes.

28 Mins: ''Far Right'' face off against Anti Fa, Far Right features Israeli flag. A new bank holiday is announced to scary music, Festival of Britain day is announced, Leftists are concerned.

29 Mins: China Town Cwoses down to pwotest bowder waids, we are informed by a Chinaman.

30 Mins: Deepa visits Women's Institute who want to ban gay marriage and ask Deepa if Libertarianism is an ''Indian Thing''. Not only do they have White Privilege they're thick too.

31 Mins: A Liberal WI member berates Deepa, so Deepa is going on a ''raid''

33 Mins: Footage of Godfrey Bloom acting a clown, various UKIPers caught being ''racist''

35 Mins: Deepa goes on immigrant ''raid'' with thuggish ex soldier border police. Screams as the border police smash the door in....

37 Mins: Scary, David Lynch style music as the Festival of Britain is reported in the news. Unions start to protest UKIP, more Anti Fa, more Blacks whinging.

38 Mins: Jewish lawyer defends immigrant arrested on Deepa's ''raid''.

39 Mins: Deepa looks nervous when questioned about immigrant arrested while being injured.

40 Mins: Deepa is mauled on a Leftist radio show, both by the DJ and fellow efniks, innit.

42 Mins: The Trayvonesque Dindu ''Sabir'' is now sparking national protests. ''Far Right'' Israel and lager lovers plan counter protests, it;s all gonna kick off during UKIP's ''Festival Of Britain'' folks!

42 Mins: Deepa's brother appears again, this sheet is goin down man, even Malala is tweeting (Malalala is another Dindu immigrant we couldn't get back on the boat)

44 Mins: Deepa is surrounded by white Racist UKIPers and begins to look, and feel, alienated.

45 Mins: More protests, more scary music when white British people appear waving flags and drinking real ale.

47 Mins: Deepa gives her big speech in front of lager drinking stereotypes and ........ has a change of heart, we are going to lose ''our values'' so it is better to lose the white British instead.

49 Mins: Montage plays to Thin Lizzy, happy days are here. Deepa has seen the progressive light and is now atoning for her temporary madness, she has become a pro immigration non white again. UKIP will be left a party of whites trying not to be genocided through mass immigration, trying to not have Pakistanis rape another thousand white girls across the country. Deepa has found her way, she is rejecting the white racists.

 If this dreck told me anything it is this, the Left will have to be gutted before we can do what needs to be done. 

                                       ''Protect the EU from the system, fanks channel4''

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