Friday, 6 March 2015

An Empire Of Their Own: JJ Abrams

As the latest installment of Star Wars gears up to smash its way into our cultural psyche I thought I would take a closer look at who now holds the franchise that molded so many of my boyhood dreams and fantasies. Like many nerds I was surprised to learn that the guy who had just rebooted Star Trek was now going to take on Star Wars, it just seemed wrong, the camps have always loathed each other and now the destiny of both was in the hands of one man.

  JJ Abrams, or Jeffrey Jacobs Abrams, is Jewish and was born in 1966, he started out in the movies at the tender age of 16 when he wrote the music for Jewish producer Lloyd Kaufman's  schlocky horror ''Nightbeast''. Two years later, while still at college, Abrams wrote the script and produced ''Taking Care Of Business'' for Jewish director Arthur Hiller and then followed up with writing the screenplay for ''Regarding Henry'' with Jewish director Mike Nichols and Jewish producer Scott Rudin. After writing the script for the flop''Gone Fishing'' produced by Jewish director Roger Bimbaum. Abrams then moved into blockbuster territory by working on the screen play for ''Armageddon'' for Jewish producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Jewish director Michael Bay.

In 2001 Abrams set up his own production company called ''Bad Robot'' with Gentile! Bryan Burk, going on to write and produce the show ''Alias''. Abrams then hit the big the time with TV show ''Lost'' which he Created and Produced with fellow Jews Damon Lindelhoff and Jeffrey Lieber. After serving as executive producer on ''Six Degrees'' for Jewish creators Raven Metzner and Stuart Zicherman, Abrams was truly entering Hollywood and out of TV.

 In 2006 Abrams landed the spot for directing Mission Impossible 3, which had a budget of $150 Million, perhaps risky given that Abrams had, thus far, never directed a single movie, but armed with a script written by Jewish writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci he got the gig which was produced by a company owned by GentileTom Cruise and the Jewess Paula Wagner. In 2008 Abrams produced ''Cloverfield'' a Godzilla rip off directed by Gentile Matt Reeves.

 Having already been handed one lucrative franchise on a plate Abrams, in 2009, landed the long awaited reboot of Star Trek, produced by Jewish Damon Lindelhof and written by Jews Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman. After a short team up with the Jewish director and mogul mentor Steven Spielberg for ''Super 8'' Abrams was then handed the biggest of them all. After boldly going where so, so many Jews had gone before Abrams was now set to take us all to a Galaxy Far Far Away.....

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will be the seventh movie in the series and is written by Jew Lawrence Kasdan and stars half Jews Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, and fully Jewish actor Oscar Isaak. The rights to the Star Wars franchise itself passed from Gentile creator George Lucas to Disney under Jew Bob Iger.

 Are these people the most amazingly talented artists in America? or shockingly and blatantly nepotistic?

In any case, this is the stuff our dreams are made of......Thanks Jews.

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