Wednesday, 25 March 2015

For a New Ascendancy

An interesting new video from Libertarian Realist:

''Libertarians need nations. No amount of theorizing about imaginary anarcho-capitalist legal agencies has ever brought down a government. Nobody in power fears being overthrown by anarcho-capitalists. But nationalists have overthrown governments. Nationalists do strike fear into the hearts of the ruling elites of many countries. Nationalism is powerful because it is more than a set of abstract ideas. Nationalism harnesses the power of a population’s identity and concrete interests.

Libertarian nationalism is freedom through power. Without nationalism, libertarianism is little more than the weak pleadings of inefficacious idealists. With nationalism, libertarianism becomes an ideological force with the tangible capability of sustaining itself. 

Libertarians need nationalism. Nationalists need libertarianism. And libertarian nationalism needs a biocentric metaphysic. A nationalism based solely on faith or tradition or language or historical borders gives leftists the ability to posture as the champions of science, progress, and a better future. In reality, so-called progressives are the arch enemies of a free and open society. When it comes to the heritability of IQ differences among different sociobiological populations, progressives deny science and seek to ban its dissemination. In the name of equality, they demand that Western nations genetically and culturally retrogress into Third World nations. The ideology of human progression is libertarian bionationalism.''

As I understand it, he is proposing a hybridization of Nationalism and Libertarianism, the authoritarianism of traditional Nationalism will be held in check through the ''Liberty'' side of the equation. And the unfettered individualism and hyper capitalist strain within Libertarian thought  locked into putting the needs of the biological group first.
 Libertarian Realist is currently working on a book so I'm sure his ideas will be fleshed out further in the future.

 I have to say I find this interesting because it is positive, it could well be the way to go in America in the North West, I'm not sure how it will help in Europe where escape is impossible.

 What do you guys think?

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