Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hooray For ''British Values''

Browsing through the newspapers this morning I noticed Theresa May is proposing yet another ''raft of new measures'' to stop Muslims killing us. It's part of yet another ''get tough' strategy and follows on from ''robust approach'' and ''Zero Tolerance'' and ''Prevent'' and ''getting to the root causes''. Given that the Muslim population doubles every ten years and the Government continue to allow hundreds of thousands of Muslims to settle here every year, this simply can't go on forever.
 The Japanese people have no choice but to live in area where the tectonic movements deep in the earth cause earthquakes in their country. If they could stop this happening they would, but they can't, so what they have done is specialize in minimizing the death and chaos caused by their countries unfortunate geographic position. The British Government and the usual suspects have done this in reverse, they have expended truly massive effort to engineer an earthquake under our living space and are now busy trying to stop the earthquake killing us without undoing their engineered construct.

 The remedy is, according to the Government, to promote ''British Values''. I have absolutely no idea what British Values are but that doesn't matter because the Government have produced a document telling me. The values of my country are: not breaking the law, combating discrimination, tolerance, respecting people, supporting democracy, not being prejudiced and discriminating toward people of other faiths and lifestyle choices. So the ''core values'' of the British and the people the Government call British just happen to be precisely the same values the Government would need if it were in the business of convincing the real British that everyone can be them. Surely a coincidence.

 The point of promoting abstract values is not to make the multicultural rats nest any more peaceable but to distract the various groups into fighting on terms the Liberal Government is comfortable with. The real, serious work of forming a supranational government and obliterating the genetic code of Europeans who might derail it continues regardless. So if, for example, Hate Preachers are sidelined or rejected by the Muslims the conservative camp would see it as a victory, when all it really means is that their replacements are now less visible and hostile. Furthermore, the Muslims can quite rightly ask how a society which worships ''tolerance'' can be ''intolerant'' toward the more hardline of their group, surely, they might ask, banning Mohammad El Krazee Fookar from preaching in Bradford isn't a core British value. This then leaves the raceless and identity less white Brit in the situation of defending values the Government told them to defend without actually defending their right to have a country free of Islam.. To reject Islam in its entirety would be ''UnBritish'' as would claiming that you belong to a biological family that is being destroyed.

 The effect, or at least the intent, of waffle about ''values'' is to spray mist all over the public debate with each side looking into what their gang can grab out of the British values package, they can all find something of use but the fatuous nothingness of ''That we do not tolerate the intolerant is not intolerant'' has no end. What British Values amount to is a magical orb into which everyone can look and see whatever they want.

Don't question who is holding the orb or why though, that isn't ''who we are''.

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