Saturday, 14 March 2015

Introducing Top Queer

It's looking like the Jew who runs BBC programming, Danny Cohen, has had the co-operation's most popular show Shut Down, they've been after it for some time because a show featuring three heterosexual white men with a target audience of heterosexual white men is nigh on another Shoah, or at least a crime against humanity. Top Gear was worth £300 Million to the BBC and it's unlikely they will want to lose that, even if it does mean a great victory against the white devils, so I'd like to chip in with a few suggestions on how Danny could make a new ''inclusive'' Top Queer.

The Motoring Muslim

 In this segment of the new show we meet Islamic community leaders and Imams as well as your every day Muslim. In this weekly spot we will discuss the challenges faced by Warriors of Allah across the Globe as they struggle for freedom on tough terrain while being on a limited budget. Just what is the ideal vehicle for holding anti aircraft weaponry in arid conditions?

A new regular will be Ali the taxi driver, supplying hints and tips on how to hide a 13 year old white girl in a taxi effectively. Given the new, racist, clamp down on sex slavery this will be crucial to helping Muslim men avoid the kuffar law.

Automotive Africa

Africa is legendary for its technological innovation and spearheading humanity into a new dawn of magic like research and development wonders. We celebrate the African approach to science and crucial role in increasing the world's scientific understanding, one such wonder is the huge improvement Africans have made on the dated and archaic Toyota pick up, the African version called the ''Cowota'' is both ecologically friendly and safe, a cow not being able to travel above 2 MPH.

Special guest Mboto will demonstrate the consumate ease with which Africans living in the west have bypassed the white man's auto security systems, examples will be given of how to set fire to a police car and how to drag a white woman through a window while she is wearing a seat belt.

The Bent Bumper

Having finally purged the BBC of heterosexuals and male privilege Top Queer will feature regular commentary and views from the LGTB community. Hilarity will ensue when our new team of Gay and Transgender identitarians visit Classic Car auctions and make fantastically funny jokes about the wealthy straight white men, knowing they can always have them jailed as homophobes if they respond.
On a more serious note our team will start a campaign to have dogging made respectable in all public spaces at all times, except Muslim areas, that would be Islamophobic, and dangerous. 

The Road Shoah

Given the spread of Neo Nazi terrorism throughout the world we will be joined by the UK Jewish community to explore ways to make Jews drive safe. As the group with the least power and influence in the world it is crucial we look to ways to fund and research the most secure police cars possible, exclusively for Jews.

In the photo to the right we see an Anti Semitic thug viciously attacking a Jewish family in their car.

 Remembering the Holocaust we investigate how Nazis made cars out of the bones of Jews and managed to turn their blood into gasoline. Show Regular, Abe Goldhucklestein will begin a campaign to have all German car makers pay a special toll for the horrors they inflicted on Jews. Special investigations will be conducted to see if they are still benefiting from Jewish Blood fuel.

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