Monday, 2 March 2015

Just Another 300 Little White Girls Raped And Tortured

This was the front page of the Telegraph this morning on the 2nd March 2015. Prince William visits China, Maggie Smith discusses working with another British thespian, a PC branding farce, Army cuts and 300 White Girls have been systemically raped and tortured by racially alien colonizers we never wanted in our living space. Just another headline, just another 300 raped white girls. This is what 300 school children look like:
The latest child rape grooming scandal is breaking out in Oxfordshire, this comes after Rotherham and according to a Guardian source ''if you think you haven't a problem in your city and town then you just aren't looking for it''. But even if we just take Rotherham and Oxfordshire it amounts to 2000 white girls raped and tortured by third world immigrants. This is what 2000 people looks like:

The story which is nestled in among the other banalities of the day blithely states the numbers but to get a more rounded understanding of what has occurred imagine each and every one of those children above were girls and each and every one had been raped, brutalized, tortured, humiliated and driven around the country to be handed over to the brothers and uncles and friends of the non white immigrants. 

In his Holocaust propaganda movie ''Schindler's List'' Spielberg got around the problem of ''One is a tragedy, one thousand a statistic'' by having a single girl wear a red coat, she was the only piece of colour in a black and white movie and so the viewer could not just glaze over piles of corpses and phase out, that one image would remind you that each corpse had a story. In actual fact the reports of the new white sex slave trade read more like the Soviet Invasion of Germany at the end of World War 2, and they should because in both cases a Northern European heartland has been invaded by savages who were protected by Leftists and Jewish commissars. 

The difference is, the Germans fought, they fought ferociously and fanatically, every man and boy who could wield a weapon fought, they fought till their bullets ran out and then used their rifles as clubs, they fought as their cities burned down and were bombed to dust, they fought with pitch forks and kitchen knives. If one reads an account of the Soviet Invasion of Germany you may come across such a passage '' As the Red Army Troops entered Freiburg at least 300 German women were raped...'' and you would be sickened, but right now in 2015 to see reports of the same regarding English girls is simply a matter of daily life.

 Where is the empathy for the 300 white girls?

The two deluded Leftists in the photo suffer from what Frank Salter called '' Ethnic Autism'' meaning, besides being riddled with the usual Left wing pathological ailments such as rampant narcissism, the area of their brains which deals with in group/out group altruism is retarded. So the Muslim men below who were convicted of child rape and would like nothing more than to rape the two white women holding their childish placards are, to the white women, not ''The Other''.

But these men know exactly who is or is not part of their group, and insane Leftists are most certainly not.

'''A 12-year-old victim was branded by the men and, when she fell pregnant, subjected to a backstreet abortion in a house in Reading. Over six years, she was repeatedly raped by groups of men in what she described as “torture sex”.''

''The case echoes the child exploitation scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and Derby involving gangs of men of Asian background targeting white girls in care. In Oxford, however, the grooming, sexual torture and trafficking took place on the streets of the Cowley area of the city, in churchyards, parks, a guesthouse and empty flats procured for the purpose of drugging the girls and handing them around to be gang raped and brutalised.''

''The girls and some of their abusers crossed the police and social services radar multiple times. In 2006 alone, the police received four complaints from the young girls about the men, with their accounts corroborated in some cases. One victim reported the abuse twice to police in 2006. She told officers: “They are doing it to other girls, little girls with their school uniforms on.”''

''There were thousands of contacts between both agencies and the girls and they were reported missing at least 450 times. One victim, known as Girl C, has spoken of how her foster mother reported her missing 80 times.''

Monday, 2nd March, 2015. The day it was reported another 300 White English Girls  were raped and tortured by Third World immigrants we never wanted.

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