Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mad Max Fury Road: A Very White Dystopia

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of diversity in the trailer for the upcoming Mad Max film. Given the troubled relationship between Mel Gibson and the Tribe who run Hollywood I had assumed the new movie would be a bastardized Politically Correct festival of wise, paternal blacks, ass kicking Negress queens and Max himself morphed into a Vin Diesel type mystery meat. In actual fact there is just a couple of non white girls who appear to be in minor roles. Perhaps the Jewish masters of Hollywood were relieved that Gibson had nothing to do with the production and gave their usual phasing out of whites a pass, then again, looking at the production crew and company they don't seem to have had too much involvement at all.

The irony is, the central premise of Mad Max is a future world of civilizational collapse and nuclear war which now seems highly unlikely, back in 1979 when the first film appeared nuclear Armageddon was a distinct possibility, but now the End Times approaching are decidedly more ethnic and racial in nature. The standard plots of the Mad Max films are based around savage marauding gangs picking the meat from the remnants of a dead civilization. Because the action takes place in Australia, which is already a ''barren wasteland'' the ability to move across vast distances quickly is crucial in order to survive, therefore, gasoline is the most sought after commodity. To see whites divided up into warring tribes is startling today, it harks back to a time before multiculturalism when the world inhabited by people such as Director George Miller was entirely white, so when, in a fictional universe, ''humanity'' has descended into predator and prey it makes sense to have both sides be ethnically European. To a white in 1979 in Australia whites were humanity.

If such a cataclysm did happen Europeans would not become Somalians, just as you could not turn Somalians into Europeans by transferring the entire wealth of Australia to that country. Post collapse, Europeans would simply return to farming and creating irrigation systems, building schools and churches. just as they did when they founded Australia. Indeed, many traditionalists argue such a collapse might be the lifeline white people need. From today's perspective a more realistic dystopian vision to put on film would have whites being hounded and harassed and preyed upon by Muslims, blacks and Mexicans, until whites used their superior ingenuity to destroy them, but that would be pushing far beyond the bounds of what is possible in our own slow collapse, and that is precisely the reason we are facing collapse.

The central thread which runs throughout the Mad Max films is whether Max can resist becoming another nihilistic savage wandering around the wastelands alone or whether he can cleave to what is left of decency and empathy, kindness and warmth. Being every bit as dangerous and barbaric as the feral gangs, he can certainly survive, but survive for what?. In the end Max gives in and decides against ''MGTOW'' overcoming the temptations of selfishness and hyper individualism, Max becomes a Lion protecting the cubs from the Hyenas and by doing so he ''learns to live again''.  If only more white men in our present situation had that strength and character. Indeed, it is tempting to see the beleaguered pilgrims of Mad Max, who usually wear white, as being normal, healthy conservative minded people while the mohican capped lunatics are the white Liberal Left who show a gleeful relish in the destruction of their own kind and civilization. Today's white man can just roll over and become absorbed in nihilistic apathy,  he is positively encouraged to do so, or he can return to life, and the struggle to protect what matters.

 Perhaps Miller had it right all along, perhaps the real issue is a war within whites and the need for the rotten element to be starved and purged out.

 In the end it will be decided by how many white men actually get Mad.

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