Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Soft Reactionaries And The Hierarchy Of The Enemy

White Nationalists hope, and assume, that anyone opposing the present Liberal hegemony which is currently  killing us is to one degree or another on a path which will end at the White Nationalist village. For the most part our efforts are focused on the Centre Right because we assume, with some justification, that they have started off on that path. We aim to racialize their hostility toward Islam, or point out that Cultural Marxism is a Jewish creation. The ongoing Sargon Of Akkad drama highlighted that within what people think of as ''The Reactionary Right'' there is a dissident comfort zone of Anti Feminists, men who seem to be obsessed with men and men's issues, men's rights and ''Men Going It Alone''. Particularly after the ''Gamer-Gate'' saga this subset of angry white men has swelled. Personally, I find it bizarre, their homelands have been swamped with hostile aliens, they are demographically doomed and forbidden from speaking out, but some women want to be involved with their video games and suddenly they are taking on the Cultural Marxists, but only in their small little cultural corner, the ranks of the enemy, their enemies, are significantly more powerful and imposing than a few women. Sticking with the video game theme lets break down what the path to understanding actually entails by breaking down the Cultural Marxist hierarchy

Feminists and Homosexuals

Feminists and Homosexuals are the least respected and dangerous of the various groups within the Cultural Marxist camp. Ostensibly they have an important role in breaking down the family, sexualizing children and feminizing men. In reality they are a clownish bunch and the would be reactionary can insult them more or less at will. Their shields and weapons consist of ''Homophobe'' and ''Misogynist'' but they are a pale shadow of the more powerful word weapons of other groups. Women and Homos also lose to all other groups within the progressive camp, for example, in a Gays vs Islam spat Gays will lose. In the end Feminists and Gays are, like all whites, targeted for deletion by the ruling elites and playing along in a white men vs white women war is doing precisely what the elites want.


The most loathed of the entire Cultural Marxist camp, most reactionaries today are reactionaries because of Muslims and their truly detested religion. Islam is so savage, so alien and so aggressive that all but the most deluded of Liberals have given up trying to defend it and so in terms of being ''edgy'' Islam has slipped down the rankings and is widely criticized. The exact role that Islam plays within the Liberal camp is up for debate, some argue Muslims have been dumped in Europe to garner support for Israel and Jews, others think Liberals thought they could ''tame'' Islam or Liberalize it. It is possible that Islam could destroy the Cultural Marxist camp, or cripple it with internal paradoxes.

Third World Immigrants

Non white immigrants are the means by which Cultural Marxists and the ruling elites are directly replacing white people in their homelands. This is a big step for the would-be reactionary because he has to become a race realist and leave behind the cultural and anti Islam arguments. If you are going to argue that your people are being replaced then you must be able to prove they exist and are a group separate from Africans and Asians. This obviously means breaking free of the word ''Racist''. This far into the game the emerging Nationalist will understand that the word ''Racist'' is nothing but a set of chains that binds his people. He will see the world through a lens of race and not egalitarian fluff.

The Jewish Question

The ultimate taboo, the Jews designed and pushed the Cultural Marxist agenda, from here on in the reactionary finally gets the answers to all the questions. At this level he will have to withstand being slurred with Nazi and Anti Semite. The pervading morality is revealed as a Jewish creation to cripple whites, the true enemy and most powerful group becomes clear. Shocking, because your average white has been told all his life that Jews are a helpless victim group. In actual fact they hold all the economic, political and cultural choke points in their hands. If you are raging against the modern world you are, whether you realize it or not, raging against organized Jewry.You're angry at feminists, they invented it, you're worried about Third World immigrants, they brought them here, you rage against the ''Hate Speech'' laws, they silenced you. Even the all powerful ''racist'' word weapon was a Jewish invention to demonizes white ethnic solidarity and racial awareness.

 It's understandable  that some people will become hooked on racial differences or Islam. But people who bang away at the weakest enemy within the Cultural Marxist camp while posing as  edgy reactionaries are kidding themselves, it should be a minor pit stop on the road to discovery, nothing more.

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